"Avocado oil: than it is useful what apply to how to use

"Avocado oil: than it is useful what apply to how to use

It is unlikely someone will remember now at what moment the South American fruit with the intriguing name "avocado" stopped being such exotic and lodged on counters of all decent supermarkets. We add it to sushi, we know one-two recipes of salad with this ingredient, but actually the field of activity of this of "alligator pear" is up to the end not known to us. Let's try to slightly open a veil more attentively today we will take a closer look at avocado oil — a product unique and universal.

Chemical composition

Avocado oil the structure reminds the portable rejuvenating laboratory. Having slightly opened there a door what we will only not see enough. Here in big glass flasks antioxidants by right take the predominating place. We read inscriptions: here the vitamin E that legendary renewing, rejuvenating an element, having also ability to strengthen immunity. Here it is even more of it, than in olive oil. There is a squalene. In organism integuments he is responsible for oxygen reserves and also has a reputation for the sworn enemy of oncological diseases.

Here on tubes of our laboratory the green stream of the chlorophyll not only giving to oil a pleasant green shade, but also strengthening the cardiovascular, digestive and endocrine systems of an organism runs. Having approached closer, we will see how the green stream carries away various slags from bodies and the systems of our organism, interfering with formation of stones in kidneys.

On shelves in beautiful bottles the vitamin complex of oil of avocado was located: And, With, E, D, B1, B2, B3 and B9. Not without reason still ancient Mexicans began to add it to food and now it is considered one of the best nutritional supplements. By the way, calories in it so many that even meat is not capable to compete with it, and proteins it is more, than in bananas.

Here gradually we also approached a mysterious bubble with a carved lid in which there is a confidential, unique ingredient of our laboratory: lecithin. Though the bubble is also small, concentration of a microcell in it is huge. Doctors claim that lecithin strengthens nerves, counterbalances work of heart and restores cells of a brain. For intake of the oil containing such important element, your nervous system will tell you "thanks".

On the remained shelves we see variegated flasks in which there is both a phosphorus, and calcium, and iron, and amino acids, and iodine, and sodium, and zinc, and manganese.

All structure together with light comprehensibility of a product makes a pressing of avocado fruits the irreplaceable keeper of our health.

Whether you know? Ancient Indians read oil of "alligatorovy pear" for the fact that it strengthens "male power" and considered the best gift to newlyweds.

Useful properties

Certainly, at such structure avocado oil fully realizes for what it was created by the nature and the person got:

  • slows down manifestation of the changes of skin connected with age;
  • strengthens local immunity;
  • carries out prevention of cardiac pathologies (stroke, a heart attack, etc.), atherosclerosis;
  • adjusts digestion work;
  • affects soothingly nervous system, strengthens it;
  • accelerates process of renewal of cells of skin;
  • promotes bigger production of collagen;
  • removes inflammation from an affected area of skin, heals;
  • calms and sates with minerals integuments;
  • does hair by more elastic.

Application in different spheres

Lyrical descriptive part is finished, we pass into the sphere of practical application of oil. All range of recipes and cunnings will not manage to be captured therefore we will talk about the most interesting and useful.

In cookery

If to study traditions of use of natural oil of avocado, then we will find it both in Mediterranean, and in Mexican, and in Spanish kitchens. Without going into subtleties of these kitchens, we will note that we in house conditions can use high-calorie oil for seasoning of vegetable salads, for giving of refined taste to already made vegetable stew, for frying of meat and fish and also as a basis for various sauces.

All charm of a product is that even when heating it does not change the structure and taste therefore it is possible not to worry that oil will give slightly bitter taste. Fried potato, stewed vegetables, stewed fish in a stewpan — everything develops a unique taste and aroma.

Important! Oil of avocado contains 884 kcal, and it cannot be carried to dietary products in any way. Therefore only the moderate use of oil will bring pleasure and benefit.

You can give an unusual note to all to the known Caesar salad if as gas station you mix two tablespoons of our product with juice of a half of a lime, and then will add garlic, a yolk, a teaspoon of mustard and it is a little salt and pepper to taste.

