Aloe: from what helps also that treats how to use in the medical and cosmetic purposes

Aloe: from what helps also that treats how to use in the medical and cosmetic purposes

The aloe can be met at many people in a pot on a window sill. All know that this plant well heals wounds, but do not know all useful properties and application as medicine.

For a start we learn, than the aloe belief differs from an aloe and as it is correct to use them in traditional medicine and cosmetology.

In the nature aloe there is more than 400 grades. The aloe as a house flower most often meets at us. This treelike plant and leaves on it are located along a column.

The aloe belief differs from an aloe in appearance, it has no trunk, and leaves are located in the form of the socket. Leaves rather thick and covered with thorns of the small size. The form of leaves below wide, up becomes already and comes to an end with an acute angle. In leaves a lot of moisture remains, the plant is from the hot African desert.

Important! Plants an aloe and an aloe belief differ not only externally, but also medicinal properties, it is necessary to apply them differently.

A rich set of vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, minerals, antioxidants, mono - and polysaccharides which contains in an aloe, can have positive effect on all human body.

The green doctor contains a number of valuable vitamins: And, E, C, B1, B2, B6, B9, B12.

At leaves there are minerals: calcium, potassium, copper, selenium, sodium, chrome. Generally, the aloe contains more than 200 nutrients.

Thanks to such chemical composition, the plant possesses anti-virus, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobic properties.

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The belief and aloe belong to an aloe to one sort, but medicinal properties at them differ. It is necessary to know accurately what plant to apply at a specific problem not to do much harm to health. The aloe is used as medicine for external application. It perfectly heals wounds, cuts and scratches. Copes with skin shortcomings, pimples, saves from wrinkles.

With its help it is possible to strengthen hair and to make them brilliant, will get rid of dandruff. Its main distinctive feature is stimulation of growth of cages which perfectly helps when healing wounds.

Important! The aloe is categorically contraindicated at cancer diseases as it stimulates growth of all cages and cancer, including.

The aloe belief is used for intake and influences internals of the person. Its juice helps to lower sugar level in blood, improves work of digestive system, heart, urinary system, kills pain at arthritises.

The aloe — a plant unpretentious, does not demand a special care, managed to win popularity and will lodge in many houses worldwide. There is a huge number of recipes of traditional medicine from different diseases on its basis.

The green doctor helps at inflammatory, viral diseases of ENT organs and eyes, at problems with a digestive tract, intestines, and still perfectly copes with heartburn, inflammations of gums, a toothache and joint pain.

Recipes of treatment of skin diseases and wounds on the basis of curative properties of an aloe are the most known and popular.

Learn what can be made at cold, heartburn, a lock, warts, joint pains, a toothache, diseases of eyes.

The aloe and aloe belief help to cure cold. Fresh juice for burying a nose is used: it is necessary to take a small piece of a leaflet and to squeeze out from it juice in each nostril on 2-3 drops. The procedure it is possible to carry out 3 times a day, but not longer than week.

To the people inclined to an allergy, it is necessary to use with care and to dilute juice with water.

Fresh juice is used for rinsing of a throat at a tonsillitis, pharyngitis and laryngitis. Solution for rinsing is prepared from juice of an aloe and water in a proportion 1:10.

Also cook medicine for internal application from warm milk (100 ml) and a juice teaspoon, it is desirable to drink to food. It is possible to repeat the procedure 3 times a day, but it is necessary to remember that juice has laxative action and stimulates work of intestines.

Applying of a piece of a fresh leaf of an aloe to the inflamed gums perfectly kills pain, disinfects and kills harmful bacteria, microbes and fungi. Well rinsing by fresh juice twice a day removes inflammation of gums.

The juice divorced in warm boiled water in the ratio 1:10 saves from inflammatory processes of eyes. Do lotions of the prepared solution. To get rid of conjunctivitis, it is enough to wash in morning and in the evening eyes with fresh juice of an aloe.

Perfectly aloe juice copes with heartburn. It is necessary to part 1 teaspoon of juice in 200 ml of water and to drink this liquid.

Juice improves work of intestines and saves from a lock. For preparation of medicine crush 150 g of a plant and fill in with boiled water (300 ml), insist 24 hours, then filter. It is possible to accept 10 ml three times pass for an hour to food.

Will not make big work to prepare effective sciatica medicine. It is enough to take 3 tablespoons of honey and as much aloe juice, to fill in 1/3 glasses of boiled water and to cook 5 minutes on a water bath. To cool a little, warm means to rub in a sore point and to wrap up with a warm plaid. It is desirable to do the procedure for the night two times a week for a month.

The aloe is very effective medicine for healing of wounds and ulcers. He shows bactericidal, antifungal and anti-inflammatory action, stimulates growth of cages and healing of problem sites of skin. Well affect healing of wounds and ulcers of a lotion from the prepared solution of juice of an aloe and water in the ratio 1:10.

