Why Coca corrodes rust

Why Coca corrodes rust

Sweet sparkling water is very popular also among the vast majority of children, and among adults. They not only satisfy thirst, but also have fine gustatory qualities. Though recently there are much more opponents of sparkling water, than supporters. Especially after it became known that Coca corrodes rust.

Coca, as well as all other sweet drinks including juice, it is very dangerous to an organism. Among the main harm of Coca many give the fact that usual Coca corrodes rust, and quickly enough and without foreign interventions. Really, this fact is incontestable. At the expense of the high content of orthophosphoric acid, Coca among other features has also property to corrode rust. And the sour taste of this substance is hammered with just improbable amount of sugar.

In what main harm of Coca

Coca is incredibly harmful product not only because I am capable to corrode even old spots of rust. Some mistakenly claim that Coca corrodes a stomach. And it is simply impossible. The stomach of the person contains gastric juice, and it includes hydrochloric acid which participates in process of digestion of food in the structure. The same Coca easily dissolves meat. If you suffer from weight in a stomach after consumption of meat, then the glass of Coca will replace to you habitual enzymes and will allow to dissolve much quicker meat at you in a stomach. And to wash down a shish kebab or steak with cold Coca very tasty and pleasantly what there was told! And here the high content of sugar – the main danger of all carbonated drinks. Even the useful at first sight packaged juice contains the overestimated amount of usual sugar. Though it seems to much that the raised sugar content in Coca – rather insignificant deviation from normal structure of other sweet drinks.

How to use Coca

If you don't represent the life without this tasty carbonated drink, you remember that from a glass of Coca of times in several days of harm for systems your organism won't be. And here drinking it in unlimited number daily, you strongly risk. Not only stomach diseases, but also diabetes can develop in several years of such consumption of Coca. You can limit yourself in this drink, but dare to drink Coca on the weekend or on a holiday, for example. And in the rest of the time it is better to give preference to mineral water or fresh natural juices. Also you shouldn't forget about such useful drinks as fruit drinks, compotes, kvass. They not less tasty, but unlike it is more advantage of their use, than from Coca. Believe, using Coca it is rather rare, you will be sure that you don't do much harm to yourself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team