So unique product has surprising good nature with other ingredients that the scope for culinary imaginations leaves. Small secret: in combination with a basil and feta cheese oil of avocado it is especially pleasant to fill paste.

In traditional medicine

Thanks to surprising structure, the pressing of "alligatorovy pear" is widely used in various medical purposes. A striking example — anemia with which the product successfully copes.

As for digestive system then use of oil can be directed to treatment of gastritises, ulcers, hepatitis and cholecystitises, diseases of a gall bladder and even diabetes: three times a day in 30 minutes prior to food accept a tea spoon. A course of treatment — month.

But, despite all huge advantage of this product, the woman most of all love it not for it, and for effective fight against extensions. Pregnant women are recommended to grease after a shower problem zones on a stomach and standing as prevention. Those who already have extensions are not upset, and attentively read the following recipe. It is necessary to take one spoon of our nutritious means, four spoons of almond oil, about seven drops lavender and five drops of tangerine. Carefully to mix all this and several times a week to grease hems. After a while they will become less noticeable, there were cases when disappeared absolutely.

Important! Do not self-medicate! Any supportive applications will not replace drug treatment and consultation of the doctor.

In cosmetology

Moistening, food and rejuvenation — here three main objectives to which all cosmetology industry is directed. The product giving at once all three components could not remain unnoticed. You will see the image of the South American fruit with a characteristic stone on various skin and hair care products: creams, masks, balms, tonics, shampoos, etc. Its strengthening properties are noticed long ago by producers of various liquids for nails, and there avocado oil already occupied the niche.

Use of oil in house cosmetology on the scales is worthy release of the separate brochure. Its regular drawing on face skin stimulates blood circulation, nourishes skin with oxygen, gives it elasticity and a healthy look, fights against emergence of age pigmentary spots.

Hair after masks with a pressing from avocado gain natural gloss, become obedient, split and break less, do not dry up. In general it is possible to forget about dandruff.

Oil of avocado will be suitable for any type of skin, it has fast absorbency, without leaving on a face of a fat film. However owners of sensitive integuments will especially estimate it for the calming and protective effect, it:

  • removes inflammation;
  • liquidates eels;
  • softens the shelled skin;
  • protects from frosty air and wind;
  • blocks negative impact of UV rays.

Application in house cosmetology

Let's dwell upon recipes of house cosmetology, natural oil can be applied safely in pure form, passing industrial jars with creams.

For hair

Oil of avocado can be used both for treatment of the injured hair, and for strengthening of healthy. It is the best of all to smear the injured hair with oil of a cold extraction, and apply it on dirty hair for half an hour before washing, rub massage movements and leave. At the started cases it will be more effective to warm up a product, to smear roots and to leave for the night. To healthy, but dry hair oil can replace the conditioner. It is put for several minutes after washing with shampoo, then carefully washed away warm water.

To accelerate growth of hair, use the recipe of a mask: mix 40 ml of a pressing from avocado, 30 ml of olive oil and add a teaspoon of tincture from red pepper. It is important that ingredients were warmed slightly up. We apply the prepared mix on roots, greasing each hair parting, we drive in with fingertips, doing the additional stimulating massage. We distribute the remains on all length of hair. Then we keep in the warm 15 minutes and we wash away warm water until fat ceases to be felt.

Whether you know? Ancient Egyptians are known for the secrets of beauty and youth. Archeologists still find avocado stones in some tombs that gives the chance to assume — the beauties living still B.C. knew about uniqueness of this fruit.

From dandruff the recipe of a mask on the basis of the oil enriched with air is effective. For example, orange and eucalyptus. Will be enough for 3 tablespoons of the main component on 4 drops of that and another. This mix in a warm look is applied to head skin the massing movements, close the head food wrap and wrapped up with a scarf. In half an hour, mix needs to be washed away.

For a face and lips

For the person the use of oil of avocado in the clean, not refined look is possible — as night cream, for example. If in such a way it is unusual to work, then it is possible to add oil to store cream: 10 drops on 10 g of cream.

