Who such vegans and vegaterianets

Who such vegans and vegaterianets

More than one billion people on the planet don't eat some meat because of the ethical and moral reasons. The refusal to use animal products has ancient history. It is known that even some groups practiced refusal of meat in primitive society. Today vegetarianism, namely so is called such power supply system, has a great number of followers. Thanks to mass media, all know of the movement of vegetarianism practically.

What the vegan differs from the vegetarian in

But very few people know that the vegetarian environment isn't uniform - there is a set of the communities having different ideology and different food installations. Some don't eat meat and fish, but allow eggs and dairy products, others completely switched to a plant food, the third don't subject products even to the slightest thermal treatment. The vegetarian classical has the only restriction - the ban on consumption of meat of any animals, birds and fish. But he is able to afford milk, cottage cheese, eggs and also any dishes from them. The food allowance of vegans is much more rigid. Vegans are very strict vegetarians who refuse completely all products having animal origin including, milk, eggs, honey. Gelatin which is received from bones and tendons of the cattle was even included in the black list.

Beliefs at vegans are much broader than dietary restrictions. On such person you will never see a leather jacket, furs and wool too under a ban. If on a jar with cream or a bottle with shampoo there is a mark that these means passed tests on animals, the real vegans won't use them. And here the ordinary vegetarian even won't think to look for such inscription.

Among vegans it is possible to see the most active defenders of the rights of animals. They oppose circus as there is an exploitation of animals, a bullfight as cruel entertainment. At the slightest disagreement with their views the vegans can become very aggressive and generate a flow of abuse to "trupoyed". Physicians call such behavior an orthoking barracouta - a mental disorder, maniacal aspiration to a healthy lifestyle. Vegetarians can love and protect animals too, but won't treat it so fanatically.

Vegans in general develop more vigorous public work, they hold protests where tell everyone about an awful share of animals and urge all to think again and cease to eat animal products. Ordinary vegetarians will never impose the way of life to strangers.

Criticism of vegetarianism

To vegetarianism a lot of criticism sounds. It was already repeatedly proved by scientists of the different countries that the person on the physiology an omnivorous being. For normal functioning of all systems of an organism it needs the balanced food including both vegetable, and animal food. The restrictions vegans and vegetarians can do harm to the organism. The most unpleasant that they harm also people around. Some stubborn vegans transfer the dogs and cats to a vegetarian diet, disregarding their nature of a predator. It sometimes comes to an end with death of pets. It is a pity for children of these fanatic vegans much more. Because of "humanity" of the parents often they receive less proteins, important for growth of an organism. Some vegans feed babies with a soyamilk, many don't let children to child care facilities, transfer them to home schooling, only because of fear that their children will be fed with the wrong food. Such behavior in many respects reminds sectarianism and surprises ordinary people.

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