A cranberry with honey: than it is useful from what helps how to prepare

A cranberry with honey: than it is useful from what helps how to prepare

Useful qualities of such products as cranberry and honey, are known long ago. And a cranberry with honey — the real vitamin mix many times increasing flavoring and curative properties of ingredients. In this article we will consider, than delicacy is useful as to take it and from what illnesses helps.

Health mix: from what helps and that delicacy treats

Curative properties of honey are well-known, this product became famous for the uncompromising fight against inflammations and harmful bacteria.

And the cranberry which though consists for 90% of water managed to contain in other 10% almost all vitamins of group B and also vitamins A, C, P, K and minerals in the form of micro and macrocells:

  • gland;
  • potassium;
  • calcium;
  • phosphorus;
  • cobalt;
  • manganese.

Plus to it the antioxidants expressed by nonsaturated organic acids, quinine and other substances, useful to an organism, which weight what even the official medicine does not argue with.

But the main thing that allows this mix to increase repeatedly the medical potential, are anti-inflammatory properties of bee products and quality of northern grapes for which he was nicknamed a natural antibiotic.

As a result the cranberry in total is capable to fight against a bee product effectively with:

  • cold accompanied by the increased temperature and a severe cough;
  • asthma of chronic character, facilitating course of attacks of disease;
  • tonsillitis, eliminating a sore throat and warning complications;
  • the lowered immunity, really strengthening it;
  • consequences of a heart attack and stroke, strengthening a cardiac muscle;
  • high arterial blood pressure, optimizing it;
  • sore kidneys;
  • harmful cholesterol, cleaning vessels;
  • problems in digestive tract;
  • hypovitaminosis and breakdown, increasing efficiency of the person and toning up his organism.

Whether you know? Some cranberry bushes growing nowadays on swamps were born more than hundred years ago. So to plants long-livers is what to transfer valuable to the fruits.

How to prepare and accept

For centuries-old history the traditional medicine saved up a set of recipes of the honey and cranberry medicines curing of various illnesses. They differ in preparation methods, additional ingredients and ways of reception.

For strengthening of immunity

Recipe No. 1


  • cranberry — 300 g;
  • honey — 20 g;
  • vodka — 100 ml.


  1. To wipe berries through a sieve.
  2. To shift mix in small metal capacity.
  3. To fill in it with vodka.
  4. To cook about 10 minutes on slow fire at constant stirring.

To accept means at once everything before going to bed.

We advise to read about differences and useful properties of different types of honey: meadow, forest, flower, mountain, May, akatsiyevy, buckwheat, sunflower, chestnut, dyagilevy, donnikovy, honey in cells.

Video: cranberry tincture with honey on vodka

Recipe No. 2


  • cranberry — 1 kg;
  • honey — 1 glass;
  • oranges or lemons — 2 pieces.


  1. To crush a cranberry and fruit, without rinding the last.
  2. To mix berries with fruit.
  3. To add honey and again to mix.
  4. To place the received mix in glass capacity.

Means to accept on one tablespoon three times a day, washing down it with warm water or tea.

Learn more about useful properties of a lemon and also lemon juice, water with a lemon, citric acid, lemon oil.

For cough

To win against the cold which is followed by dry cough honey and cranberry mix on alcohol is very effective.


  • cranberry — 2.5 glasses;
  • honey — 5 tablespoons;
  • alcohol medical — 100 ml.


  1. Berries need to be crushed by means of the blender.
  2. To add honey.
  3. It is good to mix.
  4. At the continuing stirring to pour in alcohol slowly.
  5. To filter the received mix.
  6. To pour in glasswares and to cork densely.

To accept means, it is necessary to make at first tea with addition of a bee product and northern grapes in which it is necessary to pour three-five tablespoons of the received money. The procedure needs to be repeated three times a day.

What can be added for a bigger advantage

Purposefully to enhance some already existing curative properties of honey and cranberry mix or to broaden the sphere of its application, addition in means of new ingredients often practices. For example, for fight against asthma this mix is strengthened addition of lemon, onions, beet juice and also juice of an aloe and black radish.

Besides, effect of honey and cranberry mix is frequent make active addition in it of garlic, carrots, horse-radish, a dogrose, nuts, raisin and some other useful products.


The recognized fighter for purity of blood vessels garlic usually acts in this quality accompanied by honey and a lemon. However replacement of the southern citrus fruit with northern grapes not only does not worsen curative properties of the glorified means, but, according to many, even surpasses them.

Read also about advantage of garlic for health of women and men.


  • cranberry berries — 1.5 glasses;
  • dense white honey — 1 glass;
  • garlic — 2-3 heads.