As a mask the product is applied to face skin for 40 minutes after time left, it is necessary to blot a face with a napkin. Such mask is necessary once a week for improvement of the general health of skin if there are serious problems, then it is possible to do it daily. The pressing from the South American exotic fruit is perfectly combined with other oils (almond, apricot, peach stones and others) and air.

For giving of elasticity to skin around eyes and also the special mask will be suitable for fight against small wrinkles. We mix on one tablespoon olive and oils of avocado, we add on several drops of air of rosemary, a geranium and a verbena. We drive in mix with fingers under eyes, we leave for half an hour and then the remains promakivay a tissue.

The recipe of a nutritious face pack can be such. One tea spoon of our hero and as much natural yogurt. On the face which is washed up by warm water we apply mix with spatula and we distribute evenly. In 15 minutes by a warm wet towel it is accurately unmasked and again we rinse a face warm water.

Whether you know? The secret of well-fed vegetarians is that they use avocado. There it is more protein, than in any meat product.

The healing effect of oil of avocado does it by irreplaceable means for lip care. At emergence of peeling, small cracks, sores it is necessary to grease daily lips to an absolute recovery. Also the srub prepared from the oil and sugar mixed in equal proportions will be effective. Mass lips several minutes, then rinse with warm water.

For nails

If your daily leaving includes care of a nail plate, then note the simple recipe. Mix on a tablespoon of oil of avocado and almond, add three drops of lemon or camomile air and every day rub the received structure in a nail and a cuticle. Literally in a week you will notice surprising effect — a strong nail and the soft thin skin facilitating manicure.

For massage

The avocado oil enriched with lemon or lavender radio well is suitable for anti-cellulite massage. Literally three droplets on 1 tablespoon, and the received mix massage movements it is regularly necessary to rub in problem zones. Any combination of oils to addition of air which was pleasant to you or without them will become excellent means for massage, will moisturize the skin, will stimulate blood circulation and will accelerate production of collagen.

For suntan

As the pressing from avocado is famous for the fight against ultraviolet, its use on the beach for protection against the aggressive sun, but not for suntan strengthening will be useful. In combination with almond and sesame oil in a proportion 2:3:2 you receive effective sun-protection remedy. Many experts recommend to protect as well hair, during bathing on you there is no headdress. In that case natural avocados need to oil slightly hair without radio additives.

How to choose upon purchase

The most universal and useful not refined natural oil of avocado of a cold extraction is considered. Choose it the same as any product, paying attention to whether there is no deposit, whether not muddy liquid in a bottle. The nut smell and light green color are obligatory factors. If liquid yellowish has also no smell, most likely, offer you the refined oil. It is successfully used in cosmetology and medicine too, but has much smaller useful properties as was exposed to additional processing.

How to store in house conditions

The natural products which are not containing additives and preservatives are not stored long, and in improper conditions can lose the useful properties. Our pressing is stored only in the closed glasswares, after opening the bottle moves on a fridge door.

Important! At the people having an allergy to a citrus the allergy and to avocado can develop though it has no relation to citruses and is a relative of bay leaf.

Contraindications and harm

Any person can have individual intolerance to any product. Even if you never faced it, nevertheless you should not risk: before the use of oil in food or as cosmetic make the small test. Apply a little oil on a bend of an elbow and wait 30 minutes. If nothing changed, skin does not redden and does not itch, so you — the lucky, and can safely use all benefits of oil of avocado.

The people having problems with a liver, kidneys, a gall bladder or in principle inclined to allergic reactions need to consult without fail with the doctor before accepting avocado oil inside. Anyway, begin little by little, on a teaspoon half, and listen to the organism. Do not forget that the advantage can address to the detriment if to be overzealous.

The nature gives us unique opportunities. We will find means on updating of all organism in only several drops which are squeezed out of not remarkable green fruit, since skin and finishing with a cardiac muscle. Our task is not to miss these opportunities, to know about them and to accept nature gifts with gratitude.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team