Whether useful sushi?

Whether useful sushi?

– a traditional dish of Japan which became popular around the world. Ukrainians from it also delighted. The majority prefer to eat sushi at restaurants. However, at bad quality the Japanese dish damages health.

Eat sushi till four o'clock after their preparation. Only during this time they keep the best taste.

Pay special attention to rice. It should not be cold or even cooled down. Coldish rice demonstrates that it is made for a long time.

Careful should be with sea products. They can be hazardous to health. Attentively look at fish. She has to be freshen first of all. It is easy to determine it by a smell. It should not be sharp. Besides, fish should not be dry and weather-beaten.

Do not ignore the price of sushi. A lot of things about quality of this Japanese dish to you will be told by its price. Refuse dishes at a discount. Such sushi can be not fresh. At the same time, do not look for institutions in which the price of sushi very low even if is not present discounts. The high price usually depends not on popularity of restaurant, and on abilities of the cook.

In susha which damage health heard many about parasites. In most cases, parasites in these dishes can appear only because freshwater fish did not undergo due processing. Very often sushi do not with sea to fish, and from freshwater.

Sea fish is delivered to Ukraine after deep freezing. Therefore, parasites in it cannot be. As they perish at a temperature below-4 degrees of Page.

To be fond of the Japanese dish not to cost. Two spoons of soy sauce contain nearly 1 gram of salt. And day norm for the person only 6 grams.

Besides, by scientists it is proved that at regular consumption of sushi there are heart and vascular diseases.

Doctors advise to use no more than 2-3 beaters a week. Because dry seaweed which are used for beaters contain a lot of iodine. Thus, people with dysfunction of a thyroid gland cannot eat them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team