Advantage of sea water

Advantage of sea water

sea, the ocean, the beach, rest – as sounds it with pleasure and fascinating! At once there is a wish to visit such place which will mean only rest, but not working everyday life! Than such rest in sea water is useful? It turned out that visit of these huge reservoirs bears in itself a bouquet of useful properties. First, all this gives to cheerfulness, removes stress of nervous system, allows to relax and just lightens the mood.

Bathing in waves gives small massage to an integument, gives esthetic beauty, improves circulation and a tone of almost all vessels of an organism. Bathing in these waters regulates normalization of arterial blood pressure.

Thermal control of a human body improves, there is a stimulation of protective properties, updating of blood cages amplifies. Generally, the sea and the ocean – excellent the assistant for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Sea water contains a lot of salt which has the certain structure removing all negative energy which accumulates in the big cities. It so is called medical effect against stressful situations and nervous diseases. Also there is the positive effect against various depressions.

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In sea water there is a number of minerals which positively influence a condition of an organism in general. The iodine which was contained in water stimulates hormonic processes, activates cells of a thyroid gland and protects it from possibility of various diseases.

Sea water – a well for treatment and prevention of various rheumatic diseases.

As it is necessary to bathe:

  • Before diving into water, get used to temperature on the beach, it is not necessary to rush at once for water procedures. It will take only several minutes.
  • It is not recommended to bathe much in the first day. It is unknown how your organism will react to sea water. Therefore begin to bathe gradually, constantly increasing water procedures.
  • Do not bathe after a meal.
  • Left the sea – dry up but only after that go to a shower.
  • Have a rest with pleasure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team