Why milk harmful?

Why milk harmful?

scientists advise not to use milk. The thing is that many farmers feed the cows with special hormones because of which animals milk more than usually. Because of these hormones at people can arise: cancer diseases. First of all such milk too harmful to men. It promotes developing of cancer in a prostate.

At the same time, usual milk even without chemical hormones contains beef fat. If to use it too much, then there can be plaques because of which there are heart and vascular diseases.

Also, some physicians agree in opinion that at advanced age milk cannot be drunk. Because, it contains the high glycemic index which increases glucose level. At the same time, promotes accumulation of fats and accelerates aging of the person. Proteins which are in milk increase acidity. And it leads to the fact that calcium from an organism is released and bones become fragile. Also, people have from milk an abdominal distension, and sometimes even frustration.

Useful properties of milk:

At regular consumption of milk the risk decreases to develop intestinal cancer for 40%. Such conclusions were drawn by the New Zealand scientists. Experts claim that for prevention of cancer it is necessary to drink daily at least 1 glass of milk.

Milk is ideal option from osteoporosis. The Ukrainian doctors also are confident in it. The main thing to drink milk to pregnant women. At the same time, it is necessary to feed children not with artificial porridges as it is done by modern mothers, and milk. Besides, this product has to be very first in a diet of children.

And for those who cannot use milk it can be replaced with cheeses. Also, doctors advise for the best digestion of calcium to use: cereals, vegetables, fruit.

In a warm look milk well expands vessels and reduces arterial blood pressure. And the honey spoon with a glass of warm milk for the night ideally replaces sleeping pill.

Cows in India are considered as sacred animals. Residents of this country are convinced that milk is capable to treat almost all diseases. Besides, this wonderful drink continues life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team