Advantage of vitamin A for women

Advantage of vitamin A for women

Vitamins are necessary for any human body. Their shortage can become the reason of a set of diseases and illnesses. Among some of the most important to be vitamin A. Correctly to respect the necessary rules of vitamin A it is necessary to know in what products it is and as it is correct to use it.

In what advantage for women

In total minerals are responsible for normal functioning of certain bodies, or the whole system therefore the advantage of an element is absolutely unique. Also it is recommended to know features of influence on a female body.

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For sight

There is also other name of this useful substance — Retinolum. It promotes what we can see at dark lighting, have the correct color perception. Vitamin helps to be produced to such element as rhodopsin which is necessary also for night sight, and for any light contact.

Whether you know? The scientist K. Funk in 1912 introduced the concept vitamin for the first time, literally they mean life amines.

One more very important function is normalization of work of cages of a cornea, without it they will begin to lose liquid that can cause conjunctivitis.

For immunity

As exactly this element to be practically in all body, it is one of the main assistants in maintenance of work of the immune system. It is recommended to be used during diseases, or after them to restore immunity.

Feature is also that it protects the person from emergence of cancer cells and supports a young condition of an organism: normal functioning of cages, metabolism.

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For skin and mucous membrane

Concerning skin this element has the moistening, restoring, anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating effect. Exactly thanks to properties it is often used in cosmetology, namely added in cream and a mask. Enough provides pure good leather without rashes and defects.

Also it performs functions:

  • maintains elasticity and elasticity of skin;
  • levels complexion, including in the presence of pigmentary spots;
  • is responsible for cell regeneration;
  • stops inflammation;
  • promotes active blood circulation.

For skin distinguish 2 types of this substance: clean and pro-vitamin carotene. It prevents appearance of wrinkles and keeps skin healthy and tightened.

The same it renders effect on a mucous membrane: maintains moisture content, change of cages, elasticity, normal blood circulation.

For hair and eyelashes

For hair and eyelashes this element is also one of the most important as performs a set of important functions. It is often added to natural masks for hair and by shampoos.

Vitamin A for hair provides:

  • necessary volume;
  • natural gloss;
  • normal and active growth of new hair;
  • elasticity and moisture content of a hair midstream;
  • absence of dandruff and dryness.

Sometimes, apply externally pure vitamin A to urgent regeneration of hair. Health of eyelashes is very important not only for a beautiful and effective image, but also for health of eyes and their full work.

For nails and teeth

This element is also in nails and teeth, he is responsible for formation of new cages and lack of inflammatory processes. It leads to the fact that at enough the nails will be strong, a natural, uniform color, will quickly grow. Apply vitamin to nails outwardly, do various baths and masks.

It is also very important for teeth as it contributes to the normal growth and the development of crowns and teeth, consolidation of walls of blood vessels and nerves in tooth. Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects do not allow to develop to diseases in oral cavities.

Standard daily rate

In order that vitamin brought the maximum benefit it is necessary to define the correct norm which is almost individual for each organism. There are several types of determination of amount of vitamin, among them:

  1. ME of vitamin A (Retinolum) = 0.3 mkg or 0.0003 mg.
  2. Mg = 1000 mkg.

For adult women

For adult women and also girls 14 years are more senior the standard daily rate is in different units:

  • 0.8 mg;
  • 800 mkg;
  • 2667 ME.

Learn, than also hypovitaminosis is dangerous gipervitaminoz.

For children

Up to 3 years:

  • 0.3 mg;
  • 300 mkg;
  • 1000 ME.

From 3 to 7 years:

  • 0.4 mg;
  • 400 mkg;
  • 1333 ME.

Of 7 years:

  • 0.6 mg;
  • 600 mkg;
  • 2000 ME.

For pregnant women

For future mothers the amount of the consumed vitamin has to be:

  • 0.2-0.8 mg;
  • 200-800 mkg;
  • 667-2667 ME.

Important! Before use of any vitamins during pregnancy the consultation of the doctor is necessary!

Also the quantity can differ depending on a diet to which future mother adheres.

For nursing mothers

For the feeding mothers the necessary quantity is:

  • 0.4 — 1, 2 mg;
  • 400 — 1200 mkg;
  • 1333 — 4000 ME.

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Advantage of vitamin A at pregnancy and a lactation

First of all, vitamin influences formation of a fruit and all its internal systems and especially the child's eye. Also during pregnancy the immunity sharply decreases therefore this element is necessary to increase protective forces of an organism and to secure itself against various viral and infectious diseases.

The element helps pregnant women easier to transfer such physiological processes:

  • strong load of immunity;
  • large number of formation of new cages;
  • restoration of an organism after the delivery;
  • big power consumption.

