Whether it is possible to freeze fennel

Whether it is possible to freeze fennel

Many hostesses freeze fennel for the winter. Freezing – very good storage technique of greens. There are three ways of freezing of fennel: the whole plants crushed and in ice cubes.

The frozen fennel

Freezing of fennel has advantages before traditional drying. In the frozen fennel vitamins and essential oils remain. The taste and appearance of fennel from the freezer differs from a little just broken from a bed. And the dried fennel loses attractive bright green color and has other taste.

It is no secret that the greens which are grown up in the winter in greenhouses have no same saturated taste and useful properties as summer. And besides the price of winter seasonings is much higher.

One of these seasonings is fennel which bright, astringent flavor is combined with many meat, fish and vegetable dishes. It contains essential oils, minerals and vitamins. Not to lack this fragrant seasoning not only in the summer, but also in the winter, practical hostesses thought up to freeze fennel.

How to freeze fennel for the winter

First of all fennel needs to be made for freezing. For freezing the freshest and fragrant plants are selected. Stalks need to be washed out in flowing water, and after to put to flow round on a towel. Then it is necessary to cut small greens and to pack it into a container, a package or to bank. It is possible to add to fennel also other plants, for example, green onions, parsley or a celery. You select proportions of a combination of herbs according to the taste. The packed greens need to be put in the freezer.

How to freeze fennel without cutting

If you want to freeze fennel without cutting, then you need to choose young plants without thick stalk. Fennel should be put in a package and to densely close it. If there is a need to crush such fennel before giving on a table, then on a package it is possible to walk several times a rolling pin, and the frozen small stalks will break.

How to freeze fennel in ice

This way of freezing of fennel will approach if you want to add it to soups. Before sending to the freezer the washed-out and small cut fennel needs to be placed in molds for ice and to fill in with water. It is very convenient to use the fennel frozen thus as it is already divided into small portions. One such cube of the frozen fennel will be enough to give to soup unique aroma of summer.


The frozen greens can be stored very long, without losing the useful properties and gustatory qualities, but it is impossible to subject it to repeated freezing. Therefore, freezing fennel, pack up it in several small packages or containers to defreeze only that amount of greens which is necessary for you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team