Ayevit: for what it is necessary, and than is useful

Ayevit: for what it is necessary, and than is useful

The human body cannot fully exist in the conditions of deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Such shortage gives an impetus to the beginning of withering of integuments and development of diseases. It is especially important for women as the lack of vitamins affects female beauty (skin and hair). Beauty and health can be kept by means of Ayevit vitamins.

Ayevit — what is it

Ayevit vitamins — an effective way to rejuvenate skin and to support an organism. Inexpensive, its medicine can be bought in any drugstore.

Ayevit consists of two components:

  1. Vitamin A, the second name Retinolum — is necessary for the bone growth, good sight and normal work of a reproductive system. He participates in the general biochemistry of an organism and also in rejuvenescence of skin cells. During pre-natal development of a fruit vitamin A promotes the correct formation of future person.
  2. Vitamin E, the second name alpha tocopherol — possesses antioxidant action, improves work of muscle, nervous system, oxidizes nonsaturated fatty acids and supplies with oxygen blood and fabrics.

We recommend to you to learn what vitamin E is useful to women at pregnancy and planning of pregnancy and also what role of vitamin E in an organism of women in what products it contains how to define a surplus, than it is useful to hair and face skin.

Release form:

  • capsules for intake (orally);
  • hermetically soldered ampoules (for injections).

Indications for use:

  • prevention of a delay of physical development;
  • hypovitaminosis;
  • strengthening of immunity;
  • the dry and shelled skin;
  • intertrigo;
  • dermatitis.

Important! Before intake of medicine it is necessary to carry out the test for possible reaction of an organism. Pierce the capsule and squeeze out contents on a hand (palm back). Wait for reaction for 5 minutes. If the itch begins, a small tortoiseshell or the place of drawing will redden — means, there is an allergic reaction. In this case it is impossible to accept polyvitamins. The bulk of people has no allergic reactions to vitamins.

For what accept Ayevit: application

Vitamin A plays an important role in the course of formation of rhodopsin, dye which defines ability of the person to see in twilight. He participates in metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and interacts with an endocrine system (thyroid gland, adrenal glands, gonads).

The lack of vitamin B a current of long time is the reason of an ambliopiya, and considerable shortage leads to a kseroftalmiya (cornea keratoz).

In hard cases diseases of eyes, including total loss of sight develop. Besides, there can be changes on skin and mucous membranes. You can also observe decrease in resistance to infectious diseases. Vitamin E is the factor necessary for the correct functioning of an organism. It protects the person from harmful effects of excess number of connections with strong oxidizing properties and prevents hemolysis of erythrocytes.

Protection against damage by oxygen radicals is very important for development and functioning of nervous and muscular systems. Vitamin E can also work as a cofactor in some enzymatic systems (the ingredient necessary in metabolic processes).

It will be useful for you to esteem how it is shown gipervitaminoz, avitaminosis and hypovitaminosis.

Sharing of vitamins A and E increases protective action against free radicals of oxygen who damage cages of an organism and accelerate aging process.

Women accept Ayevit, knowing about its revitalizing properties — the vitamin structure gives support to an organism at viral diseases and colds, stresses.

After intake of medicine, nail plates become stronger, hair cease to split and drop out, there is elastic and healthy skin. Also by means of A and E vitamins the infertility and also painful and plentiful monthly treat.

For the person

Medicine with A and E vitamins perfectly moisturizes dry face skin, removes skin inflammations (eels, pimples), thickens a nail plate and strengthens hair. By means of Ayevit, face packs become. Suitable season for application of masks:

  • winter;
  • spring;
  • fall.

Important! In hot season it is undesirable to do a mask with use of this means. Sunshine (ultraviolet) in combination with vitamins promote emergence on skin of pigmentary spots. Therefore if nevertheless there was a need for such mask, it is necessary to do the procedure in the evening, after sunset.

Use of polyvitamins for face skin and skin under eyes in pure form: oil liquid is applied by with circular motions of fingers to skin, in 10-20 minutes when liquid partially is absorbed, by means of cotton pads or a napkin it is necessary to remove surplus of nutritious means.

