Why settles a biscuit

Why settles a biscuit

Biscuit - pastries very whimsical. Even if to break very little a compounding of its preparation, that dough when baking either won't rise, or it doesn't propechtsya, or the cake layer will turn out dry. To avoid all above-mentioned problems with a dish, it is important to know and put into practice all nuances of work with the test for a biscuit.

Biscuit — one of the best bases for cakes and cakes. But as pastries demand special skills and abilities in preparation, some hostesses refuse preparation of biscuit delicacies. Yes, it is hard to master a whimsical biscuit, but if to consider all nuances of preparation of pastries, then even the beginning hostess will be able to bake the high air cake layer which is ideal for creation of cake.

Why the biscuit settles after pastries

That the biscuit turned out tasty, porous, and at extraction from an oven it didn't settle, important correct to make dough and to follow some rules of baking of a dessert.

First, the lightness of a cake layer depends on a stage of overrun of eggs for the test and accuracy of a vmeshivaniye of flour in egg mix. It is worth remembering, the egg foam is more dense, the poristy and the biscuit is softer. Therefore eggs for these pastries need to be shaken up until the final product doesn't begin to hold a form. As for a flour vmeshivaniye, it is one of the most important stages of doughing for a biscuit, the condition of the pastries depends on correctness of process. The fact is that if when mixing egg foam and flour to use the mixer, then dough will settle, the product will become unusable for preparation of a biscuit. And as maintaining lightness of the test is the main thing in preparation of biscuit cake layer, for mixing of these products it is necessary to use only a spoon or a scapula, and work should be carried out very accurately.

Secondly, the lightness of a biscuit is affected by temperature condition at which the dessert is preparing. Comfort temperature of baking of a cake layer — 180 degrees as at such mode delicacy is baked thoroughly evenly.

Thirdly, the biscuit doesn't love sharp temperature drops therefore at its cooking it is impossible to open a furnace door at all. Favorably leaving of pastries in kitchen appliances before full cooling affects a condition of a cake layer.

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