Why honey white and than it is useful

Why honey white and than it is useful

White honey — the most rare species of this delicacy. Not to many people the real white bee product in the markets or fairs met. Why honey white and such rare? Let's deal with the matter in more detail.

As white honey looks

To receive purely white color of honey very difficult even to the most experienced beekeepers. This product always has shades of yellow color. And all because bees collect nectar from different plants, and as a result it mixes up. For obtaining bright white consistence of a beehive it is necessary to place in certain places where all plants give only white color of honey. These are such plants as an acacia, a cock's head, a marjoram, raspberry, the tributary, a linden, a clover, a dogrose and many others.

If near beehives several species of above-mentioned plants are placed at once, then honey all the same will be white. But if bees begin to carry nectar from plants which give dark grades of nectar — not to see white color.

At many Internet forums it is possible to see questions: White honey: what do do of? Many inexperienced people often buy a product which became white as a result of various frauds, but actually, in the beginning it was light yellow. Such frauds become in the marketing purposes, for example, in the USA white honey became one of the most tasty and most popular delicacies long ago.

But the real white bee product in the liquid state meets very seldom, white it can become only after crystallization. And if you meet nectar of white color with the inscription Real Mountain Honey, then know that with 99% probability of you deceive. In mountains there are a lot of woods, and any beekeeper with an experience will confirm to you that there it is possible to get a product only of dark color.

As it is done and from what get

It is very difficult to get the real white honey. For this purpose beekeepers need to choose carefully the place for beehives and in time to pump out delicacy. Let's consider from what plants it is possible to receive grades of white nectareous delicacy.

Popular grades

Popular grades of white honey it is considered to be those which can be got in our regions. Here the list of plants from which receive nectar of white color:

  • Raspberry. Melliferous herbs of this plant give light-white nectar which differs in a characteristic pleasant smell and taste.
  • Lucerne. Flowers of this plant have lilac and violet shades. Collected bee delicacy after crystallization gives cream-white color and reminds cream.
  • Tributary. The ready-made product from this plant remains white even in the liquid state. Others cannot confuse its aroma with anything. It reminds a pleasant vanilla scent.
  • Linden. Delicacy from tsvetonos of this tree on consistence reminds melted butter. Honey from a linden is one of the most tasty white types of this product.
  • White acacia. Nectar from this plant turns out quite liquid therefore it is often mixed with other types of honey, and as a result it loses whiteness. But the clean and real bee product from a white acacia cannot be mixed.
  • Cock's head. In liquid state such product has a greenish shade, but in process of crystallization it grows white.

Whether you know? In 1985 on border of Peru a large shipment of honey which was transported from Ecuador was stopped. It turned out that honey was picked by bees from bushes cooks. The Ecuadorian cartel tried to use bees for creation of honey drug.

Many beginning beekeepers know about white honey, but have no idea from what it turns out, and it, as always happens, because of a lack of experience. For obtaining purely white consistence of a beehive it is necessary to place in the direction of tsvetonos which give white nectar. At the same time a beehive it is necessary to pump out often. In most cases nectar of purely white color cannot be received because 5-10% of bees always find those plants which give dark grades of nectar. As a result of mixing of delicacy, it is clean - white color will not be any more. Therefore for achievement of maximum efficiency of a white shade very hard work of the beekeeper who to all other has to have good experience behind the back is necessary.

Rare grades

There are rare grades of white honey which practically do not meet in the usual markets of our country, because of the fact that they are got from certain species of melliferous plants. Here some grades of rare white delicacy:

  • Kipreyny. Very rare grade of nectar which is got on the apiaries which are specially prepared for this purpose. Delicacy receive ivan-tea from a grass. In most cases beekeepers land the whole fields of ivan-tea especially for the bees who bring further very tasty, cream-white delicacy.
  • Tavolgovy. For gathering this delicacy the whole fields of a meadowsweet are necessary, and at the same time in the next areas there should not be other melliferous plants. It is almost impossible to find such fields therefore white-white and very tasty delicacy is considered rare.
  • Adder's-spear-medical. Receive from a melliferous plant which is included in the Red List. Differs in extraordinary pleasant aroma and snow-white color. This plant meets in forests of the Caucasus, Altai and Kazakhstan.
  • The Altai white. This grade of bee food can be received only in Altai. Bring together him from various herbs. After crystallization the product becomes white. It is famous for the high medical qualities.
  • Bashkir honey. It is an elite grade of a bee product which cannot be confused with other grades. It gains snow-white color right after collecting and remains to such after crystallization. Many beekeepers say that if once to try such product, then it is possible to fall in love with it forever.
  • Nectar from a tea rose. Sometimes such product is called a white rose. Differs in a smell of rose and pleasant tastes. Such delicacy very seldom meets.
  • Cedar. It is cedar crude turpentine which is considered honey for a long time and use as very useful and tasty product. Get in coniferous forests.

Important! The grades of white honey which are found in the market under the name Mountain are the real fake so be attentive.

