Why attribute to milk harmful properties?"

Why attribute to milk harmful properties?"

 Today we will talk to you about one of the most popular drinks which tried at least once each of us. Milk is that product which is on sale everywhere at the affordable price therefore everyone can buy it. We will understand whether the cow product is hazardous to health that is a part of milk and why some people have an intolerance of this drink.

About things on which do not argue

We will begin discussion with what milk what its structure and to what it is worth paying attention is valuable. It will be a question of an integral product, but not of dry option.

Chemical composition

For a start we will consider the chemical composition on the example of the milk pasteurized by 2.5% which can be got in any grocery store or supermarket.

Vitamins: B1, B2, B4, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D, N, SS. Micro and macrocells which are a part of milk: potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, chlorine, iron, iodine, cobalt, manganese, copper, molybdenum, selenium, fluorine, chrome, zinc.

From the above-mentioned it is worth allocating extremely high content in cow drink of calcium (120 mg), potassium (146 mg) and chlorine (110%). In 100 g of products 13.3% of day norm of B12 vitamin and also 8.3% of day norm of B2 vitamin contain.

Important! Pasteurized milk is a product which was heated to temperature of 75 °C that its expiration date increased up to 14 days.

Nutrition value and caloric content

Having dealt with structure, It is necessary to tell about nutrition value and caloric content.

Let's notice that the caloric content of products can increase or decrease, depending on the percentage of fat which can significantly affect this indicator.

As above we took for an example to 2.5% milk, further we will consider its nutrition value. In 100 g of products 2.9 g of protein, 2.5 g of fat, and 4.8 g of carbohydrates contain. Caloric content of such drink — 54 kcal. It is worth understanding that other 89 g are made by usual water which initially is a part of milk, but it is not added in the course of processing.

All arguments in advantage

Let's discuss advantage of cow's milk for an organism of adults and children. Let's talk about what the cow product gives us and as far as it is important for bodies and an organism in general.

The general

  • Advantage for the immune system. The protein which is a part of milk is necessary for our organism for formation of immunoglobulins which perform function of defenders. Also the structure of a product is rich with substances which quickly are digested, respectively, the weakened organism turns out "reinforcement", without spending at the same time a lot of energy for processing of food.
  • Advantage for the musculoskeletal device. In spite of the fact that bones of the adult do not grow, the bone tissue is regularly updated and fed with "construction" substances. At the same time any trauma demands partial or full replacement of a certain area of a bone what a lot of phosphorus and calcium is spent for. Drink delivers to an organism enough these elements in order that your bones were rather strong, and any crack or a change began to live in accelerated.
  • Advantage at stomach diseases. The product surely should be used to those people who suffer from gastritis or stomach ulcer. The substances which are a part of milk improve and accelerate regeneration mucous a stomach that positively affects functionality of body. Also cow product envelops walls of body, reducing acidity. This function is very important for those at whom the increased acidity of gastric juice because of most of which often there are gastritis and microulcers is observed.

Important! At the lowered acidity it is not recommended to use whole milk. It should be diluted with water or to use for preparation of porridges.

For men

It is no secret that men are busy with hard work and also spend in gyms more time, being engaged in weightlifting. Similar pastime takes away a lot of energy which needs to be filled. Drink though is not especially high-calorie product, however delivers to an organism necessary carbohydrates and proteins. Carbohydrates quickly are digested because of what there is an immediate restoration of the spent energy, and proteins go on needs of a muscular system which uses them as construction material.

Drink is useful to the reproductive system of men. For maintenance of potency the men need to use regularly products which part calcium, zinc, magnesium and selenium and also amino acids and vitamins is. Cow's milk is that product source which satisfies the needs of an organism for minerals and vitamins therefore men who regularly use milk can prevent premature appearance of impotence.

For women

The cow product is also useful also to women who always have to watch the appearance. The abundance of vitamins and minerals allows not only to improve functioning of bodies, but also to slow down aging process, having improved at the same time a condition of skin, hair and nails.

By scientists it was proved that regular consumption of milk is capable to prevent appearance of such unpleasant gynecologic disease as uterus myoma. Also doctors note that simultaneous receipt in an organism of the girl of calcium and fluorine together forms protection against various tumors.

The product helps to cope with pains in the female line. On the basis of drink, plain broths which improve health are prepared and also reduce painful cider.

Separately It is necessary to tell that the product helps to lose weight. In spite of the fact that fat is a part of drink, its caloric content at the same time is extremely small. It fills the needs of an organism for vitamins and minerals which that loses during a diet. Reducing amount of fats and carbohydrates in a diet, women do not think that products which are sources of these connections also deliver many vitamins and minerals.

