As B4 vitamin affects human health

As B4 vitamin affects human health

Work of our cages is impossible without is well-cared, or better known B4 vitamin. It is in many products therefore we do not even think that there can be a shortage. But sometimes its stocks in an organism need to be filled up why and what cases — we will understand.

Description and general characteristic

From Greek it is well-cared it is translated as bile (exactly from there he was brought for the first time). This vitaminopodobny substance which plays a large role in development and normal functioning of our organism. Fabrics and cages arise and develop with its help.

It supplements lecithin which directly participates in work of cages. It can go as a part of nutritional supplement where it is easy to recognize it by name E1001.

The main functions and advantage for an organism

It is well-cared — irreplaceable substance for a human brain, it is its constant protection. So far experiments were made only on animals, but it is already possible to claim that those who receive are well-cared in mother's womb, have not just more high intelligence, but excellent memory and also are more capable to training.

That is it is well-cared not just participates in the building and development of a brain since the beginning of development of a fruit, but also protects principal organ all life. It is also known that it is well-cared improves memory of elderly people.

Study advantage of A, V2, V6, V15, S, D, D3, E, F, N, R, RR, U, H, Q vitamins, for a human body.

Holin promotes good work of neurons that excludes problems with nervous system. In addition, he reduces emission by an organism of a gomotsistein which in a large number can provoke strokes and heart attacks.

Also B4 performs such functions:

  • regulates and if necessary accelerates metabolism;
  • improves work of intestines, liver, kidneys;
  • slows down aging of an organism;
  • regulates insulin level;
  • participates in neutralization of toxins;
  • reduces the level of cholesterol and fatty acids;
  • protects heart;
  • it is important for a reproductive system.

Important! Severe stresses lead to the fact that it is well-cared quicker is spent by an organism for cell regeneration therefore at such moments it is necessary to accept substance more.

Vitamin sources

The nature took care that is well-cared we received with products which anyway happen on our tables. Nevertheless it is important to understand where most of all contains vitamin and that it will be more effective at shortage than it in an organism.

Whether you know? The passed vitamins from letter E to To were wrong discoveries or subgroups of vitamin B.


Products of plant origin are obligatory in a diet of each person. It is possible to distinguish from them such in which there is B4 — germinated rice and wheat, green peas, soy, lentil, peanut, porridge, a yachka, potatoes, cabbage and spinach. Most of all it in wheat — 403 mg on 100 g.


The real well of B4 vitamin in eggs, namely in a yolk — on 100 g of a product drops out 1480 mg is well-cared. And it in 70 times more, than in spinach. Also the beluga, a pike, a turkey, beef, pork, fat are rich with it.

Daily requirement and norm

This vitamin is formed at us in an organism in the natural way from methionine amino acid, but it is not enough. Therefore we have to provide its hit to us through products.

Important! The threshold which cannot be exceeded is 1000-2000 mg a day to children up to 14 years and 3500 mg that who is more senior.

If we speak about the healthy and balanced nutrition, then you should not add separately this vitamin, it will be enough. But if the deficiency is observed and the doctor advises to begin treatment, main is not to arrange to an organism overdose.


Babies receive vitamins C mother's milk including B4. Also it enters many porridges to start a feeding up from 6 months, mixes which are drunk since the birth. Usually doctors in case of need appoint a dose of 50-70 mg.


From 1 to 3 years are enough 90 mg, from 3 to 7 — 100-200 mg, from 7 to 18 — 200-500. The dose is defined by the doctor, after survey and testing. Depends on severity of a disease or a lack of B4.


The adult in day needs 0.5-1 g of this substance. At healthy nutrition the need for vitamin is completely satisfied.

Whether you know? Testosterone level in the man's organism depends on vitamin D. Long stay under beams of ultraviolet raises testosterone.

Pregnant and feeding

This category of people especially has to watch the diet for receipt in an organism of normal amount of useful substances. For this purpose it is necessary to eat eggs and red meat. Also such products will approach: beef liver and meat, salmon, milk, broccoli, peanut butter, wheat germs. Norm in day — 700 mg.

Shortcoming and surplus

It is important to receive daily balance of all vitamins and minerals, then there will be no problems. It is impossible to prescribe himself treatment not to aggravate a situation and not to get new diseases.


The lack of any vitamin can lead to violations of a system of activity of an organism.

We recommend to you to esteem how avitaminosis and hypovitaminosis is shown and also what leads deficiency of vitamins to.

It is characterized by such symptoms:

  • fatigue, irritability, nervousness, insomnia and even depression;
  • bad memory, sclerosis;
  • problems with a liver and kidneys;
  • gastritis;
  • cholesterol surplus;
  • varicosity;
  • the slowed-down growth.


Usually the surplus does not cause severe diseases, however unpleasant symptoms can appear: nausea, perspiration, indigestion.

Interaction with other substances

B4 vitamin is quietly acquired by an organism and in itself, but in a complex with other additives the efficiency is higher. For this purpose such vitamins of group B — B5, B9, B12 will approach. However avoid a mix with B1, they just neutralize work of each other and benefit will not bring. Also there is a number of medicines which can negatively affect digestion of vitamin. These are streptocides, Phenobarbital and Methotrexate.

Important! Nicotine and alcohol slow down, and in certain cases at all prevent assimilation of B4.

During application of oral contraceptives it is also important to increase a dose it is well-cared. If you in an organism do not have B12 and folic acid, then and the dose will be well-cared is catastrophically small.

Dosage forms it is well-cared

There are solutions (ampoules) and droplets and also tablets. Usually it enters a complex of vitamins of group B, but it can be accepted separately. There are such forms of release B4:

  • citrate it is well-cared;
  • chloride it is well-cared;
  • alfostserat it is well-cared.

The structure of citrate is similar to the structure of cellular membranes of a brain that helps to renew missing norm of vitamin quickly. Especially well works at heavy loadings, will suit athletes. Chloride is entered intravenously in the form of solution, there is also an option of the oral use in the form of powder.

Dropper from 1% solution on 30 drops a minute. For once can enter an injection to 300 ml. Alfostserat consists for 40% of metabolic protected is well-cared that is effective at deterioration in functioning of a brain.

Possible harm and contraindications

Contraindications to the use it is well-cared is not present, however as a part of medicines there can be additional substances which are capable to cause allergic reactions. It is worth being convinced that vospomagatelny components are safe for you.

Side effects can be observed in cases when B4 vitamin is not acquired or in a surplus. Then symptoms are observed: heat, nausea and vomiting, pressure decrease, perhaps increased salivation. Feeling sick — already an occasion to descend to the doctor and at least to make blood tests. We often underestimate advantage of vitamins for our organism then we suffer. If for some reason it is impossible to eat properly and fully or at least systematically, then it is worth resupplying important substances by means of medicines.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team