  1. To crush berries of a cranberry and the peeled garlic by means of the meat grinder or the blender.
  2. To mix the received weight with honey.
  3. To define it in glass capacity and, having covered, to put in the fridge.

It is necessary to accept means on a small spoon within one and a half months in the evening before going to bed.

Whether you know? Honey is capable to remain itself and to save the valuable qualities for centuries what the capacity with this bee product found in a tomb of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun testifies to. For more than three thousand years honey practically did not lose either the taste, or the properties.


Being a powerful natural antibiotic, horse-radish perfectly supplements similar qualities of honey and northern grapes, considerably enhancing them. To overcome chronic bronchitis, traditional medicine advises to apply mix which is formed by these three products.


  • honey — 450 g;
  • horse-radish root — 150 g;
  • cranberry — 150 g.

Learn from what helps and how to use a root and leaves of horse-radish in the medical purposes.


  1. On a small grater to rub the frozen root.
  2. To wipe a cranberry through a sieve.
  3. To put the crushed products in honey, mixing everything together.
  4. To shift mix in glass capacity.
  5. It is necessary to draw means approximately day.

To accept a medicine teaspoon fivefold during the day.


For treatment for cold and as its prevention the medical mix consisting of a cranberry, honey and carrots is recommended.

Read also about advantage of carrots, a carrot tops of vegetable and carrot juice.


  • carrots — 2.8 kg;
  • cranberry berries — 1.3 kg;
  • honey — 120 g.


  1. To crush clean berries by means of the blender.
  2. By means of a gauze to squeeze out juice of the received weight.
  3. To grate carrot.
  4. By means of other gauze to squeeze out of it juice.
  5. To connect both juice in glass capacity and to dissolve honey in the received mix.

Drink can be taken both as medicine, and in the preventive purposes in pure form or diluted with water.

Important! Experts categorically do not advise to be fond of this mix behind a light breakfast as it can lead to increase in acidity in a stomach with the subsequent gastritis or an ulcer. It is better to accept it during a lunch or at supper.

Lemon and dogrose

At a hypertension for lowering of arterial pressure quite successfully use means on the basis of a bee product and northern grapes with addition of a lemon and a dogrose. Ingredients:

  • cranberry — 65 g;
  • honey — 75 g;
  • dogrose — 65 g;
  • lemon — 75 g.

Dogrose — the checked grandmother's means for strengthening of immunity. From it prepare infusions, broths, and oil it is applied in house cosmetology.


  1. To remove seeds from each washed-up hip.
  2. Lemon to peel, exempt from a dried peel and to cut on pieces.
  3. To wash berries of a cranberry and to dry up carefully.
  4. To bring all three ingredients with use of the blender to a pyureobrazny state.
  5. To define the received mix in glass capacity, having added honey there.
  6. After careful hashing means to leave to infuse at least day.

Means is recommended to accept ten days in a row in number of one-four spoons daily.

Dried apricots, raisin, walnuts and lemon

From honey and a cranberry it is possible to prepare the powerful all-strengthening tool if to add to this mix raisin, a lemon, dried apricots and walnuts. Ingredients:

  • dried apricots — 530 g;
  • raisin — 140 g;
  • cranberry berries — 120 g;
  • walnuts — 80 g;
  • honey — 130 ml;
  • lemon — 1 piece.

Walnuts — are very nutritious and saturated various useful substances which are necessary for an organism for maintaining health and a tone. Except the nutlet, the person also uses partitions and oil of walnut.


  1. From the lemon which is washed up and divided into two parts, without deleting a peel, to take stones.
  2. From kernels of nut to remove all superfluous.
  3. To process the washed ingredients in the meat grinder.
  4. To load the received mix into capacity and after addition of a bee product carefully to mix.

This all-strengthening medicine should be used within two weeks four times a year. A necessary dose — one tablespoon in the mornings and to evenings.

Video: vitamin mix from a cranberry and honey with imbiryom and a lemon


At all usefulness of this means it, alas, has contraindications. First of all, as usual, they concern people at whom the personal intolerance and tendency to allergic reactions to any components of this mix are observed.

Important! Interesting feature of this mix are its great preventive qualities for a healthy liver and big harm at the patient's liver.

Experts consider that this mix should not be accepted:

  • pregnant women and the nursing women and also children up to three years;
  • the people having gout and an urolithic disease;
  • the having kidney problems;
  • the people having hypotonia;
  • having the increased acidity in a stomach;
  • patients at exacerbations of an ulcer.

This remarkable means with exclusive preventive and curative qualities absolutely not for nothing takes so a place of honor in traditional medicine. Moreover, the official medicine as in-depth study of composition of house medicine opens at it everything new strong curative qualities also treats this curative mix more and more with respect.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team