Advantage, harm and storage of broth of a dogrose in house conditions

Advantage, harm and storage of broth of a dogrose in house conditions

The dogrose still is since ancient times known to all residents of Slavic lands for the medical and immunostimulating properties for this reason this plant is actively used in house medicine by many generations of compatriots.

It is no secret that today fruits and other derivatives of a dogrose often apply to fight against many illnesses.

However, in the world of modern medicine most of us lost that valuable information which provided the correct use of this gift of the nature for the medicinal purposes.

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Therefore, today we will try to define all basic principles of use of a dogrose in therapy and also to find out as, after all, correctly it is necessary to prepare means on its basis.

Rules of preparation

It is quite simple to prepare curative dogrose decoction. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare previously derivative plants and to dry up them. Both in national, and in traditional medicine, often, use exclusively carefully dried up raw materials and it is several reasons for that. Let's consider them in more detail.

Whether you know? The dogrose as a herb, was known and was actively applied in medicine still by ancient Greeks, more than 2500 years ago.

First, it is worth remembering that fruits of this plant, leaves and flowers contain about 75% of free moisture, and in roots up to 45%. If previously not to remove it from preparation, then after a while at crude raw materials the natural process of disintegration of substances and cages which without presence of moisture does not happen will be started. In that case all preparations simply will begin to decay.

Secondly, the started process of a denaturation of cages it becomes obligatory the reason of disintegration and various valuable substances therefore even if the plant will not decay, then for certain it will not have useful qualities any more.

Preparation of medicine begins with careful survey of medicinal preparation, whenever possible it needs to be sifted from various pollutants, sand and uncharacteristic components. To receive the correct extract, raw materials should be crushed carefully, only in that case it will be possible to receive substance rich with many useful connections. This results from the fact that the contact area of particles of a plant and liquid at small crushing increases several times, therefore, the quantity and quality of process of interpenetration of connections also increases.

Whether you know? The Ancient Greek philosopher and the scientist Teofast became the first who described a dogrose as a botanical look. Its scientific work became so exact and successful that it was succeeded to add the scientist only in the 18th century, to Karl Linney.

As working liquid, the most popular option is water. At different levels of temperature, it quite not bad copes with extraction of substances from parts of a dogrose.

Its main advantage before alcohols is that water is capable to take a set of water-soluble substances from a plant while alcohols are aimed at extraction of fat-soluble connections, and as is well-known, many poisons also are fat-soluble substances (it is almost impossible to take them by means of water infusions). So, after preliminary preparation of raw materials, measure its necessary quantity, and then fill in with the necessary volume of water then mix heats up and is thermally processed throughout a certain period of time. There are only two ways of carrying out this process: on a water bath or by heating on naked flame.

Extraction on a water bath is considered softer process, than boiling. However, the principle of action at the received means different. The water extracts of a dogrose prepared on a water bath render instant, but not long-term effect while carefully processed broths work long, however the effect of means occurs after a while.

After heat treatment, broths leave to infuse throughout some time then means is ready to the use.

Important! At preparation of broths surely it is necessary to use the rule of initial volume. After heat treatment and filtering of mix, the received amount of liquid should be brought to initial quantity. Only in that case therapy of a dogrose will make salutary impact on an organism.

Ration and day norm

The dogrose has huge amount of various substances, useful to an organism, in rather high concentrations. Therefore to accept decoctions from this plant in large numbers does not consult.

For the best representation of all situation we will give the following example: in 100 g of hips the standard daily rate of consumption of such substance as vitamin C contains. If to consider that this vitamin gets into a human body and with other food it is possible to say that in day it is necessary to use no more than 5-10 berries of a plant.

Proceeding from the aforesaid it is necessary to avoid combinations of the use of a dogrose to oranges, tangerines, a lemon, a guelder-rose, soaked apples, sauerkraut, a kiwi.

So the situation is also with other active agents therefore for today physicians calculated optimum norm of the use of broths from derivatives of this plant. The main condition of limitation of amount of broth is the age of the patient, however it is possible to use such means also to kids from 6 months. So, optimum norm of water extracts from derivatives of a dogrose is:

  • 1 teaspoon 3 times a day aged from 6 up to 12 months;
  • 1 tablespoon 2 times a day aged from 1 year up to 2 years;
  • 2 times pass 2 tablespoons, at age of 3-5 years;
  • 60-65 ml (1/4 glasses) twice a day when to the kid are from 6 to 12 years;
  • 120-130 ml (1\2 glasses) 2 times a day after 12 years.

