Advantage and value of aliphatic alpha amino acid methionine for a human body"

Advantage and value of aliphatic alpha amino acid methionine for a human body"

Amino acids are used for creation of proteinaceous molecules, vitamins, hormones.

Plants synthesize them independently. And animals and the person part of them receive only from food.

Therefore these connections are called irreplaceable. Methionine concerns those.

Characteristic and properties

This amino acid contains sulfur. A chemical formula — HO2CCH(NH2)CH2CH2SCH3. It is classified as unpolar. Represents colourless crystals with a specific smell. It is dissolved in water.

It on the properties is aliphatic and is restored to a gomotsistein who in the presence of enough vitamins and enzymes turns into cysteine and other useful substances.

Cysteine in an organism turns into glutathione which is very important in neutralization of toxins.

Whether you know? In vegetables of methionine is 5-10 times less, than in animal products.

The methyl group which as a result of reactions of metabolism is had with formation of creatine, adrenaline is a part of an element, it is well-cared also other substances. It is considered that methionine is acquired completely.

Main functions and advantage

Amino acid takes part in many vital processes:

  • synthesis of protein and hormones;
  • protection of a liver;
  • clarification of vessels from cholesterol;

Also Pamela, blackberry, chicory, a kiwi, green radish, dried apricots clean an organism from excess cholesterol.

  • prevention of diseases of a stomach;
  • neutralization of toxins;
  • has diuretic properties;
  • positively influences hair, nails and skin;
  • reduces risk of developing of an allergy;
  • it is irreplaceable at a recovery from a depression;
  • protection against radiation.

The products containing methionine

We receive substance only from food. The main part comes to our organism from dairy products. Including chicken meat and beef and also such grades of fish in the diet as a mackerel, a jack mackerel and a pike, we considerably will increase quantity of an element necessary to us.

There is it and at grain, bean, eggs. Is in bread, bananas and kefir a little.

For pharmaceutics it is received from Escherichia coli bacterium.

Daily requirement and norm

Depending on a condition of an organism, physical activities and other factors the need for connection can significantly differ. On different sources, the adult healthy person requires from 1.5 to 4 g a day.

For athletes the dose is much higher. These are about 12 mg of substance on 1 kg of mass of the athlete.

From food we receive enough amino acid. But it does not belong to keeping to diets and to vegetarians.

Important! At reception of the raised doses of substance it is necessary to use more B12 vitamin and folic acid.

Use of methionine

Its use variously as the element is very important for an organism. If at you the hair loss, fragility of nails sharply amplified or the sleep was interrupted, then, most likely, you lack methionine.

Vitamin E, vitamin A, biotin, selenium are necessary for an organism for the healthy growth of hair.

For cartilages

Sulfur which the organism receives from methionine is necessary for healthy cartilaginous tissue. Patients with arthritis of a sulfur of time in 3 have less, than at healthy. Methionine and vitamins of group B have the anti-inflammatory and anesthetizing effect in a complex.

For mood

Our amino acid is very important for excellent mood. It is necessary for normalization of a cycle of wakefulness and a dream.

At treatment of depressions and Parkinson's disease the doctors recommend reception of the raised doses of the connection participating in processes of metabolism in a brain. Substance is necessary for the synthesis of adrenaline and serotonin having antidepressive properties that is very important for those who often are in depression.

Whether you know? It is a lot of serotonin in bananas and dark chocolate therefore they improve mood.

For health of urinary tract

From a school bench we know that the majority of bacteria in acidic environment do not survive. And kidneys acidify urine at the expense of amino acid, therefore, neutralize a number of harmful microorganisms.

At diseases of urinary tract and also recommend to apply a cranberry, badger fat, corn, a cornflower to prevention blue, a great nettle, cowberry leaves.

Therefore this good means for prevention of infections of urinary tract, effectively treats cystitis. Also interferes with formation of stones in kidneys. At a lack of this substance of fabrics excess liquid accumulates and hypostases develop.

For nails and hair

Amino acid strengthens a nail plate.

The nail plate in house conditions is strengthened also by means of oils of a lemon, avocado, rosemary, a sea-buckthorn, walnut.

Cysteine, methionine and tryptophane are important for hair. Two first increase their durability and quantity. Growth of locks accelerates cysteine.

For appearance a hair it is possible to use shampoos. For example, "Derm Organic".

About a surplus and a shortcoming

Before the use of medicines with methionine the consultation of the doctor is necessary not to cause overdose as both its surplus, and shortage can have serious consequences. As they say, everything is good moderately.

Learn how it is shown and what to do at hypovitaminosis and a gipervitaminoza.


The excess quantity can cause:

  • allergy, drowsiness, nausea;
  • aggravates heart troubles, a liver and kidneys;
  • provokes growth of tumors;
  • causes violation in work of a brain;
  • complicates breath and causes hypostasis.

Important! It is impossible to take the drugs with methionine at high cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis and heart troubles!


Usually with food enough connection arrives. But healthy people are not enough presently.

And if there are some violations, then can feel a shortcoming which is shown:

  • violations in work of a GIT and liver;
  • heart diseases;
  • hypostases and muscle weakness;
  • deterioration in growth of an embryo;
  • mental disorders;
  • fragility of nails and hair.

Interaction with other elements

If methionine is oxidized to sulphoxide, then very badly is digested. It is necessary to remember that amino acid strengthens action of antibiotics. Therefore, it is impossible to accept them at the same time. Also interacts with carbohydrates, lipids and proteins.

Methionine in bodybuilding

Connection is necessary for synthesis of the creatine important for bodybuilders of the element helping with keeping fit and increase in muscle bulk.

Methionine does not possess anabolic action, but cleans a blood-groove, regulates processes of exchange and increases immunity.

Due to antioxidant properties it helps athletes to be restored quicker after the trainings.

As well as other irreplaceable amino acids, methionine it is very important for activity of an organism. To receive it in enough, the balanced food is necessary. At various violations the consultation of the doctor is necessary. Only he can appoint additional intake of the necessary medicines.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team