Whether it is possible to use cinnamon at pregnancy

Whether it is possible to use cinnamon at pregnancy

Most of future mothers scrupulously belong to the diet, and especially to spicy and fragrant products including to cinnamon. Spice is applied in a set of dishes and culinary products, however and for today there is no consensus about whether women can use in situation this gift of the nature and in what quantities.

It is possible or not

Cinnamon is one of the few spices which gives to the person not only the mass of flavoring impressions, but also helps to adjust work of all organism for this reason this product and its various extracts actively use in complex therapy on treatment of a set of illnesses.

However during pregnancy spice is not always appropriate as its excessively active influence on an organism can lead to serious problems.

On early terms

The set of the active agents capable to considerably increase excitability of an organism and speed of metabolism is a part of cinnamon therefore on early terms the product is not recommended to future mothers.

Whether you know? Cinnamon is one of the first spices entered into a diet of the person. The first mentions of it meet in the Ancient Egyptian letters dated in the III millennium BC.

It is connected with the fact that the hyperexcitability affects also activity of a reproductive system that quite often the miometriya is the first cause of hyperactivity. As result, there is a direct threat to the favorable result of pregnancy including lives of future newborn. Pathology is characterized the uterus raised by sokratitelny activity of an inside muscular layer therefore the fruit can prematurely separate from its walls that causes a so-called abortion.

For this reason most of experienced physicians agree in opinion that the daily use of high doses of cinnamon and its extracts on early terms can perniciously affect pregnancy, especially if the organism is in addition weakened by any illnesses or pathologies of a reproductive system.

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But if nothing threatens mother and her kid, from the second trimester the doctors allow the use of cinnamon, but no more than 1/2 teaspoons a day. In that case the product helps:

  • to reduce amount of sugar in blood that is especially important for the women in situation having diabetes;
  • to reduce concentration of cholesterol in blood;
  • to normalize oxygen indicators in blood;
  • to improve work of digestive tract and also to cope with locks;
  • to intensify secretory processes;
  • to eliminate muscular and head spasms;
  • to bring excess liquid out of an organism;
  • to lighten the mood.

On late

Throughout the 35-37th weeks pregnant women are strictly forbidden to use cinnamon. During this period the metabolism activization by components of spice can cause premature birth therefore it is eliminated surely from a diet. The favorable period for the use of cinnamon begins with the 38th week of pregnancy. At this time the reproductive system of the woman surely demands activation of a reproductive system including sokratitelny ability of a uterus.

As a result of it need to inject in an organism the medicines intensifying reductions a miometriya therefore such childbirth often takes place more softly is eliminated and also practically do not cause negative consequences for an organism of mother and the newborn.

Whether you know? Such spice as cinnamon, is not what other as the dried-up bark of an evergreen tropical tree from the sort Korichnik, family Laurel.

After the delivery

Most of physicians consider the most appropriate time for consumption of spice the postnatal period. At this stage the product helps to fill the woman's organism with many scarce vitamins, minerals and other connections. Besides, spice helps to restore become invalid and also to lower pain after the delivery.

For this reason many Indian doctors for recuperation after the delivery use tea with cinnamon still from time immemorial.

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Precautionary measures

In order that the use of cinnamon during pregnancy did not affect negatively an organism of the pregnant woman and her future kid, it is necessary to follow the following rules:

  • at individual intolerance of separate components of cinnamon the product is strictly forbidden;
  • in case of the congenital or acquired obstetric pathologies use spice only after consultation with the experienced physician and only after preliminary survey;
  • exclusively qualitative cinnamon, from the producers checked by time is suitable for the use;
  • it is not recommended to use the spice imported from China and Vietnam, its structure often contains high concentration of coumarin which is capable to make the oppressing impact on the kid in a womb and also destroying action on the pregnant woman's liver.

Advantage or harm during pregnancy

Most often in house use the cinnamon is additional ingredient to various dishes, but here for not one decade it is a valuable component of many drinks. Often even at the daily use they are incapable to affect negatively an organism, however development of a fruit in a womb introduces the amendments.

Therefore even the spice pinch in favourite drink can become as medicine, and to cause serious problems for mother and the kid.

Important! When feeding by a breast it is the best of all to refuse fragrant spice. Its active components can get into breast milk that threatens the newborn with serious allergies. Besides, the product is capable to sate breast milk and the aroma that can cause full rejection of breast milk in the baby.

Cinnamon with honey

In house medicine honey with cinnamon is considered the real panacea from a set of diseases therefore quite often such combination of products is used for treatment both cold, and difficult inflammatory processes.

It is proved that the combination of honey and cinnamon creates a valuable and nutritious product, which:

  • promotes activization of metabolism and digestion;
  • helps to adjust body weight;
  • improves appearance and a condition of skin;
  • protects a cardiovascular system;
  • activates immunity.

However spicy cinnamon honey should be used in strictly limited quantities, no more than 1-2 tablespoons a day. Otherwise mix can cause intoxication of an organism of mother and a fruit.

Besides, in order to avoid pathologies of pregnancy and an abortion surely it is worth refusing spicy honey:

  • in the first and first half of the third trimester;
  • at threat of a hyper tone of a uterus;
  • in case of threat of internal bleedings;
  • at diabetes, in order to avoid progressing of an illness;
  • at an allergy to beekeeping products.

Important! At pregnancy it is also worth refusing essential oils and house cosmetics on the basis of cinnamon as their components can filter into a blood system through integuments.

Tea with cinnamon

Most often spice is used to give to tea special aroma and smack. But, not many know that this drink is capable to have powerful impact on an organism.

The combination of active components of tea and cinnamon at the daily use promotes improvement of health of future mother and also increase in the general tone of an organism. It helps to increase vital activity of the pregnant woman and also to improve health, especially during so-called difficult days. But a consensus about need of such drink during pregnancy among physicians does not exist. It is connected with the fact that at the uncontrollable use it can become the abortion reason and also cause serious intoxications of an organism, especially if pregnancy is complicated by any pathologies.

But, if you cannot refuse fragrant drink, several cups of tea in a week perniciously will not affect pregnancy.

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Kefir with cinnamon

Kefir is considered for today that basis on which the correct diet of the woman in situation is under construction. This fermented milk product contains huge amount of calcium and also the protein necessary for the correct growth and development of future newborn. Many pregnant women add a cinnamon pinch to this product therefore kefir becomes the valuable drink helping to deal with an excess weight and also with the cosmetic problems of hair and skin.

It is necessary to refuse kefir with cinnamon only to pregnant women with strong indications of a hypertension, stomach ulcer of a stomach, at the beginning of pregnancy and shortly before childbirth.

Whether you know? In Ancient Rome the cinnamon was equated to jewelry, at cost fragrant spice was equivalent to silver.

However abuse of drink threatens with organism intoxication which causes:

  • headache;
  • general malaise;
  • breakdown;
  • allergic reactions;
  • suppressed mood.

Cinnamon is spice, rather valuable and important for the pregnant woman's organism. She is capable to fill shortage of an organism many important substances and also to activate metabolism. However women need to use her in situation with care and only after recommendations with the experienced therapist, otherwise abuse of spice can become the reason of an abortion or premature birth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team