5 methods of prevention of varicosity

5 methods of prevention of varicosity

– a widespread vascular disease which is characterized as expansion of veins. This frequent cosmetic defect can be found at representatives of the fair sex. And therefore, it is necessary to know how to conduct the correct preventive measures at this pathology.

  • Always you remember about risk groups. This frequent phenomenon of a varicosity is observed on a hereditary factor, an inactive way of life, pregnancy, with constant heavy loads and excess body weight. What should be done? And nothing or to change work with a way of life, or to wait for appearance of a varicosity. And the last option suits obviously not all.
  • One of invariable preventive methods are regular loads of muscles of legs, it belongs to many sports – run, sports walking, driving the bicycle, swimming, moderate loadings in gym and just walking on foot on average distances.
  • If you enter into risk group, then have to conduct a frequent research to prevent emergence of expanded veins. At emergence of fatigue in legs, hypostases or can just reddenings or blue discolorations, it is necessary to address the expert at once. Usually it is the vascular or general surgeon, the phlebologist or the qualified cosmetologist. Do not delay a campaign to the doctor, otherwise will be late.
  • You are not treated independently by means of national methods, the advice of the friends or cuttings from the Internet. Do not use unknown ointments, gels or in general – pricks. Such means will only hide symptoms then it will be a little difficult to find varicosity as complaints will disappear.
  • For treatment of a varicosity address only qualified specialists.

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