It is possible to get rid of excess weight not only by means of milk. Good products for weight loss consider honey, kefir, buckwheat.

As practically all vitamins of group B and also E are a part of a product, RR and D, consuming it during a diet, you will be able to keep great appearance and also good mood.

For children

At many children the breakfast represents milk porridge, a basis for which cow's milk forms. And even if the child does not want to eat such food, parents insist that it is extremely useful product. We will understand, than milk is so valuable to the growing organism.

Learn how it is correct to choose milk for the child and how to make so that the kid was ill less.

At once It is necessary to tell that it will be a question not of babies whose diet is organic only milk, and about more seniors who eat various food.

  • Advantage for bones. During rapid growth and development, the organism of the child needs receipt of a large amount of calcium and phosphorus to keep up with growth of frame. Also that can give drink, and other microcell therefore is extremely valuable product. 900 ml of milk are enough to cover standard daily rate, without what we can receive these minerals, using other products.
  • The calming action. Milk is irreplaceable for those children who cannot fall asleep in the evening. The warm product calms central nervous system and also removes stress. At the same time drink does not cause braking of nervous system as it occurs after the use of various soothing medicines, that is the cow product does not affect concentration of attention.

Whether you know? The discussed product can be used as detergent for removal of ink and also for cleaning of smooth and gilded surfaces.

Why speak about harm

Any product which you use can do harm if its too large number comes to an organism as soon as possible. Even water has a lethal dose therefore everything needs to be used moderately.

At the same time milk can do harm even in rather small amount therefore it is worth understanding it.

Perhaps, you heard that drink causes indigestion in some people. At the same time the person can be absolutely healthy. There is it for the reason that some people have no enzyme which digests the lactose arriving together with milk. As a result a product, being not digested, begins to wander, and the person has an indisposition and also the severe diarrhea.

Learn why some scientists do not advise to drink milk.

Casein which never completely is digested in our organism because of what gets to blood can do strong harm to our organism protein. It would seem, it is a natural component which cannot do any harm, however its presence at blood is inadmissible because of what our organism begins to fight and try to remove with it. At constant consumption of drink there can be diabetes of the I type because immune cages in the course of fight against casein destroy small shoots in a pancreas. Dysfunctions of body and a problem with production of insulin result.

It is worth reminding that cows are fed with products with various harmful additives that those gained weight quicker or gave more products. As a result concentration of dangerous elements in drink which we consume increases. The similar product is especially dangerous to small children as it can cause serious negative reaction.

Important! Casein strongly oxidizes blood because of what the organism directs all reserves of calcium for reaction neutralization. If you have problems with bones, then consumption of milk will cause deterioration in a state.

Features of application of milk

We dealt with what advantage and harm milk has. Now we will tell about to what products it is added and for what.

In medicine

The cow product is widely used in traditional medicine as it rather cheap and yields good results.

Warm milk with garlic is used for treatment of cold and flu and also at diseases of ENT organs. Though the product also does not differ in good taste, however he helps to remove inflammation, to disinfect an oral cavity and also to strike a heavy blow to pathogenic flora.

Saves warm drink with soda which not only reduces acidity from cough, but also helps to bring a phlegm out of airways. And if cough dry, then soda is replaced with salt which provokes emergence of a phlegm and also improves its otkhozhdeniye.

Bear and badger fat, cocoa butter, plantain, ekhinatseya purpuny will help to cope with cough.

There are many recipes which assume use of warm milk with other products for treatment of cold and cough and also various complications. At the same time the traditional medicine marks out the following useful properties of drink for a human body:

  • reduces chance of developing of cardiovascular diseases;
  • reduces puffiness as is diuretic;
  • prevents developing of cancer tumors.

In cosmetology

In cosmetology the clean product is used rather seldom, however on its basis it is possible to prepare various means which improve a condition of skin in house conditions.

  • Washings. Milk it is possible to wash. Such procedure is useful to women who have a dry face skin. Milk well humidifies an integument and also cleans pores, removing inflammation. For washing use the milk of any fat content divorced warm water.
  • Face pack. At once It is necessary to tell that the mask is suitable for any type of skin. We need to mix milk with honey in equal quantities then to apply to skin. The similar procedure not only improves texture of a surface, but also does skin of more elastic.
  • Srub for all body. We need to mix a glass of sugar, 3 tsps of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of milk and couple of drops of fresh lemon juice. This structure is slowly applied to skin then it is washed away by warm flowing water. Means cleans pores and also softens skin.