Important! It is necessary to use a dogrose in the therapeutic purposes for small children only according to the recommendation of physicians, otherwise both serious allergic manifestations on integuments, and aggravation of the general health can expect the child.


As well as any other therapeutic medicine, dogrose infusions demand observance of the special scheme of preparation. Only in that case medicine will fully be able to make favorable impact on an organism. Further we will consider in more detail how after all it is necessary to prepare correctly broths from different parts of a bush of a dogrose.

From roots

Broth from roots of a plant is prepared as follows: 2 tablespoons of the dry or fresh, small crushed roots pour out in the vessel and fill in 500 ml of hot water. After that mix is put on fire and actively boiled within 20 minutes. After that broth is removed, wrapped up with a warm plaid and insisted not less than 5 hours. The received liquid is carefully filtered. Such broth helps at: heartaches, stones in kidneys, cystitis, diarrhea, rheumatism, a metabolic disorder, dysentery and many other.

At rheumatism it is necessary to treat useful properties of a nettle, a cornel, celery, cape gooseberry, meadowsweet, a sabelnik, cowberry, a celandine, coltsfoot more attentively.

From branches

From sprouts of a bush prepare broths which help at rheumatism, sciatica, belly-aches and also are used as diuretic. To make such option of drink 3 tablespoons of the crushed branches of a plant fill in 500 ml of hot water and boil on average fire about 10 minutes. After that mix is covered and about two hours infuse. Further broth is carefully filtered and used directly.

Important! Exclusively young sprouts of a dogrose suit for medical broths, it should be considered surely if you collect these raw materials independently.

From petals

Decoctions from flowers of a dogrose have high antiseptic and aromatic properties. To receive water extract from dogrose petals 1\4 glasses of dry raw materials fill in 250 ml of boiled water, cover with a towel and insist within 20 minutes. The received mix should be filtered carefully from the vegetable remains.

From fruits

To prepare broth of a dogrose it is necessary to take fruits and water in proportions 2:25, it is required to boil a medicine 10 minutes then to insist within day. After filtration to accept according to the dosage stated above.

Advantage and harm

Dogrose infusions belong to some of the few means of house medicine which are capable to strengthen an organism and its protective functions, to raise a tone of bodies and systems and also to tone up the general state. At the people who were periodically using decoctions from this plant not only the risk of development of many diseases decreases, but also the general immunity increases.

Learn in more detail about advantage of a dogrose, broths, infusions, oils from it.

Extracts of a dogrose wounds, burns, frostbites, bleedings, inflammations of an urinogenital system treat. It is worth not to forgetting also about the knitting, antibacterial, bile-expelling, soothing impact of derivatives of a plant on a human body. In additives to listed it is worth mentioning also that use such means in the standard therapy on fight with:

  • digestive tract diseases;
  • urolithic diseases;
  • avitaminosis;
  • rheumatism;
  • neurasthenia;
  • tuberculosis.

However, despite the positive effect for an organism, means from the described plant are capable to have also negative impact on the general state of health. To hypertensive persons and patients, inclined to formation of blood clots, it is necessary to refuse therapy by a dogrose, otherwise it can aggravate a course of disease.

It is important to remember also that as a part of a plant the huge amount of ascorbic acid contains, and it is a direct way to damage of tooth enamel therefore strongly it is not recommended to be fond this sort of phytotherapy nevertheless.

Whether you know? In Germany, in the territory of Cathedral of Rise of Saint Maria, the oldest dogrose grows in the world. Thickness of its trunk at the basis reaches 50 cm, and the general height about 13 meters. It agrees to different calculations of scientists, the age of a plant is from 400 to 1000 years.


Broths of a dogrose do not belong to means with which stock up for the future. Most often physicians recommend to use fresh extracts of this plant within several hours. This results from the fact that such means later after preparation promptly lose 24 hours the useful properties.

But, if you need to keep broth till the evening, we advise you to place it in the fridge (at a temperature of +5...+10 °C). In the cool place such medicines of house medicine will keep the useful properties for day.

To adjust functioning of a GIT use kefir, fermented baked milk, a camomile, a flax, potato juice, devyasit, a clover.

The dogrose is the real jewelry which is a true gift of the nature. This plant is capable to support a human body in many difficult situations, to supply it with the necessary energy and a positive charge. However, you should not be fond of means from a dogrose. First of all, everyone should remember that all abundance of substances as a part of plant derivatives, by the nature is referred to the most complex allergens. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to such therapy with care, and under supervision of the doctor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team