Not and it is easy to find all grades of a bee product which were listed above in the market. It is better to buy rare grades of nectareous delicacy from beekeepers with extensive experience of pasechny business.

Structure of a product

Nectar of snow-white color is very rich with various useful carbohydrates: glucose, fructose, sucrose, melitsitoza, maltose, etc. Complex carbohydrates occupy 80% of structure of a product. About 3% occupy water-soluble proteins, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes. 18% are the share of water, and the rest — of various minerals.

Scientists contain from 300 to 400 active agents and connections as a part of white bee delicacy. Here are present: sodium, selenium, manganese, copper, aluminum, phosphorus, etc. Each of the listed minerals brings the irreplaceable benefit to an organism. Besides, at bee delicacy of snow color there is a set of vitamins: E, K, PP, B6, B12, folic and ascorbic acids, carotene traces, etc.

Than it is so useful

The snow-white bee product has many useful qualities. Not without reason in traditional medicine honey is one of the main medical attributes, and white and even less so. Here list of all useful properties of snow-white nectar:

  • helps to cope with such seasonal diseases: laryngitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, flu, tonsillitis, etc.;
  • restores normal functionality in work of a liver and kidneys;
  • helps at various diseases of a stomach;
  • improves work of intestines and heals microulcers;
  • helps to cope with such skin diseases: abscesses, psoriasis, acne rash, eczema, burns, vitiligo, long not healing wounds, furuncles, etc.;
  • strengthens immunity and restores protective forces of an organism;
  • improves metabolism and accelerates process of a metabolism;
  • it is characterized soft laxative, bile-expelling and diuretic by actions;
  • removes inflammations of various fabrics and bodies;
  • improves complexion;
  • copes with inflammation of a mouth and conjunctivitis;
  • stabilizes arterial blood pressure;
  • antritis and other diseases of a nasopharynx treats;
  • helps at treatment of tuberculosis.

And it is yet not the complete list of useful properties of bee delicacy. If to accept it in the preventive purposes, then it is possible to remain long in good physical shape, at least, so folk healers say.

Whether it is possible to make white honey in house conditions

Very often in the markets of our country it is possible to see so-called natural white honey. But it is just that case when add a tar spoon to a barrel of honey. Here also snow-white cream delicacy turns out. And unfair beekeepers who lure bees sugar syrup do similar frauds. As a result also high-quality deception which many people come across turns out.

Whether you know? To receive 2 kg of honey, bees have to collect 5 kg of nectar.

Bee food of snow color is enriched with oxygen and mixed the blender. As a result there is a souffle (so it is called in the USA). But the fact is that such product not natural also loses a set of the useful properties. Experienced beekeepers recommend to buy a natural snow-white product which bees collected from the one and only melliferous plant giving white color. Everything that becomes by chemical methods for giving of light color, by definition becomes not only less useful product, but also dangerous (in some separate cases).

The most favorable way of independent preparation of white honey — addition in it a uterine milk. The uterine milk is another product of beekeeping which is also vitamin-rich also minerals. Honey together with a uterine milk is shaken up before obtaining cream consistence. As a result the product becomes snow-white and similar to mayonnaise. It is, probably, the only white honey which is made artificially and at the same time remains same useful. After all there is one more recipe for such delicacy by a chemical method. For us cones of dried hop (2-3 pieces), 8 liters of hot water, 8 g of gelatin, couple of seeds of cardamom and 1.5 kg of honey will be necessary for preparation.

Preparation process such:

  1. Hot water is mixed with honey and left for the night.
  2. Boil for an hour in the morning, then add hop.
  3. Further repeat boiling cooling processes several times.
  4. As a result after full cooling add cardamom with gelatin and leave to infuse 3 weeks.
  5. After 3 weeks dense weight is displayed on banks and from above powdered with sugar.

After all, the delicacy of snow-white color similar on consistence to condensed milk turns out. But you remember that honey undergoes process of boiling (heat treatment) and at the same time loses a set of the useful substances. Therefore to solve to you whether to do such sweet, or is fresh tags.

Vigilance upon purchase

Upon purchase of bee delicacy it is necessary to follow some rules. In that case it is possible to avoid a fake.

Main secrets of a right choice of white honey:

  • the real snow-white delicacy hardly on consistence will be similar to oil;
  • do not buy a product with exotic names. It is a marketing mix, and it is very doubtful that some rare species of honey will be sold in the market at the usual price;
  • honey of white color has to be picked by bees from certain plant species, and the real product will not differ in snow-white color, it will be a little bit with shades (what you will not tell about chemically processed product which can be white as teeth of the baby);
  • buy a product only from the checked beekeepers. Buying at visiting fairs and in local supermarkets, you risk to get a fake.

Important! Pay attention that upon purchase of honey on it there should not be a white skin. If that is available, so you deal with a fake.

But if you after all found the real white honey, then can consider yourself the lucky. Such product can be received only thanks to hard work of the beekeeper. Snow-white bee delicacy not only very tasty, but also useful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team