Whether it is possible to make sour cabbage in a plastic bucket

Whether it is possible to make sour cabbage in a plastic bucket

The cabbage fermented in due form is a tasty and useful product. And does it to that not only strict observance of a compounding of preparation, but also the competent choice of capacity in which viands it is made sour.

It is known that the wooden, enameled and glass tanks as at contact with acids they don't emit hazardous substances are the most preferable to fermentation of cabbage. However today not each hostess has, for example, a wooden tub or the enameled pan of the suitable size in which it would be convenient to prepare cabbage for the winter. For the lack of the necessary container often there are also questions, regarding uses for fermentation of the tanks made of any given materials.

Whether it is possible to make sour cabbage in a plastic bucket for foodstuff

Plastic buckets are household accessories which are available in each house. And their many hostesses use for fermentation of cabbage. Let's understand whether it is so safe to prepare in them a pickles whether use of a plastic container affects taste of ready preparations.

So, sauerkraut absorbs in itself various smells and as buckets make from plastic with various impurity, in most cases the ready-made product has unpleasant smack. And acid, образовывающаяся during fermentation, anyway interacts with plastic, therefore, hazardous substances get to preparations. However It should be noted that now on sale there are plastic buckets intended especially for cold foodstuff. Yes, it is more preferable to use them to storage of bulk stocks: sugar, grain, flour and other, but they quite suit also for fermentation of cabbage if to follow certain rules:

  • it is possible to use only a foodtainer (on buckets there is a special tag);
  • for preparations it is better to take buckets from colourless plastic (as a kapron cover);
  • it is necessary to wash out a new bucket 2-3 times then to fill it to top with water and to leave for day;
  • it is the best of all to use a bucket only before end of ferment. It is undesirable to store already ready cabbage in a bucket, it should be shifted, for example, in glass jars, the benefit they are in each house. 

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