Advantage and value of aromatic alpha amino acid phenylalanine for a human body

Advantage and value of aromatic alpha amino acid phenylalanine for a human body

Each living being, including the person, has a set of the cages consisting of protein and a protein. They are very important for activity of all bodies and systems as it is a basis of life of all live. Availability in them of necessary amino acids is of value of proteins. It is known in the nature of 150 different amino acids, from them are necessary for the person only 20. The human body produces only 12 amino acids, and if it contains enough nutrients. Other eight get with the consumed food and are irreplaceable. One of such irreplaceable amino acids is phenylalanine.

Characteristic and properties

There are three known modifications of phenylalanine. L-phenylalanine is available in a natural look in the products containing proteins. D-phenylalanine — isomer, one may say, synthetic, specular reflection of L-phenylalanine.

Also as a result of combination of all best properties of these two forms of amino acids one more form of this aromatic alpha amino acid which is called DL phenylalanine was synthesized. The DL form is a component of biological and active nutritional supplements at correction of a premenstrual syndrome at women.

Whether you know? Phenylalanine was described for the first time in 1879 when scientists I. Barbieri and E. Shultse allocated connection with formula C9H11NO2 in the chemical composition of saplings of a lupine yellow, and in 1882 Erlenmeyer and Lipp for the first time synthesized this amino acid from a fenilatsetaldegid, cyanic hydrogen and ammonia.

The chemical structural formula of aromatic alpha amino acid looks thus: C₉H ₁₁ NO ₂. This colourless crystal substance, when melting decays. It is a little dissolved in water and ethanol.

Thanks to existence in an organism of iron and copper and also vitamins C, B3 and B6, the benefit is completely derived from phenylalanine, then this alpha amino acid is transformed to tyrosine. Directly participates in production of insulin, papain, melanin.

It is necessary at removal of products of metabolism by such vitals as kidneys and a liver. Improves work of a pancreas. The healthy human body acquires phenylalanine without problems, but at the people sick with such hereditary disease as phenylketonuria, or violation of amino-acid exchange, this amino acid is not transformed to tyrosine.

It negatively affects a brain of the person, causing development of a disease of Fellinga. Such process is reversible if to take the drugs which are specially appointed by the expert and to adhere to a special diet.

Main functions and advantage

When phenylalanine gets into a human body, he helps to cope with a number of diseases, such as syndrome of chronic fatigue, memory impairment, at a pain syndrome, hyperactivity. Helps to restore clarity of thinking and a vigorous state. Also participates in restoration of skin pigmentation.

Whether you know? Phenylalanine is an amino acid of great mood and good mood.

Phenylalanine is transformed to tyrosine — the main component of dopamine and noradrenaline. These substances participate in transfer of an electrochemical impulse from neurons to ferruterous cages or muscle tissues. Thanks to action of these neurotransmitters at the person the ability to perception of information increases, memory improves, the libido amplifies.

Phenylalanine is an initial material in synthesis of the feniletilamin who is responsible for a condition of love at the person and also an epinefrin who is capable to improve mood. The advantage of aromatic alpha amino acid is invaluable in fight against reduction of thirst for caffeine, against a loss of appetite. It is irreplaceable at treatment of spasms of muscles of extremities and also migraine, neuralgia, Parkinson's disease, rheumatoid arthritis. It is widely applied in elimination of postoperative pains.

The products containing phenylalanine

Generally phenylalanine serves in the food industry as a component for aspartame.

Soy, meat of chicken, veal, pork (not fat), mutton, various cheeses, seeds and nuts, fish (tuna), eggs, various beans, whole grains, sunflower seeds and cereals, milk and dairy products and also greens and a root of parsley, a girasol, mushrooms, dried fruits (dried apricots and a fig), bananas contains a large number of a natural form of this aromatic alpha amino acid. Sweet sparkling water is saturated with this amino acid, there is it in yogurts, lollipops and chocolates and also chewing gum, rich pastries (sometimes).

Important! People with a disease phenylketonuria cannot use foodstuff with aspartame.

If to speak about cheese, then in parmesan — the highest concentration of phenylalanine. It is slightly less — in a gauda, Swiss cheese, mozzarella and natural cottage cheese. Enough this amino acid in linen, sesame and sunflower seeds and also in peanut, almonds, pistachios and nuts of cashew.

If to make the choice among types of meat, then it is better to stop on indyushiny meat, low-fat pork and chicken, veal and lamb. If to give preference to fish, then only salmon types, a halibut and also cod, mackerel and lobsters.

Choosing the dairy products rich with phenylalanine, it is better to stop on natural yogurt and home-made milk. Among beans, except haricot, not the last place is taken by lentil.