Such procedure in the evening, before going to bed is carried out (in 2 hours). Achievement of lasting effect requires carrying out a course from 10 procedures.

Application of Ayevit as a part of face skin cream: contents of the capsule are added to low-fat night cream and mix up to uniformity, are applied to purely washed up skin in one and a half-two hours prior to a dream. In half an hour after drawing, skin is wiped by means of cosmetic wipes from not absorbed surplus of cream.

Ayevit it is possible to add not only to face cream or for hands and also to any ready srub or a mask (for moistening, bleaching, a skin nourishment). For preparation of a house face scrub with Ayevit it is necessary to take natural ground coffee, granulated sugar and olive oil. All ingredients mix then there add contents of one capsule of polyvitamins. It is necessary to store a house srub on the lower shelf of the fridge, it does not lose the validity within two weeks.

Whether you know? Researchers of the Arctic after tasting of an exotic dish from a liver of a polar bear, got a serious poisoning which symptoms were expressed in a headache and numbness of extremities — it was vitamin A overdose. This case was described in 1942 in The biochemical magazine (Britain). By the way, aboriginals of the Arctic never eat a liver of a polar bear as they know about possible sad consequences.

Use of medicine for clarification of the person from acne rash:

  • lotions from eels — before the procedure it is necessary to wash with soap or to degrease skin, having wiped with lotion. Contents of one Ayevita capsule are squeezed out on cosmetic wipes or a cotton pad and imposed on acne rash. It is necessary to hold a vitamin tampon on skin within 5-8 minutes for one procedure;
  • polyvitamins need to be accepted orally, the day dose consists of 2 capsules. One capsule is accepted in the morning, the second in the evening. Duration of treatment course — 14 days;
  • polyvitamins are accepted inside on one capsule a day, but reception time (course) lasts up to 30-40 days.

Treatment course of intake of polyvitamins can be repeated after a semi-annual break. The cosmetologist or the therapist can appoint another on duration or a dosage a course of treatment.

Read in more detail about effect of vitamin A on face skin.

For skin

With Ayevit it is possible to do wrappings for different parts of a body. General principle is as follows:

  • for example, olive it is necessary to add contents of one capsule of medicine to a tablespoon of base oil;
  • to apply oil to previously cleaned skin, to cover with food wrap, to wrap up and leave for half an hour;
  • it is not required to wash away means — it has to be absorbed well;

After the procedure, skin will become smooth, gentle and fresh, the good effect is noticeable on skin of feet — it will be softened, and cracks on heels will leave. It is possible to do such wrappings twice a week.

Whether you know? Skin is the biggest human organ, and its weight is 15% of the lump of our body.

It is possible to add Ayevit to anti-cellulite creams, it will help to improve a metabolism including fat, in skin cells that will lead to reduction of manifestations of cellulitis.

For hair

Means well proves in strengthening of hair — use of polyvitamins will give to a brittle, painful and dim hair health, gloss and will strengthen a hair bulb.

Ayevit it is possible to add to shampoos or conditioners, previously having convinced that in composition of care product for hair does not contain vitamin A and E. By means of medicine it is possible to cure split ends of hair. For this purpose the disposable bag of shampoo is mixed with contents of 3 capsules or ampoules, applied on hair, and maintained 5 minutes. Then continue washing of the head (as usual).

Learn what vitamins accept for strengthening of hair.

The general principles of application of masks for hair with the medicine Ayevit:

  1. The majority of medical masks apply on hair in the evening (before going to bed).
  2. Hair wrap up in a plastic bag and a soft towel and go to bed.
  3. In the morning the mask is washed away from hair not hot water.
  4. If it is inconvenient to you to sleep with the wet head, then the mask can be put in the evening for 2-3 hours then to wash away.
  5. It is desirable not to dry after that hair by means of the hair dryer, and to allow them to dry in the natural way.
  6. Medical masks become eight times a month at an interval of three days or daily within fourteen days.

