Whether it is possible to have Insti tea at pregnancy

Whether it is possible to have Insti tea at pregnancy

During pregnancy each woman tries to watch very carefully the state of health, but not always it turns out to avoid all diseases. One of the most widespread is cold. In usual time it does not cause any concerns, but as during pregnancy it is extremely undesirable to apply medicines, there is a problem how to treat cold. Very many advise to apply Insti tea, but to avoid negative consequences, it is necessary to know structure and as it is correct to apply it.

Structure of tea

Medicine consists of vegetable products which in itself very often are allergens therefore it is necessary to study in detail structure, perhaps, on any of plants there is an individual reaction.

Whether you know? In East countries, tea as medicine is applied by more than 4000 years!

For example, the valeryana can make sick and vomiting, but at the same time for very many it is universal sedative.

Extracts of the following plants are a part of one bag of Insti:

  • eucalyptus;
  • bark of a white willow;
  • fragrant violet;
  • fennel;
  • root of a licorice naked;
  • rhizomes of a licorice naked;
  • vascular adhatoda;
  • valeryana;
  • and also leaves of the Chinese tea.

On early terms to drink Insti, having studied structure, quite safely.

Whether it is possible at pregnancy?

Following the instruction, it is forbidden to apply medicine at pregnancy, but very often the producer just tries to secure himself against negative consequences.

Learn what tea can be had at pregnancy and also, learn whether it is possible to have at pregnancy tea with a lemon, with a bergamot, with raspberry.

In this case it can be caused by the fact that herbs can influence an organism of mother and child very strongly. One more feature is that the hormonal background of the woman during incubation of the child very strongly changes, it influences also all processes in an organism therefore if before an allergy to a plant was not, then now it can be present.

It is possible to find a set of positive reviews of use of this medicine, and even some doctors advise to use it for treatment of cold therefore to tell that it is extremely contraindicated for pregnant women it is impossible.

Also the amount of the used tea is very important, the norm has to be less, than it is specified in the instruction.

Important! Overconsumption of Insti of tea at pregnancy can lead to such negative consequences as vomiting, diarrhea, a headache.

It is recommended to consult before application to the doctor and it is obligatory to study individual reaction of an organism. Thus, we can draw a conclusion that it is possible to apply Insti tea at pregnancy to treatment of cold, but at the same time it is recommended to study structure, to consult to the treating doctor and to study individual reaction to each of tea ingredients.

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