Why meringues in an oven with convection don't turn out

Why meringues in an oven with convection don't turn out

In the world there are many people who love sweeties and delicacies. One of the most tasty delicacies is meringue. Many prepare this product in house conditions. The oven is necessary for preparation. However in an oven with convection of meringue it turns out not always.

How to make meringue?

The structure of meringue surprisingly is very simple. Its main ingredients are only proteins and sugar. Sometimes add nut flour and starch to meringue. Such small amount of components of a dessert doesn't mean that it will be easy to prepare a product and simply. For the inexperienced culinary specialist gentle meringue can bring the mass of unpleasant surprises. Therefore for the correct preparation of meringue of people has to have theoretical knowledge.

Preparation of such dessert as meringue, can be carried out in three ways.

The first of them is called French. This way is simplest performed by. It can be applied to attempts of development of this dish and also to production of meringue of the simple forms which don't have thin patterns. Weight from proteins turns out magnificent, strong, but bubbles in a product are obviously allocated. Meringue in French is cooked thus: the cooled whites are beaten to strong foam with a salt pinch, then sugar or icing sugar is gradually added then all this weight is shaken up to "rigid peak".

The second way of preparation of meringue – Italian. It differs from French in the fact that instead of sugar abruptly welded sugar syrup is added to a dessert. Hot syrup joins a product a thin stream. Whites are beaten until weight doesn't cool down. The third, the most labor-consuming, a way of preparation of meringue – Swiss. For its implementation it is necessary to build a steam bath. As a result of this way of meringue it will turn out the most dense, strong and resistant. It is possible to build cookies of various forms and patterns from the weight steamed. Their main plus is that they quickly dry. Preparation happens so: over a pan with the boiling water the container with proteins and sugar is established. At the same time the bottom of ware shouldn't adjoin to the boiling water. To sugar remelting whites are beaten very slowly. Then the whipping rate increases. As a result dense dense weight has to turn out.

Why it is impossible to make meringue in an oven with convection?

Some people prepare such dessert as meringue, in an oven. As a result the product is impossible it what the person wants to see it. It is all about the convection mode. Convection influences that meringue doesn't dry up. If to be more precisely, then the dessert is influenced by moving streams of hot air. In preparation time of meringue it is impossible to move, and to open an oven. It is necessary to avoid any movement of air, and especially not to create it artificially. Whenever possible best of all than everything to turn off the mode convections.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team