Let's provide several recipes of masks:

  1. mask from a dry and brittle hair: 2 chicken yolks and one ampoule of medicine mix up, mix is applied to head skin. Hair wrap up with a film and a towel. Upon termination of the procedure (2-8 hours) the hair are washed with warm water;
  2. mask for growth of hair and strengthening of a hair bulb: to mix 1 tablespoon of the onions crushed to gruel and contents of one ampoule. Circular massage movements within 10 minutes to rub mix in skin. The head is wrapped up and hold a mask of 30 minutes. Treatment course consists of two procedures a week within a month;
  3. mask for moistening of hair: mix from a tablespoon of olive oil and one ampoule of Ayevit is applied on hair. The head is wrapped up and leave a mask for the night. In the morning — wash away warm water. This mask can be done a current of 10 days, or 2 times a week for a month.

Whether you know? One hair maintains about 100 grams of weight, and all head of hear is capable to sustain the weight of two average elephants.


Ayevit also apply at such diseases:

  • cholecystitis;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • cirrhosis;
  • weak immunity;
  • to sharp loss of weight;
  • atresias of bilious ways;
  • infectious diseases;
  • at long and severe stresses;
  • peripheral neuropathy;
  • skin diseases;
  • digestive tract diseases;
  • nekrotiziruyushchy myopathy;
  • alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking.

In the cosmetic purposes medicine can be applied to treatment of fragile nails. For strengthening of a nail plate the contents of capsules are mixed with olive oil (one to one).

The turned-out liquid is rubbed in a nail plate and a cuticle. Thanks to it nails and skin around them is nourished and moistened, nails lose tendency to stratifying, become more strong and quicker grow. It is also possible to look after nails without diluting polyvitamins, and applying oil liquid in pure form

Read in more detail about vitamins for nails and also about women's vitamins for skin, hair and nails.

How many times and how to accept Ayevit

The detailed instruction for application is attached to Ayevit polyvitamins and before reception it is necessary to study it attentively.

If medicine is produced in capsules, then swallow of them, plentifully washing down with water, not getting to the core:

  1. In the preventive purposes the daily dose equals to one capsule, a reception course — 30 days.
  2. In the medical purposes a daily dose — two capsules (doubled), a course — 14 days. During the day polyvitamins are accepted twice, in the morning and in the evening.

Contents of ampoules are intended for intramuscular injections. Injecting, it is necessary to track that contents of the syringe did not get under skin (in a fat layer). Dosage and appointments:

  1. For injections use one ampoule (of 1 ml) a day. Depending on the purposes (preventive or medical) the course can have extent from 21 days to 45 days, precisely the dosage is defined by the doctor.
  2. Ayevit usually do not appoint to children up to 16 years.
  3. Sometimes nevertheless it happens that prescribe children this means. It is only in one case — at a dermatological disease follicular keratoz. For treatment by vitamins the scheme of reception and a daily dosage will be determined by the attending physician the dermatologist.

Important! Despite simple and clear structure and simplicity of the use and application of means of Ayevit, it is undesirable to use medicine without consultation with physicians is not just mix from two vitamins, but the real medicine, and it is unknown how the organism will react to it.

The adult for skin

For external application it is recommended how to use contents of capsules without impurity, and in structure with other cosmetic medicines (lotions, creams):

  1. To reach contents of capsules, the cover needs to be pierced a needle and to squeeze out liquid vitamins.
  2. Then liquid is applied directly to skin or added to cream (on 10 grams of cream — 2 capsules).

In an undiluted look the contents of the Ayevit capsule can be applied as skin means for 14 days. Medicine narrows pores, smoothes superficial wrinkles, purifies leather from brown spots and does it more elastic and tightened. Also after application of Ayevit leather is purified from acne rash. For approach of the expected effect grease with oil solution of vitamins face skin every day. A single dose of the applied medicine — from 3 to 5 drops.

We advise you to read about combination of vitamins among themselves for what polyvitaminic complexes and also about vitamins are necessary for: improvements of sight, patients with diabetes, a raising of immunity, work of memory and a brain, nervous system, a liver, athletes, improvement of memory, joints and ligaments, for pregnant women and the feeding women.

To women from wrinkles

Let's provide the recipe of the rejuvenating mask for the dry and growing old skin:

  • one chicken yolk (it is desirable to take home-made eggs);
  • one teaspoon of honey;
  • one teaspoon of the olive or other peeled vegetable oil.
  • one Ayevita capsule.

