All about saturated fatty acids

All about saturated fatty acids

any product in shop, we look at its caloric content and also nutritional value which is by proteins, fats, carbohydrates. At the same time the few know that there are several types of fats which differ in usefulness and also functionality. Today we will tell you about saturated fatty acids, we learn, than they are useful and harmful and also we will specify products in which they contain. Besides, we will find out whether it is worth excluding these connections from a diet.

General characteristic and role

Let's begin with discussion of what role of saturated fatty acids and what is it.

It is important to know value and a role of minerals in a human body.

Saturated fatty acids are acids which are oversaturated by carbon. The more these acids in a product, the higher it melting temperature. That is fats which keep a form at the room temperature contain more saturated acids, than in those which turn into liquid state at a positive (room) temperature.

That it was simpler to understand that saturated acids represent, it is necessary to pay attention to products in which there is a lot of fat. Let's take for comparison creamy and sunflower oil. And that, and other product have a large amount of fat in structure, however the vegetable option is in liquid state, and butter keeps a form, remaining rather firm even at a temperature above +20 °C due to availability of saturated fatty acids.

Important! There are three main types of saturated acids: palmitic, stearin, and miristinovy.

The main role of these connections — providing an organism with energy. It is no secret that fats have high caloric content, and so, fatty acids, in the course of digestion, give to an organism a lot of energy. Also acids are used in the course of construction of cell membranes, participate in synthesis of hormones and help to transport vitamins and various minerals.

As you can see, saturated acids are multipurpose, however about whether they are necessary to us in a large number, we will talk further.

Influence on the person

Any product can become poison, however and the shortage of any given substances which we have to receive together with food can negatively affect functioning of an organism therefore further we will talk about advantage and harm of saturated fatty acids.


Above we said that the main task of saturated fats is to give you a lot of energy therefore the lack of saturated acids of food reduces food caloric content, respectively, the organism will lack energy for performance of any given tasks.

But even if you will close gap carbohydrates and proteins, then all the same will not be able to satisfy all requirements of an organism as these acids are necessary for it for production of hormones. Respectively, in the absence of fats, failures on a hormonal background will begin that will pour out in various deviations and diseases. Also you should not forget that acids participate in construction of cages, that is if them arrives too little, then problems at the cellular level will begin. New cages will be formed more slowly that literally can cause the accelerated aging.

Learn what vitamins are necessary for growth of children, a male body, to women at a climax, for pregnant women, the feeding mothers.

It turns out that saturated acids on an equal basis with proteins are necessary for us for normal regeneration and replacement of old cages by new.

Whether you know? Fats enhance taste and aroma of products therefore the majority of fragrances and amplifiers of taste are made on the basis of fats.


Harm is that these high-calorific connections, being unused, begin to be postponed in an organism in the form of a fat layer. It not only increases the total weight, but also has negative effect on functioning of bodies and the systems of bodies.

All heard about such substance as cholesterol. And so, consumption of a large amount of saturated fats increases cholesterol level in blood that threatens with cardiovascular diseases and also increase in sugar in blood (diabetes). As a result abuse of products which contain the discussed connections comes to an end for many people with a heart attack or a stroke.

Important! The problem with cholesterol arises for the reason that its most part is developed in our organism therefore the increased receipt of this connection and does the strongest harm.

Standard daily rate

Considering the aforesaid, many have a question — how many these acids are necessary for our organism to cover norms, without having caused at the same time negative consequences.

Let's begin with that how many it is possible to eat fat (any) in day. The norm is calculated on the basis of your weight. To satisfy requirements of an organism, it is necessary to consume daily 1 g of fat on kilogram of weight. That is if you weigh 70 kg, then in day your needs for fats make 70 g.

It is important know what can will turn back gipervitaminoz and whether it is worth being afraid of avitaminosis.

It is important to understand that we speak not about 70 g of fat and butter now, namely about refined fat. It means that we need to look at nutritional value to understand how many grams of refined fat contain in any given product.

Now as for saturated acids. Saturated fatty acids have to make about 7-8% of the caloric content of a day diet. The daily need for calories of the ordinary person who is not involved on hard physical or mental work makes 2-2.5 thousand kcal. It turns out that saturated fats have to deliver to our organism no more than 160-200 kcal. Considering the high caloric content of these connections, in day it is necessary to consume no more than 30-50 grams of saturated fats.

Whether you know? The majority of internals is covered with a fat layer. It is necessary to protect them from various poisons and also to save it from mechanical damages.

About surpluses and shortcomings

Further we will talk about what can occur at shortage or a surplus of the discussed connections. Also we will tell about how on the basis of symptoms to reveal a problem with saturated fats in a diet.


Let's begin with symptoms which indicate a surplus of saturated acids in an organism:

  • diabetes;
  • obesity;
  • atherosclerosis (chronic disease which is characteristic adjournment of cholesterol on walls of vessels);
  • violation of a warm rhythm;
  • increase in pressure;
  • formation of stones in kidneys and also in a bladder.

The reason as you could guess, abuse of products which contain huge amount of saturated fats is, however It is necessary to tell also that external factors can also affect admissible norm of saturated acids.

If you by the nature an endomorph (are inclined to formation of excessive body weight), then you have to use the minimum quantity of the discussed connections, otherwise your body weight will begin to grow in an expedited manner to what various problems connected with a surplus of fats will increase.

