A machismo or What is Lingam's massage

A machismo or What is Lingam's massage

East culture is included more and more into life of the modern person. New interesting trends get into the most various spheres of life: food, arrangement of housing, interior, cosmetic procedures and many other things.

Emergence of east massage as versions in modern salons, ceased to surprise consumers long ago, but the new direction of east massage — Lingama for men became relative in the European countries popular recently.

What is it

In a common understanding to linga is a true consciousness and regeneration of life.

Whether you know? The literal translation of the word lingam is a sign, a symbol, a phallus.

So it Lingam's massage? This massage is a practice of the Old Indian doctrine of the Tantra which opens knowledge of an attraction women's and a machismo. In Tantric practicians the male energy is the column of light getting into the woman and connecting couple in a whole. To let in this energy itself, the woman has to become soft, gentle and susceptible.

During Lingama-massazha the woman very gently and softly touches intimate zones of the partner. It does it with tenderness and humility, at this moment in a body of the young man the hot and wild energy spreads. These are absolutely new feelings of sexuality and absolutely new force.

Not the last place in the list of interests is taken by intimate relationship of people which takes the place in spirituality for a long time. One of possible variations of such relations is — Tantric sex.

History of unusual massage

The history of emergence of massage Lingam originates in east culture, in the Tantra. It is the most ancient system of spirituality in which the main objective is a self-improvement. Respectively, in them sexual desire is inhibited, and all energy is directed to knowledge and development of inner world. In the culture of ancient India Lingam is a manifestation of God Shiva and his fertility. In the east the man is considered the giving beginning which radiates energy of light, and his genital is considered the tool generating the most important energy — sexual. Therefore it is possible to call such equipment Shivalingam.

This some kind of release of sexual energy, opportunity to reveal the new parties of sexuality of the man.

As there takes place the procedure

This type of relaxation for men practices in massage parlors, but it is possible to master this equipment independently to please the beloved. Special receptions and abilities will allow to bring closer the man to the bright culmination. At the same time in the course of such practice the man can come nearer several times by the time of an ejaculation, the main thing: in time to suspend process.

Whether you know? According to ancient beliefs, abstention from an orgasm and finding of the man on the verge brings the maximum pleasure.

Very often many think that such type of massage is a masturbation. But this huge delusion. As at the time of performance of such equipment attention is paid not only to a genital of the partner, and and all erogenous points in this zone.

Psychological preparation

For such massage the partner has to be completely relaxed. Not only in physical, but also in the psychological plan. It is especially important to pay attention to the second if the young man came tired from work home. The easy dinner and an easy conversation will help to distract it from possible problems at work and also to relax after difficult day.

For normal work of all organism the person needs to get enough sleep. Some people have insomnia and cannot fall asleep, and others on the contrary want to sleep all the time. Read what the chronic sleep debt and why it is impossible to sleep in the afternoon is terrible.

The good weakening effect the heat bath with a fragrant skin or oils has. Therefore before performing massage suggest the beloved to enjoy silence and to have a rest in a heat bath. It is not recommended to watch TV or to sit down at the computer right after return home. The new information flow not only will not weaken psychological state, but also will add some new food for reflections.

Conditions for carrying out practice

For carrying out Lingama-massazha it is very important to prepare correctly the room and to create the good atmosphere in which its performance will be more comfortable, and feelings brighter:

  1. Lighting is of great importance. It is possible to achieve the maximum effect of relaxation in the presence of the muffled light. Such light will help the man to relax and derive more pleasure.
  2. At the time of massage it is better for room to add mystery and to veil windows dense curtains or curtains that excess light and noise from streets did not distract from massage process.
  3. For the best effect it is possible to use aromas. They will allow to be adjusted on the necessary harmony.
  4. Music is an important element of any massage equipment. She sets speed to a session and also allows to hide foreign sounds. It will be good if music belongs to the list of favourite melodies of the beloved. By scientists it is proved that music promotes decrease in feeling of alarm, even at the most severe stress.

Surely it is necessary to remove mobile phones that they did not distract at the right time from the room, and it is better — to disconnect in general.

Important! For carrying out the equipment Lingam it is necessary to prepare the flavored massage oil, it will promote easy sliding of hands on skin that will give even more pleasure and will bring the man to pleasure peak.

Such simple manipulations will allow to prepare the room for performing massage and also to create the romantic and easy atmosphere for receiving pleasure together with the partner.

Correct equipment

The ritual of massage of Lingam is carried out in several steps. And it is important to remember that you should not concentrate only on a penis of the partner and and to interact with all erogenous zones and points.

Therefore process of carrying out looks as follows:

  1. After reception of a bathtub or a shower the young man lays down on a back, enclosing the roller under the head. It will allow it to watch movements of the girl and technology of performance.
  2. Before doing Lingam's equipment of the main zone, it is necessary to warm up to the man shoulders and a neck as these places most of all save tension. Surely it is necessary to massage feet and hands.
  3. Also it is not necessary to deprive of attention the partner's testicles. It is necessary to mass them carefully and gently. Further it is necessary to pass to easy stimulation of a scrotum, you should not forget about zones of a crotch and a pubis.
  4. After performance of such simple manipulations, it is necessary to start directly stimulation of a penis. Such procedure assumes that the girl doing it will be completely naked. It will allow the man to enjoy beautiful view during process.
  5. This procedure has to be very careful and accurate not to do much harm to the beloved. How it is correct to make massage of the member? At the very beginning of the procedure the girl masses a genital the palms which are plentifully oiled by massage.
  6. As a rule, during massage the main technicians are used:
  • pipe — the girl clasps a trunk of the member with palms and touches on it fingers, imitating playing a musical instrument;
  • middle — it is necessary to clasp with one hand a head, and to massage the second the member;
  • infinity — smooth continuous movements by palms from a head to the basis and back.

During massage the breath of the partner has to be quiet and equal.

Important! Special attention should be paid to a so-called sacred point. This small deepening between an anus and testicles. Easy pressings on this point will make the partner's orgasm brighter. Stimulation of a sacred point happens to strokings of a penis.

Some experts of such technology of massage consider that deduction of six orgasms a contract will be allowed the man to win incredibly bright and unforgettable.

If these technicians it is correct to carry out, then the bright culmination will become a final point. But an indispensable condition is deduction of two-three orgasms. After completion of process, the man should lie down and have a rest a little up to the end to enjoy the derived pleasure.

The technician of performance of such massage Lingama a huge number therefore it is possible to choose the most suitable for himself and for the partner.

Advantages of sacral practice

Lingam's massage is absolutely new direction for awareness of the sexuality by the man. And also allows to improve power and force which so are pleasant to women in men.

It will be interesting to you to learn as: to quickly wake up, improve the memory and health and also how to get rid of fatigue.

The main advantages of such massage can be considered the following:

  • such equipment improves blood circulation and influences some groups of muscles, thanks to it the immunity increases and metabolism accelerates;
  • in the presence of problems with potency of the technician Lingam will allow to return to muscles a tone and to remove an emotional barrier. And regular performance of such massage will promote return of male power without medicines;
  • such equipment allows the man to get new experience and to be liberated;
  • removes physical and emotional activity;
  • stabilizes a hormonal background and arterial blood pressure;
  • prevents blockage of vessels in an inguinal zone.

Answering a question what is Lingam's massage, one may say, that this equipment gives not only great pleasure to men, but also improves health. Therefore performance of such equipment will help the man not only to relax and be liberated, but also will become excellent prevention of possible problems in the intimate sphere.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team