At consumption of several sources of amino acid, phenylalanine increases their biological value therefore it is the best of all to combine animal and vegetable food in different receptions of food. For receiving all necessary amino acids including aromatic alpha amino acid, both the athlete, and any adult weighing 70 kg need to use a day 200 grams of beef, or 200 grams of a salmon, crashes, or at least one and a half liters of whole milk.

Phenylalanine took a place of honor and in pharmaceutical medicines: it is a component of mint pastils from inflammations in a throat and also for cough.

Aromatic alpha amino acid phenylalanine is simply necessary for our health and beauty. It favors to trouble-free operation of an organism. Therefore when we with food consume enough this vital amino acid, it well affects our appearance.

The good condition of hair and healthy skin will be pleasing to the eye. And the great location of spirit will become the key to success in achievement of any purpose.

Daily requirement and norm

The need of an organism for phenylalanine depends on many factors: age, state of health, region of residence of the person.

Only the expert can establish everyone an exact dosage. On average the daily need of an organism for this substance — from 2 to 4 g/days. It is necessary to accept till a breakfast or between meals.

About a surplus and a shortcoming

If for a long time the excess amount of phenylalanine comes to an organism, then it is fraught with negative consequences for health of a liver and kidneys. These bodies should work with a constant overload, removing products of surplus of proteinaceous exchange.

At constant insufficient intake of aromatic alpha amino acid to food in many vital processes there will be failures: the metabolism will slow down, the immunity considerably will go down, muscle weakness, anemia will develop.

It will be for certain interesting to you to learn about how to raise immunity vitamins.

The shortage of phenylalanine can threaten also vegetarians if ineptly to approach drawing up the diet and also supporters of low-calorie diets or starvations.

Surplus and overdose

Symptoms which demonstrate surplus in an organism: the general weakness, a bad dream, suppressed mood and irritability, a headache, the lowered intellectual activity. High doses of aromatic alpha amino acid can cause injury of nerves.


Symptoms which testify to a lack of an organism: depression, sharp dumping of body weight, significant hormonal leaps, failures in work of adrenal glands, thyroid gland, fast fatigue. Also the condition of skin, hair and nails suffers.

We recommend to you to esteem about features of use of vitamins E, A and V7 for hair.

Considering all these symptoms, it is necessary to show care of the health and to adjust healthy nutrition and the good mode as the surplus or a lack of this important amino acid can enhance side effects and undesirable symptoms.

Interaction with other substances

Good interaction of phenylalanine with fats, water, digestion enzymes and also other amino acids is observed.

Important! Against the background of intake of psychotropic drugs, phenylalanine can cause dyskinesia, a hypomania, a bad dream, locks, increase in arterial blood pressure. Can weaken force of the medicines lowering pressure or increase effect of sedative medicines.

Phenylalanine in sport

Aromatic alpha amino acid is applied in body building because of ability to be converted into dopamine. Dopamine has the properties lightening the mood, promotes increase in the general tone. It is used for combustion of hypodermic fat cellulose as a part of zhiroszhigatel and also for increase in muscles.

Combining this amino acid with other stimulating ingredients, there was an opportunity to improve properties of additive, to increase mental concentration, at the same time to activate metabolism and to lower appetite. Using phenylalanine, it is possible to increase power endurance of sinews and ligaments. Thanks to it it is possible to work more intensively, the constant progression of loadings will increase, grow muscle bulk, working scales will increase.

At intake of phenylalanine as nutritional supplement it is possible to achieve improvement of concentration of attention, acceleration of process of recovery of muscles. Thanks to it there will be no overfatigue during the trainings.

It will be useful for you to learn more about what time the best for trainings what to do if muscles after the training hurt and as it is necessary to eat after the training.

If to speak about some concrete substance which is applied in sport during heavy physical activities it is impossible to lose sight also of other components. The human body is very difficult arranged, in it everything is interconnected.

Therefore for its normal functioning it is necessary to receive all necessary elements and in the necessary quantity. If the person — the training athlete or the athlete. It amino acid can give phenylalanine. Modern food is poor in proteinaceous products and consequently also amino acids. Therefore if the athlete trains in the power mode, then his need for them increases several times.

Whether you know? Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke once: Bodybuilding — the same sport, as well as any other. To succeed, it is necessary to devote himself to trainings, a diet and a psychological spirit for 100%. And the good assistant to the bodybuilder in it is phenylalanine.

But as people are not able to eat bigger quantity of food for time, than it is possible, intake of aromatic alpha amino acid will not be superfluous and has to be carried out constantly, especially during a moderate training and sufficient physical activities.

It is possible to draw a conclusion that advantage for the person of the phenylalanine use very big, this amino acid is important and necessary for normal and qualitative life of each person. Most of people, using this substance, have no problems, it is just necessary to be more attentive and accurater with its application.

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