Why it is necessary to have a green tea

Why it is necessary to have a green tea

Green tea at the regular use has positive impact on human health. But the few know what and on what systems of bodies. So why actually it is worth having a green tea?


1. A green tea - the product, the richest with antioxidants. Antioxidants (or as they are called still - antioxidants) are the substances protecting cages of our organism from various toxic influences.

2. Doctors proved that a green tea is capable to reduce quickly blood pressure and by that to facilitate a condition of the patient.

3. Surprisingly, but the substances which are a part of this drink keep structure of bones and promote their natural growth.

4. Some athletes have a green tea during the trainings. It was noted that it quickly burns excess fats and tones up, allowing to train longer.

5. Especially well green tea influences lungs. It protects them during the outbreaks of infections and also cleans them if you smoke.

6. Except protection of lungs against smoking, a green tea is capable to protect also a liver. It weakens adverse effect of alcohol and reduces hangover symptoms.

7. If the person has problems with teeth, then the doctor suggests it to refuse black tea in favor of green. And it is correct - a green tea is capable to prevent rotting of teeth.

8. A green tea is useful also in a workplace: it makes active organism resources, increases a blood-groove of a brain and brain activity in general.

9. If you suddenly suffered prolonged anxiety - pour to yourself a cup of a green tea. It is known that it helps to cope with a stress.

10. Will seem to you improbable, but a green tea restores a water balance in an organism far better, than it is done by water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team