Important! For the above procedures it is necessary to use whole milk, but dry which is not diluted with water.

In dietology

Above we wrote that the huge amount of various vitamins and minerals is a part of milk therefore the product should be included surely in a food allowance during a diet, however it is worth understanding that is told in this respect by nutritionists.

Nutritionists agree with our statement that drink helps to satisfy all requirements of an organism during a diet, however advise to pay attention to some rules of the use:

  • Drink is food therefore cannot replace water. Our organism perceives as food everything that is not plain water therefore it is not necessary to satisfy thirst with this product.
  • Drink complicates process of digestion of food. After hit in a stomach milk under the influence of gastric juice is flocculated which stick to other food. As a result not only the acidity goes down, but also digestion process therefore it is impossible to use a product after a meal slows down. It needs to be drunk for half an hour to food or in one or one and a half hours later.
  • Whole milk and melted option — different products. Melted differs in the increased caloric content (85 kcal) because of what it is not used during weight loss as can negatively affect body weight.

We advise to learn what products have the lowest caloric content.

Having generalized the aforesaid it is possible to draw a conclusion that the cow product will bring benefit during a diet only in case it is correct to use it. Pay attention that the product is well combined with fruit and berries therefore from simultaneous consumption of drink and, for example, strawberry, to you it will become worse not especially as berry does not differ in high caloric content.

Whether you know? Milk of whales and seals has the most high fat content. In 100 g of a product about 50 g of fat contain.

In cookery

It is worth specifying once again that milk is a separate full-fledged product therefore it is badly combined with other food.

On the basis of drink from time immemorial did various porridges which were not only tasty, but also nutritious. Also the product is necessary for preparation of pancakes and pastries. In milk it is possible to stew fish or meat and also various vegetables.

It is possible to find creamy sauces to fish and second courses which part the integral cow product is in shops and supermarkets.

Whether it is possible for pregnant women and feeding

During pregnancy future mother before using any given product, begins to think of that, but whether it will do much harm to the child. In this case it will be a question of whole milk. Let's begin with the incubation period. Drink is very useful to pregnant women for the reason that gives to an organism many various vitamins and minerals, without causing at the same time negative reaction in mother and the child. During incubation the value of milk increases as the woman is forbidden to use many products which gave to an organism vitamins and various elements earlier.

At the same time it is worth discussing negative influence of drink during pregnancy which is connected with the following diseases or deviations:

  • enteritis;
  • ulcer colitis;
  • intolerance of lactose;
  • allergy to milk.

We pass to the postnatal period. Unfortunately, drink value after the delivery considerably decreases for the reason that the product can cause an allergy in the kid. The alpha casein which is contained in a cow product is the strongest allergen for the kid therefore you should refuse either drink, or feeding by a breast. Also it should be taken into account that pair milk which is used for treatment of cold can negatively affect a lactation because of the estrogen hormone which is contained in it. At the same time it is worth refusing a tasty and useful product only in the first month after the delivery when the kid is especially sensitive to allergens. Further, if the doctor gives the green light, consumption of drink can be continued.

Important! It is not recommended to pass to kefir also for the reason that the allergy extends also to this product. However kefir is smaller allergen, than whole milk.

Obvious contraindications

In conclusion we will talk about contraindications which concern certain diseases, deviations or hypersensitivity.

At once it is worth paying attention to allergenicity of milk. To the people sensitive to dairy antigen "A", it is forbidden to use milk as it is capable to cause the severe allergy which will be shown not only a skin rash, but also other serious symptoms. It is forbidden to drink milk to people for whom the surplus of salts of calcium in an organism is diagnosed and also to what have phosphatic stones in kidneys. The use of a cow product at such deviations can worsen a state.

Elderly people whose age exceeds 50 years are not recommended to use milk for the reason that it can cause a disease atherosclerosis. There is it for the reason that the product contains miristinovy acid.

Whether you know? Milk can turn sour during a thunderstorm. Kind of strangely it sounded, but the product spoils under the influence of electromagnetic impulses which get through any substance.

Now you know enough about what represents a cow product what it consists of and whether it is useful to an organism. It is worth understanding that milk is a specific product which treats some, and brings others various problems with health. At the same time it is impossible to claim that it is dangerous to an organism as brings many times more benefit, than harm. Remember that only genuine milk is useful, at the same time the store option can be safer, than house as on production follow the rules, without allowing hit in drink of dirt and various causative agents of diseases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team