During pregnancy very often women are concerned by change of their appearance (deterioration in a condition of skin, a hair and other). Vitamin A will help to keep health and to improve a type of nails, hair and skin during this period.

Deficiency: what it is fraught with, signs

The deficiency phenomenon of vitamin A is called hypovitaminosis And. It can appear from behind 2 reasons:

  1. Insufficient quantity of the products containing vitamin in a diet of the person.
  2. Digestive tract problems which do not allow an element to be acquired by an organism correctly.

Long hypovitaminosis can lead to violation of work of all systems of an organism as this element to be practically in all body. First of all eyes are affected: there can be conjunctivitis, a night blindness, sharp deterioration in sight.

Whether you know? In Ancient Greece though did not know about vitamins, but were able to treat for avitaminosis. For example, from a night blindness attributed there is a liver.

The lack of vitamin affects also immunity in general that results in inability of an organism to struggle with infections. From an integument rashes can be observed.

Signs of deficiency are:

  • apathy and constant fatigue;
  • night blindness;
  • dryness and rashes on skin;
  • formation of dandruff;
  • sharp decrease in immunity.

In general it is possible to allocate three stages:

  • the first is characterized by malfunctions of work of some bodies and decrease in a tone in general;
  • the second — the diseases connected with violation of work of immunity;
  • the third — serious diseases and violations in work of an organism.

Whether there can be a surplus

As well as shortage, there is also a surplus vitamin A, it is called gipervitaminoz And.

Important! The overdose by vitamin A can happen only in case of excess of norm by 100 times.

Signs of this problem are:

  • dryness and peeling of skin;
  • hair loss;
  • fragility of nails;
  • dryness of a mucous membrane of lips;
  • severe headache;
  • itch and the enhanced perspiration
  • drowsiness and fatigue;
  • belly-aches and in joints.

Especially dangerous gipervitaminoz is for the smoking people, pregnant women having diabetes, a renal failure, hepatitis, accepting anticoagulants.

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Top-10 products

To respect the rules it is necessary to know in what products and in what quantity it to be.

Cod-liver oil from cod liver

Cod-liver oil from cod liver is considered one of the strongest regulators of level of various vitamins B an organism. Cod-liver oil looks as light yellow, or transparent liquid. In 1 gram there are from 350 to 1000 ME of Retinolum. In drugstore it is possible to buy the cod-liver oil enriched artificially and other vitamins.

Beef liver

The main vitamin B of beef liver is And, leads the uses of this offal to improvement of sight, a condition of skin, teeth, hair and increase in immunity. 100 grams of a product contain 8.2 mg of Retinolum, or 27333.31 ME. Also there a large number of others vitamin, acids and minerals contains.


All know that carrots are useful to sight, it is explained by large amount of Retinolum in structure. Is it it is possible both in crude, and in the prepared look, in salad, or other dish. 100 grams of carrots contain 0.018 mg, or 60 ME Retinolums.

Red mountain ash

Because of specific taste the red mountain ash is seldom used in an orphaned look, but jam, or addition in other dishes is rather widespread. As this berry has a huge number of various elements necessary for an organism. 100 grams of a red mountain ash contain 9 mg, or 29999.97 ME.


The eel is considered one of delicious products, in addition, it includes such useful elements as folic acid, calcium, magnesium and Retinolum: 1043 mkg, or 3476.66 ME are the share of 100 grams of a product.

Egg powder and yolk of egg

Egg powder is the dried-up weight from egg yolk and white together, is most often applied as replacement of eggs as powder is stored much longer. On 100 grams of a product the content of Retinolum is 950 mkg, or 3166.66 ME. The egg yolk on 100 grams contains 0.89 mg, or 2966.66 ME vitamins.

Greens (parsley, celery, fennel, spinach)

Besides that greens always serve as decoration of any dish, it has also a set of useful properties. For example, improves a condition of skin, cleans an organism from toxins and increases immunity. Among useful vitamins B structure of various greens there is also Retinolum:

  • parsley — 0.95 mg = 3166.66 ME;
  • celery — 750 mkg = 2500.00 ME;
  • fennel — 750 mkg = 2500.00 ME;
  • spinach — 750 mkg = 2500.00 ME.

Dried apricots

Dried apricots helps at treatment of diseases of digestive tract, improves sight, struggles with cardiovascular diseases. 583 mkg = 1943.33 ME Retinolums are the share of 100 grams of dried apricots.

Granular caviar (black, red)

Besides that caviar is a favourite delicacy for holidays for many people, it is rich various micro and macrocells and also vitamins among which and Retinolum. 0.15 mg = 500.00 ME are the share of 100 grams of red caviar (approximately the same quantity and in black caviar).


In the raw the dogrose is not used, most often do decoction of it, or

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