Whether it is possible to use an overdue protein?

Whether it is possible to use an overdue protein?

Many athletes and bodybuilders, to fill up energy consumption after the active trainings, to increase muscles and to burn fats, use sports food. However it is necessary to do it correctly not to do much harm to an organism.

Today we will consider structure and features of the use of the most popular additive — protein.

What is a part of protein powder

Squirrels who consist of amino acids call a protein. It is the main component of animal and plant cells.

Simple squirrels recommend to accept as sports protein additive at intensive sports activities is a bodybuilding and powerlifting. It is necessary that:

  • to reduce a fat layer;
  • to increase muscles;
  • to increase endurance;
  • to improve digestive and exchange processes;
  • to strengthen the immune system;
  • to keep healthy physical shape.

Important! It is impossible to replace with protein powder proteins completely. It can be eaten only as additive to the main menu which has to be made rationally of usual products.

Depending on what the protein is made of, allocate several it types.

Three are most widespread:

  • serumal;
  • casein;
  • soy.

Except, actually plain proteins which powder contains from 60 to 90% include in protein powder some more micro, macrocells (for example, calcium, iron) and vitamins, and they, in turn:

  • promote the best assimilation of a protein;
  • participate in restoration and cell renewal;
  • have antioxidant effect;
  • strengthen bone tissues;
  • works of nervous system contribute to normalization.

It will be useful for the beginning athletes to learn how it is correct to drink a protein.

As the clean protein tasteless, to powder is added by substances which give it sweet and pleasant smack. Different producers add various ingredients to protein powder. At its choice it is necessary to give preference to a product from the known brand with good reputation. To use powder, it needs to be mixed with liquid and to drink. To achieve a goal, it is necessary to drink it according to the scheme, in a certain time of day and during certain periods of physical activities.

Whether you know? The first dietary additive in the world was produced by the Nutrilite company in 1934. Vegetable components were its part: lucerne, water cress, parsley and yeast. The developer of the first dietary supplement is the American chemist Karl Renborg.

Admissible expiration date

Not unpacked to bank of powder of production of EU countries it is possible to store up to 2 years. The American producers specify that it is possible to use a product 3 years. So much time a protein will preserve the qualities and to render advantage on a human body.

After unpacking the banks powder from the European producers need to be used for 2 weeks, from the American companies — within a month. After this term the producer does not bear a guarantee that the product will be same useful and in case of the use will have necessary effect on an organism.

Learn whether it is necessary to drink a protein for the night.

After packing is opened, there will be its contact with air which will start the additional chemical processes changing initial properties of powder. Cocktail, ready to the use, is suitable for drinking within 3–4 hours, stored in the fridge — 5-5.5 hours. After longer storage it is useless. Therefore it is necessary to cook drink how you are going to use it.

Nevertheless, on the Internet it is possible to meet information that the opened product is suitable for the use on an extent of 6-12 months. The main condition — observance of recommendations about storage. At the same time it is necessary to watch that drink did not give bitterness, on it the mold was not formed, it did not change color and did not get an unpleasant smell. Such product is subject to immediate utilization.

To drink or not to drink powder after end of an expiration date — each athlete solves for himself. About what can be consequences, we will tell below.

Important! It is possible to carry out check of a protein product on naturalness in house conditions in two ways: to place small quantity in warm water — at the same time the qualitative protein has to be curtailed; to part 20 g in 100 ml of water — mix, on density similar to cottage cheese has to be formed.

What is the overdue protein dangerous by?

As protein powder — a product not from cheap, is also produced it in big banks which contents it is not always possible to use for the specified expiration date, many people have a question: what will be if to drink expired proteinaceous mix. In that case the organism can react with the following manifestations:

  • disorder of activity of a GIT;
  • meteorizm.

Product storage conditions

It is necessary to preserve the protein powder both unpacked, and not unpacked in the place where there is no high humidity and the room temperature where sunshine, far away from heating devices do not get keeps. Violation of storage conditions leads to change of properties of a product.

Whether you know? It is considered that 1 g of sports food can replace 150–200 g of usual food.

Summing up the results, we will note that producers of protein powder guarantee its safety and efficiency only at the use in the recommended terms given on packing. After the termination of an expiration date all risks on lack of effect or negative impact on an organism are undertaken by the consumer.

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