Application and consumption of sweetener

Application and consumption of sweetener

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It is proved that sugar, getting into a human body, starts the mechanism of production of serotonin, one of happiness hormones. That is why all people love sweet. Not it this excess — sweets. These are important emotional products. But sucrose does not suit some people on medical indications, and then instead of it use fructose. What is fruit sugar in what its advantage and harm — a subject of our article.

Caloric content

Fructose is the natural deputy of sucrose which can be used in pure form or as a part of food, various dishes and drinks. It is present at all fruit, berries, some vegetables and is the main component of honey — on average 40% of the general chemical composition.

Whether you know? Dates, the most powerful carriers of fruit sugar (32%), are mentioned in the Quran of 20 times and are considered as one of favourite products of the prophet Mahomed.

Fructose for 100% almost consists of carbohydrates, and it caused its high caloric content equal to 399 kcal / 100 — same, as well as at sugar. However caloric content caloric content — discord. However about everything one after another.

Difference of fructose and sugar

To understand a difference between fruit and traditional sugar, we will consider them in terms of chemistry.

Fructose is a monosaccharide which on the building is much simpler than sucrose and is its part together with glucose.

Fructose is a part of dyagilevy honey, bee pollen, a barberry, honey from sunflower, a bee perga, white honey.

Thanks to it it is quicker acquired by an organism, but that it is even more important — it is soaked up in blood without insulin mediation. At the identical caloric content of sugar and fructose the last is almost twice more sweet, i.e. it it is required less for achievement of the necessary flavoring effect. Therefore confectionery dishes with its application become less high-calorie.

However when there is a need for a source of fast energy, for example, at athletes right after increased loads, fructose cannot replace glucose which contains in sucrose.

However, the organism needs sugar, and is more right in the glucose which is its part not only after physical activities, but also intellectual, and even than emotional.

Important! Fructose is processed only by a liver — all 100% while the glucose which is contained in sugar, only 20% — other 80% at once feed cages. This property of metabolism of fruit sugar makes it similar on risks to alcohol: dependence, gradual increase in a dose, blow to a liver, etc. Certainly, it is about excessive hobby for this monosaccharide.


Because of the high sweet and simplicity of the chemical building fruit sugar is applied in production of confectionery, organic syrups, fruit and energy drinks and also bakery products to the people adhering to certain medical diets about which we will talk a bit later.

However, similar products are useful also to healthy people. Besides, fruit sucrose is widely used in production of pharmaceutical medicines.

Useful properties

Fructose does not activate hormones which start the mechanism of production of insulin, and does not increase glucose content in blood.

Lecithin, vitamin H, phenylalanine and also use of wheat germ oil, ekhinatsea purple help with production of insulin.

And still it, unlike glucose, does not destroy tooth enamel. Thanks to these biochemical properties, fruit sugar is useful to a human body.

Whether you know? Among vegetables a champion in production of hormone of happiness is the white cabbage. It contains 1.5% of fructose.

Application of fruit sugar is especially relevant for the people having diabetes, obesity and also for future mothers and children.

At diabetes

The most important property of fructose is that it is soaked up in blood without mediation of insulin and does not influence glucose level in blood. It means that it is harmless to diabetics.

At diabetes recommend to use a cornel, a thistle, pear juice, a barberry, an immortelle sandy, cherry, a magnolia vine Chinese.

For this reason fruit sugar is added to the confectionery and bakery products entering a medical diet of patients with diabetes. Also it is used as the deputy of sugar at consumption of tea and other drinks.

At weight loss

That fructose is more sweet than sucrose and therefore it it is required less for achievement of the necessary flavoring effect, this natural sweetener is recommended as well to the people who are suffering from obesity, or simply losing body weight to anthropometrical norm.

To the people suffering from obesity also recommend to use pumpkin, parsley, oat milk, dried apricots, an asparagus, a sea cabbage.

Decrease in consumption of calories in this case is obvious. So, for example, if sugar in tea put three spoons, then fructose — only one.

Whether you know? If for pastries to use fructose, then temperature of baking can be reduced and also to reduce time of formation of a ruddy crust. At the same time bakery products become more magnificent and longer keep freshness.

And still sweet teeth need to remember the high caloric content of fructose (it same, as well as at sucrose) and to limit itself in favourite delicacies.

For pregnant women

Scientists made an experiment on pregnant rats, having added to their food fruit sugar, so that the day caloric content of their diet increased by 20%. When the posterity was born, found out that girls in blood have an increased leptin content while boys had blood normal.

Thus, consumption of fruit sugar by the pregnant woman can lead to the fact that her daughter in blood can have a surplus of leptin, and it is a factor of development of diabetes of the II type.

However here it is about the pure fructose emitted from products and besides about its significant amounts. Products: berries and fruit — need to be included in a diet of future mother.

However, there are conditions of the pregnant woman when fruit sugar is really shown her. It is about early and late toxicoses.

Important! Fructose to pregnant women, as well as any other medicine, it is possible to use only appointed by the obstetrician-gynecologist. Independently it is not recommended to be used.

For children

The myth that fruit sugar is useful to children settled. Yes, it is a natural monosaccharide, and it does not influence glucose level in blood, but its large number can increase the content of uric acid in the child's organism.

The product sold in shops is the clean high-concentrated monosaccharide which has harmful properties, and we will talk about them below too.

Observations of pediatricians showed that the teenagers abusing fruit sugar are in risk group of cardiovascular and hormonal diseases and also obesity. Therefore experts warn against the use of fructose at children's age.

Harm and contraindications

At all the useful properties fruit sugar can do also harm to a human body. Here it is necessary to remember that this monosaccharide is processed only by a liver, turning into fatty acids which can be laid in fats.

In other words, there is a threat of obesity of a liver and insulin resistance, that is weakening of reaction of an organism to insulin which leads to its increased contents in an organism, i.e. to violation of hormonal balance.

The great nettle, peppermint, sesame oil, fenugreek, linseed oil help with regulation of hormonal balance.

Researches of the Israeli nutritionists showed that abuse of fructose can lead to fast aging. Excessive hobby for fructose can change lipidic composition of blood and lead to the central obesity.

Full replacement of sugar in a diet with its fruit substitute can cause accustoming by the principle of alcoholism that will also do harm to an organism.

As fructose does not contain glucose, the organism does not receive due amount of energy, it can cause diseases of an endocrine system and again break hormonal balance — in this case balance between insulin and leptin.

Also there is a risk of development of cardiovascular diseases.

Contraindications to use of fructose in pure form:


Fructose has to be stored in the dry, dark place inaccessible for children, at a temperature of +10...+30 °C. At observance of storage conditions of its property remain within 3 years.

The father of pharmacology, the famous Swiss philosopher and the doctor Paracelsus, said: Everything is poison, and nothing is deprived of virulence; only one dose does poison imperceptible. You remember these words when decide to use fructose, however, as well as any other product.

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