Why stones for whisky are necessary

Why stones for whisky are necessary

Whisky with ice is one of the most popular digestives in the world. However judges of this drink consider that it is correct to cool and most fully special stones will help to disclose all its gustatory qualities.


1. Comfort temperature of the consumption of whisky 16-18 degrees Celsius, but air indoors, as a rule, warmer are considered therefore drink quickly heats up and don't allow to enjoy all richness of taste and aroma. Most often for the solution of this problem use usual ice, however it quickly thaws in a glass and leaves to the judge of whisky only 2-3 minutes for receiving pleasure. After that melt water changes taste and fortress of whisky. For this reason as the cooler such innovation as stones for drinks is used.

2. Take stones for cooling from packing. These cubes are made of steatite (talkokhlorit) or the shungit – ecologically safe rocks which don't have a smell and taste and not reacting with other substances. Stones can have the sharp or rounded edges about 2 cm long, their sides, as a rule, are given a high polish. In gift sets the cubes are often decorated by an engraving.

3. Wash up stones for whisky under flowing water to remove dust or other pollution. Dry up them a towel. Place stones for drinks in the freezer for 2-3 hours.

4. Put stones for whisky in a glass with a thick bottom at the rate of 2-3 cubes on a portion of drink. At high temperature of air their quantity can be increased. Pour in whisky in a glass and begin to derive pleasure from how in process of cooling drink reveals and gives new flavoring shades and aroma. Some judges of hard liquors prefer to stones steel ice – the soldered metal tanks filled with water. Their thermal capacity is higher therefore they cool down in the freezer quicker and cool liquid in a glass. However judges consider that this adaptation gives to drink a metallic off-flavor. Besides, due to sharp cooling the taste of whisky grows poor, is closed.

5. Rinse cubes for whisky water after use. Wipe dry. You store stones for cooling of drinks in the place, inaccessible for children, in packing or in special linen sacks. Don't use them in shakers for mixing of different drinks.

6. Use stones for whisky to make the refreshing cocktail or to cool juice. If you want coffee long time to keep temperature, place two cubes in the microwave oven, warm up them within a minute and put in a mug with drink. Don't take stones hands as they very strongly heat up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team