B10 vitamin (paraaminobenzoic acid)

B10 vitamin (paraaminobenzoic acid)

we will tell you about such little-known vitamin as B10. For certain you have not special and that a lot of information on this substance, but we with pleasure will meet lacks or we will peddle for you old stuff. It was opened rather recently, only in the middle of the 19th century. But here learned about its useful properties only several decades later. This vitamin is unusual on the structure: these are two acids rolled into one. Naturally, by the name it is clear that it is about amino acid and benzoic acid.

This vitamin or as it still often call vitaminopodobny substance, can be received from certain products, such as our favourite potatoes, fresh milk, vegetables, eggs, liver. In principle, all these products are practically in each fridge so you should not spend time for search of any exotic food. Besides, our microflora is a supplier of B10 vitamin.

As for standard daily rate, its per se is not present. As scientists consider that if daily to use products which are rich with paraaminobenzoic acid then of a lack of this substance will not be. Especially we practical eat every day potatoes and we eat eggs.

B10 vitamin interaction (paraaminobenzoic acid) with other vitamins:

B10 vitamin rather resistant substance. It is taken by neither boiling, nor acid, nor alkali. Also paraaminobenzoic acid is rather resistant to high temperatures and pressure. Thanks to it useful properties and activity of this vitamin remain almost invariable even after thermal treatment. Such cooperation between B10 vitamin, a pyridoxine, pantothenic and folic acids helps hair to keep the pigment, that is it is the natural delay mechanism of process of a posedeniye of hair.

Estrogen, penicillin and alcohol prevent paraaminobenzoic acid to perform the functions. If you did not notice yet, then alcoholic drinks considerably reduce activity of already 11 called vitamins. Whether still will be?

B10 vitamin does not love also sugar lump sugar. Why? - you ask. Yes because this substance contains dye which kills useful intestinal microflora. Therefore be careful with sugar.

Also paraaminobenzoic acid helps to be produced to folic acid.

Advantage of B10 vitamin (paraaminobenzoic acid):

  • And Tavegil is not required

Paraaminobenzoic acid is anti-allergen therefore if you are constantly tormented by allergies, then you need to increase consumption of products which are rich with B10 vitamin. Besides, according to new researches, paraaminobenzoic acid participates in formation of such substance as interferon which is protective protein. It helps an organism to resist various infections. This irreplaceable substance helps cages to become irresponsive to influence to viruses of flu, hepatitis and other activators.

  • We improve blood formation

As it was already told above, paraaminobenzoic acid participates in synthesis of folic acid. From this we draw a conclusion that B10 vitamin participates in all processes in which B9 vitamin participates. Also B10 vitamin forms erythrocytes which interfere with developing of anemia.

  • Healthy hair, nails and skin

In order that hair, nails and skin were as it should be, paraaminobenzoic acid is necessary for an organism. So, for example, it is very much liked to be used at production by a products make-up bag. Many sunblock creams and lotions contain B10 vitamin which well influences production of melanin, and melanin, in turn, cares for beautiful and equal suntan.

Besides, B10 vitamin also prevents premature withering of skin, raises its tone. It is connected with the fact that paraaminobenzoic acid does not allow to expand rigid fibrous fabric, strengthens collagenic and elastinovy fibers. Such properties of B10 vitamin help to cure various diseases of integuments including premature baldness.

  • Microflora as it should be?

Paraaminobenzoic acid stimulates reproduction of useful microorganisms which live in our intestines. Due to activity of these bacteria our organism receives additional amount of biologically active agents.

Lack of B10 vitamin (paraaminobenzoic acid)?

If you lack B10 vitamin, then you will reveal the following symptoms:

  • there are skin rashes;
  • hair become brittle and dim, begin to drop out;
  • the early posedeniye is found;
  • there is a chronic fatigue;
  • the person becomes irritable, nervous;
  • there are headaches;
  • problems with digestion;
  • lack of weight;
  • anemia.

Excess of B10 vitamin (paraaminobenzoic acid)?

If you feel that you went too far and ate a lot of B10 vitamin, then you can have a nausea, vomiting, indigestion. Though overdose – extremely unusual occurrence as kidneys perfectly cope the function and is removed by surplus of substances.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team