How to prepare:

  1. Mix all components in a homogenous mixture and apply to purely washed up and dry face skin (around eyes mix is not applied to skin).
  2. Easily pat fingertips on skin.
  3. After drawing a mask it is necessary to lay down on a plain surface (without pillow) and to relax.
  4. In 20 minutes the remains of a mask wash away from skin warm water without soap.
  5. Time of holding a procedure — for an hour or two before going to bed.

For obtaining steady effect it is desirable to do such mask weekly for 2-3 months. But the first results (smoothing of mimic and age wrinkles) will be visually noticeable after holding the first procedures.

Whether you know? In 1999 the new phenomenon in medicine — a karotinemiya was revealed. At the girl liking to drink orange Fanta skin began to turn yellow. After the carried-out inspection of a disease it was not found in the child, but in an organism too much beta carotene which the child received from favourite drink was revealed. Not only oranges and carrots, but also other yellow and red fruit (vegetables) can give excess of beta carotene. People with a karotemiya come back to skin of the usual color as soon as change the diet.

At mastopathy

Also medicine is one of components in complex therapeutic treatment at mastopathy. Its reception try to obtain the necessary balance in an organism between estrogen and progesterone and also to improve the general condition of a breast.

At a climax

A and E vitamins help women to cope with symptoms of a perimenopauza and a menopause. The dose and frequency of reception are defined by the gynecologist (individually in each case). Vitamin E is especially useful during this period. The reason is that it can facilitate a stress which many women have during a menopause because of hormonal jumps in an organism.

Learn what vitamins to protect an organism at a climax.

How long to accept Ayevit

The preventive course of treatment makes 14 days. Duration of treatment course varies from 30 to 40 days, depending on the instruction of the attending physician. Having conducted a course on vitaminization of an organism by means of this medicine, it will be possible to repeat it only after half a year after primary reception.

Whether it is possible to accept Ayevit with vitamin C

Vitamin A is perfectly compatible to vitamin C therefore they can be accepted in common. Vitamin E is better acquired by an organism at impact of vitamin C on it. Conclusion: in the medicine Ayevit both components are not antagonists of vitamin C, they are perfectly compatible, therefore, they can be accepted at the same time.

Read also: to whom, how many and how to accept vitamin C what products contain vitamin C that will if eat a lot of ascorbic acid and what the overdose is dangerous by vitamin C.

Also Askorutin Ayevit — whether it is possible to accept together

Combined use of these vitamin medicines is possible. At the same time it is necessary to lean on the dosage and a course of reception specified in instructions to each medicine or to follow instructions of the attending physician.

Ayevit polyvitamins are contained A and E vitamins, and by Askorutin — vitamins C and River. Joint reception has no negative impact on a human body, on the contrary, fills in the deficiency of useful substances is mute.

Contraindications and side effects

Possible side effects from use of medicine:

  • locks;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • stomach pains and in a pancreas;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases (pancreatitis, holelitiaz);
  • at injections — inflammation of the place of a prick;
  • calcification of fabrics;
  • dizziness;
  • drowsiness and loss of attentiveness;
  • poisoning symptoms;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • refusal or failure in work of a thyroid gland.

It is undesirable to the people having allergic reactions to Retinolum or tocopherol to take this drug. Who cannot accept:

  • to the children who did not reach 16 years;
  • to the people having glut of an organism Retinolum and/or tocopherol;
  • having negative reaction to the duet of these vitamins;
  • having cardiological diseases;
  • ill gipertireozy and chronic glomerulonefrit;
  • to pregnant women (almost always);
  • to nursing mothers (almost always).

Important! Sometimes to the women expecting the child appoint intake of this medicine, but it always occurs only upon termination of the first trimester of pregnancy and only appointed by the observing gynecologist. In the first trimester the fruit is formed, and excess of vitamin A and vitamin E can cause its deformation.

As we already understood, Ayevit is very useful vitamin medicine both medical, and preventive. If the person always wishes to remain healthy, he should fill up periodically the organism with vitamins what it will be helped by the polyvitamins which are contained in Ayevita with.

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