Compresses for the night with use of an aloe will help to remove warts. At first it is necessary to part a soda teaspoon in 200 ml of water, to moisten a cotton tampon in solution and to put to a wart.

In a few minutes to put pulp of a fresh leaf to a wart, to make a bandage and to leave till the morning. It is necessary to repeat the procedure of 10 nights in a row and the wart will disappear.

Mix of fresh juice of an aloe (70 ml) with honey (100 g) improves potency. Carefully to mix ingredients and in 3 hours it is possible to use. It is necessary to accept three times a day according to 1 h to a spoon.

Whether you know? The aloe survives in extreme conditions of the desert and is capable to live several days even if to pull out it with roots.

In cosmetology unique abilities of an aloe to influence skin are often used. Its bactericidal and regenerating properties heal, remove inflammations, calm, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin.

Fresh juice of a plant is the effective antifungal remedy helping to eliminate dandruff and to cure the skin diseases caused by fungi.

The aloe will save from skin problems in the form of eels and rashes, will accelerate process of restoration of the damaged sites.

In house cosmetology a specific place is held by a camomile, beet, a nettle, a plantain, a lyubistok, a calendula, a celandine, ginger, rosemary.

Masks from an aloe promote rejuvenation of face skin. After application of masks the healthy skin color, elasticity and smartness will appear.

Juice of a plant will cope with problem skin, will save from pimples. It is easy to prepare masks and lotions for face care independently, by efficiency they do not concede purchased from the known cosmetology brands.

Masks do skin tightened and cope with the deepest wrinkles. The set of useful elements and vitamins nourish skin, do much more already a time and heal wounds. It is very simple to prepare a mask: it is enough to squeeze out juice from a fresh leaf and to put on a face. In 15-20 minutes it is possible to apply nutritious cream, it is not necessary to wash away juice.

Perfectly calms sensitive skin and the mask from aloe juice with addition of egg white removes irritations. It is necessary to mix fresh juice with protein in a proportion 2:1 and it is good to shake up. To apply to skin for 20 minutes and to wash away warm water.

House means from juice of an aloe, an egg yolk and olive oil will help to moisturize the skin, inclined to dryness. It is necessary to take olive oil, an aloe (on 1 tablespoon) and one egg yolk, everything carefully to mix to a uniform state. It is possible to put means on a face, and in 20 minutes to wash away warm water.

The withering skin will be saved by a mask from mix of an aloe and medicative herbs. It is necessary to mix 3 tablespoons of juice of an aloe with previously crushed herbs: a camomile, a St. John's wort (on 2 tablespoons), flowers of a linden, a rose (on 1 tablespoon) and a peppermint (1 h a spoon). To apply to face skin and in 20 minutes to wash away warm water.

From pimples aloe tincture perfectly helps. For its preparation it is necessary to mix two parts of alcohol with one part of juice of an aloe and to insist 10 days in the dark place. Ready means to wipe problem sites of skin.

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Hair the aloe influences also positively, as well as skin. Masks from this curative plant strengthen hair, feed, do volume and brilliant. Also save from such unpleasant problem as dandruff, removing the cause. Means for hair care just are preparing and do not demand monetary expenses.

Means from juice of an aloe, honey, garlic, an egg yolk strengthens roots of hair. It is necessary to take on 1 tablespoon of all components and to stir them in homogeneous mass. Then to apply clean moist hair on roots, beginning from roots, in half an hour it is possible to wash away warm water.

The best hair loss and dandruff medicine is drawing on aloe juice roots for two weeks.

Will make a hair especially voluminous and it is dazzling shining means from aloe juice with addition of a lemon and honey. It is necessary to warm up fresh juice of a half of a lemon, honey (3 h a spoon) and 50 ml of fresh juice of an aloe on a water bath. To rub in head skin and on all length of hair, to put on a rubber cap. In 40 minutes to rinse hair not with really hot water.

Whether you know? Contains in an aloe as much minerals how many is in blood of the person.

Except the medicinal properties the aloe can cause allergic reactions and in certain cases do harm to an organism. It is impossible to apply:

  • having oncological diseases;
  • to pregnant women and the feeding women;
  • to allergic persons;
  • to people with sharp diseases of kidneys, heart and digestive tract;
  • to children and elderly people.

The wrong reception of an aloe can cause a by-effect — indigestion. It is recommended to consult with the doctor before drug intake on the basis of an aloe (especially internal reception). It is necessary to adhere to the recommended doses, then by-effects will not arise.

The unpretentious house plant can help with treatment of different diseases and solve a set of cosmetology problems. House skin and hair care products can be much more effective than expensive ready means from drugstore or shops of cosmetics.

The main thing is to be able correctly to use curative properties of an aloe, not to abuse it. Always it is necessary to remember that in the green doctor the huge amount of chemicals and vitamins is concentrated. Do not forget that the aloe is used for external application, and an aloe belief for internal.

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