Work and diet

Work and diet

is heavy to keep to many diets because of work and impossibility to have dinner fully. It is especially difficult to adhere to a diet if near a workplace there are vending machines with sparkling water, chocolate bars and chips. All results of a diet can be started up under a tail by means of one can of lemonade which contains more than three hundred calories. If not to plan in advance the diet, then it is possible to be given easily to temptation and to have a bite inhabitants of vending machines and to receive many unnecessary calories. Especially this temptation is strong after a lunch when there is a wish to eat something else.

There are many ways to suppress hunger and not to gain at the same time excess calories. These ways can quite be applied in a workplace:

  1. Having a snack. Competent meal is important for the people keeping the figure. If to eat often, but in the small portions, then it is possible to keep high-calorie balance. For example, if you have densely breakfast, have dinner and have supper, then try to break the number of meals into five parts. With such plan of food it is easier to adhere to healthy food.
  2. Skim cheese. The low number of calories does this cottage cheese irreplaceable for daily food. If you are confused by tastes of cottage cheese, then use it with honey, fruit or jam.
  3. If to drink up to two cups of coffee a day, then it is possible to receive a necessary stock of cheerfulness and focus. However addition in coffee of sugar or cream and abuse of this drink will bring only unnecessary calories.
  4. Raisin and nuts. The low-calorie and tasty dish can be received, having mixed a raisin handful with nuts.
  5. A jar of the fat-free yogurt without sugar, especially with impurity of oat flakes – an excellent product for a small break on food.
  6. Porridge flakes. It is a little porridge or unsweetened flakes with low-fat milk, usual or soy yogurt - a great way to have a bite. Hot porridge can be made in the microwave directly at office.
  7. Practically at all seasons of the year it is possible to buy apples, berries, melons, oranges, grapefruits and other fruit. Fruit contain many useful fibers and few carbohydrates and calories. They can be eaten with low-fat yogurts, cottage cheese or nuts.
  8. Various sauces can be eaten together with crude vegetables. The only restriction is mayonnaise – in this product very high high-calorie concentration.
  9. It is possible to hire a little bit the fast meat wrapped in wholegrain flat cake. Any fast meat – boiled beef, chicken fillet, a turkey, low-fat ham, etc. will approach.
  10. Nuts are an ideal combination of nonsaturated fats, protein and carbohydrates. Their sizes and nutritiousness do them by an optimum product for easy having a snack at work. Dry (but not fried) peanut – excellent means for hunger satisfying.
  11. Popcorn - a great option. For taste it is possible to add a little some olive oil and a cheese tablespoon Parmesan. But it is no more! Various fat does popcorn by a harmful product. It is better to buy plain grains of corn for preparation in a frying pan, without additives. It will allow you to check structure of the final product completely.
  12. Sandwiches from a lavash. The small piece of a lavash can be smeared with tomato sauce, to add a little low-fat cheese and to bake in the microwave.
  13. If you at work have a kitchen, then it is possible to try to mix in the blender of a half-glass of yogurt or skim milk, it is a little fruit and berries and some spice for taste.
  14. If to have a bite something easy in twenty minutes after to drink a glass of water, then the feeling of hunger will disappear for all day.

If you reach work on own car, then carry with yourself a figurative cooler bag where it is possible to store couple of glasses of yogurt or fresh fruit - and you will never starve at work or in a stopper.

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