Learn for what such vitamins as selenium, methionine, bioflavonoids, lipoic acid, fillokhinon, cholecalciferol, pangamovy acid, metoksantin, orotovy acid, cyanocobalamine, a left carnitine are necessary.

Also It should be noted that people who have problems with concentration of cholesterol in blood should exclude almost completely receipt of these connections in an organism, otherwise your state will strongly worsen. In this case your organism will not suffer from the shortage of saturated acids as your stocks quite are enough for normal functioning of an organism.

It is worth paying attention to a kind of activity. If you spend much time in a sitting position, and at the same time your physical and intellectual activity are reduced, then you need to reduce amount of the consumed fats as the organism does not spend them to destination, therefore, there is an adjournment of the remains owing to what you recover. However it does not concern those people who are busy with hard mental work as hard work of a brain and nervous system demand a large amount of energy.

Important! Your organism needs less calories and fats in warm season and, respectively, in more winter and in the early spring as costs of maintenance of normal body temperature increase.

Now as for consequences of a surplus of saturated fats. Above we described symptoms which indicate abuse of these connections. These symptoms worsen quality of life, reduce its duration and also have negative effect on a reproductive system. It should be noted that saturated fats are dangerous not only the fact that they cause certain diseases, but also the fact that they injure those bodies which are involved in processing of saturated acids (a stomach, intestines, a liver, a pancreas).

As a result it turns out that to above-mentioned sores and deviations problems with a GIT are added on: it increases chance of emergence of cancer cells as fabrics of these bodies constantly are exposed to negative impact from free radicals — connections which appear when processing fats.

It is possible to draw a conclusion that excess weight and heart troubles is only an iceberg top, and its an underwater part will be shown with age when there are additional deviations and diseases.


It would seem, the shortage of fats has to make your figure slim, reduce cholesterol level in blood and also reduce amount of slags. However not everything is so simple, above we wrote that saturated fatty acids are necessary to us, though in small quantity.

Symptoms of a lack of connections:

  • infertility;
  • deterioration in a condition of nails, hair and also skin;
  • decrease in body weight is lower than rate (dystrophy);
  • problems with nervous system;
  • problems with production of hormones.

The reason of shortage of saturated acids, besides absence in a diet of products which are rich with these connections the following external factors or diseases are:

  • presence of gastritis and also stomach ulcer and duodenum;
  • stones in a liver and a gall bladder;
  • strong physical or intellectual activities;
  • organism exhaustion;
  • pregnancy and also feeding period breast;
  • accommodation in northern regions;
  • presence of pulmonary diseases (tuberculosis, bronchitis, pneumonia).

Consequences of shortage of saturated acids are rather notable. The lack of these connections most strongly harms the working people and also students. The problem is that you begin to be tired quickly against the background of what aggression and annoyance appears. You have problems not only with memory, but also with eyes because of what the visual acuity decreases, and at long use of eyes in the course of work, there is an unpleasant feeling of an overstrain of eyes and also dryness mucous body. You cannot concentrate on work performance as after meal you feel drowsiness and breakdown.

It is important to know norm, value and a role of vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, E, D, N, K, PP, U in a human body.

Separately It is necessary to tell that the shortage of saturated fats leads to obesity. Yes, it is kind of strange sounded, but if you want to lose weight, then you should cover norm of these connections, otherwise your organism will begin to accumulate energy in the form of fat deposits as will begin to think that you are in adverse conditions.

It is possible to draw a conclusion that the shortage of fats will not allow you to work or study normally, and deterioration in a condition of hair, nails and skin will force you to be nervous even stronger. As a result there will be a nervous breakdown therefore you will not be able to carry out objectives and also the chance to be depressed will increase.

Products sources

Now It is necessary to tell about where saturated fats and also in what quantity, that it was possible to create an optimum food allowance which will contain norm of the discussed connections contain.

Animal products (100 g):

  • butter — 52 g;
  • lard (not bacon) — 39 g;
  • beef fat — 30 g;
  • salmon — 20 g;
  • hard cheeses — 19 g;
  • duck meat — 15.5 g;
  • freshwater fish — 15 g;
  • processed cheese — 13 g;
  • sour cream — 12 g.

Vegetable products:

  • coconut oil — 52 g;
  • palm oil — 39.5 g;
  • olive oil — 14.7 g.

It is worth understanding that we specified products which contain a powerful share of saturated fatty acids, however many vegetable and animal products also contain these connections, but in much smaller quantity.

About interaction with other elements

At the beginning of article we wrote about what saturated acids are necessary for us for. On the basis of it there is an interaction of these connections with other substances in our organism.

It is important to know norm, value and a role of minerals in a human body: calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iodine, selenium, chrome.

Saturated fats interact with oil-soluble vitamins which after interaction with these connections can be transported in an organism. A and D belong to such vitamins. It turns out that in the absence of fats the digestion of these vitamins and also many others, is impossible.

Saturated acids interact with antioxidants, such as lycopene and beta carotene therefore they can not only be acquired by our organism, but also be transported in it.

Whether you know? At the shortage of moisture the organism begins to make it from fats. So, from 100 g of fat 107 g of water are allocated therefore stout persons can longer do without water in stressful conditions.

Now you know what is saturated fats, than they are dangerous and useful and also are informed of the list of products as a part of which a large number of these connections contains. It is important to remember that the need for saturated fats is not a constant throughout life therefore important it is not simple to consume a certain norm, but also to change it depending on a way of life and loadings. Remember that the refusal of fats has negative effect on working capacity and also on a reproductive system.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team