Antritis or cold?

Antritis or cold?

the spring very often people catch a cold. In the investigation cold, the increased temperature, cough. But happens that cold very long does not pass. In this case, it is necessary to prick up the ears. It can be antritis. And the campaign to the doctor is already necessary if:

  1. Allocations from a nose, dense, at the same time, yellow or even green color.
  2. At a ducking or tension of the person – pain amplifies in gaymorovy bosoms.
  3. The head or teeth hurts.
  4. Cold does not pass after a week.
  5. High temperature.
  6. Visual impairment, eye pain.

For this purpose to facilitate the state at such symptoms to a campaign to the doctor it is necessary:

To use a large amount of liquid. It dilutes a phlegm.

To do inhalations.

To refuse addictions: smoking, alcohol. They irritate mucous the nasal courses.

If symptoms do not pass, then it is necessary will see a doctor for survey. Except above the listed symptoms, there can be also others because of which bosom gaymorova inflamed, and you had no cold for a long time. For an example it can be infection through blood.

Very often antritis can arise because of dental problems. Inflammation can be even because of bad teeth in more true jaw. In that case, it is necessary to address also the stomatologist. You can not suspect appearance of antritis even. It develops very slowly.

Antritis hazardous to health. There can be complications from outside: hearts, kidneys, liver. And through a lymphatic barrier directly in blood the bacterial infection can break. Also, this infection can cause pneumonia, because of its distribution on airways.

At the same time, antritis can cause terrible intra cranial complications – it can be brain abscess, meningitis, thrombophlebitis of the upper and cavernous bosoms or obstruction of blood vessels. And also, appearance of emphysema of a cheek or eye-socket. It happens because of air from the syringe which gets into eye-sockets or soft tissues of a cheek.

Doctors consider the most convenient and available way of diagnostics X-ray. Also, diagnose by means of a difanoskopiya.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team