Why advise wine to dilute water

Why advise wine to dilute water

In Russia and other CIS countries there is no tradition to drink the diluted wine. It is even considered something indecent, spoiling reputation of noble drink. However this tradition already thousands of years also created it nobody others as Romans and Greeks. And they were a good judge of good manners.

If the nobility in what proportions to dilute wine water, it is possible to receive tasty low alcohol drink. And to understand why to do it, it is worth addressing history.

Clean wine for barbarians

Ancient Greeks and Romans knew why to dilute wine. On that they had at least two reasons.

First, in that area then it was possible to make only very dense, jellylike wine. In the absence of the fridge such product was better stored in hot climate. It is easy to present that wine was very strong and luscious.

Secondly, civilized Romans considered bad form to revel in intoxicated drink, like Scythians who were considered barbarians. And, at last, at huge deficiency of fresh water wine played a role of drink which could satisfy thirst. And a clear water was used only by small children and patients.

Traditions today

If in living conditions of Ancient Greece and Rome the similar tradition didn't surprise, then why to dilute wine today? In the modern world for this purpose there are not less reasons. First of all, as well as a millennium ago people dilute wine water to satisfy thirst. The organism constantly needs liquid, and not all like to drink usual water. Having sweetened it with wine, it is possible to receive the tasty and refreshing drink. It is the best of all to drink the diluted white wine added on ¾ vessel volume by water. Besides, it is worth drinking the diluted wine not to become tipsy. Usually those who cook this drink in house conditions add waters before the use, seeking to make it less sweet and strong. Also wine is diluted in the course of preparation of mulled wine which is used as cold medicine. It is the only case when in the recipe there is more wine, than water. In church practice red wine, in particular, cahors wine, is strongly diluted with water for Eucharist administering the Sacrament. During this sacrament the believers take communion Christ's blood therefore the feeling of intoxication will be inappropriate here.

How to dilute and how to understand that a natural wine

It should be noted that it is worth diluting quality wines. Substitutes when mixing with water can do harm to an organism, up to poisoning. Understand that before you low-quality drink simply – pour water into wine and look at a glass on light. If the muddy deposit was at the bottom formed, so it is a substitute. It is required to know in what proportions to dilute wine water to receive the tasty refreshing drink. It is necessary to use only pure drinking water. It is possible to take mineral water with gas which will give fault of an igristost. It is necessary to take the fourth part of wine and three quarters of water. Water joins wine, but not on the contrary. In Europe it is accepted to dilute red wine warm water, and white – cold.

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