B3 vitamin (RR vitamin, niatsin)

B3 vitamin (RR vitamin, niatsin)

is one more vitamin which is simply necessary for normal work of our organism as it has medicinal properties which action is more effective, than effect of many drugs! Niatsin is water-soluble vitamin and is quickly soaked up in an organism.

What this substance, so it is still so interesting by the active forms: nicotinic acid and niacinamide. If we eat food of animal origin, then niatsin comes to our organism in the form of niacinamide and if vegetable, then in the form of nicotinic acid. These two forms of B3 vitamin it is almost equally useful influence our organism. Only nicotinic acid has pronounced ability to expand vessels.

For certain you already had a question: from what products it is possible to receive B3 vitamin? Niatsin not such and the rare guest, he contains in many products, usual for us. If to speak about animal products, then you can find RR vitamin in beef liver, kidneys, pork, chicken, eggs. Vegetable food contains considerable quantity of a niatsin too therefore eat carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, bean, cereal products, dates more actively. It is interesting that our organism can supply us with B3 vitamin by means of tryptophane amino acid too. Usually those who consume animal protein have no shortage of this amino acid.

B3 vitamin interaction (RR vitamin, niatsin) with other vitamins:

In order that B3 vitamin was better acquired, such elements as copper and a pyridoxine are necessary. And using such medicines as penitsillamin, rifampin, an isoniazid, you reduce efficiency of a niatsin.

Advantage of B3 vitamin (RR vitamin, niatsin):

  • Energy is necessary?

B3 vitamin gives us energy. How? And everything is simple. Niatsin participates in formation of enzymes by means of which cages turn carbohydrates and fats into energy. Besides, niatsin is a part of enzymes which allow our cages to breathe that too is important.

  • The additional charge of energy is not in Snickers

B3 vitamin watches sugar level in blood therefore you can use energy only when it is really necessary to you. For example, today you worked in the gym hard, and now is necessary to you an additional charge of energy, you will not roll on a sofa all rest of day? And B3 vitamin will help you to develop necessary amount of energy.

  • That the gastro intestinal path was normal

The condition of a stomach and normal functioning of digestive tract in many respects depends on that how many the niatsina contains in our organism. B3 vitamin is an ardent opponent of inflammations, it helps a stomach to produce gastric juice, to function normally a liver and a pancreas and also improves passing of food in intestines.

  • B3 vitamin forms a hormonal background

The most important difference of a niatsin from all other vitamins is that he participates in formation of a hormonal background. Without niatsin neither estrogen, nor progesterone, nor testosterone, nor insulin, nor a cortisone simply will be formed. Namely they are necessary for normal functioning of our organism.

  • It is small yes lives saves

Niatsin is also responsible for blood circulation and a cardiovascular system. This substance saved much more people, than modern drugs. Patients who endured a heart attack survived only thanks to B3 vitamin. It not only helps to stop heart attack, but to prolong life of people.

  • The mobility of joints is necessary

Problems with joints are one of the main reasons of disability. Such disease is called osteoarthritis. It can arise because of the excess weight, various injuries, the shortage of nutrients, old age. To improve a condition of joints and to kill pain B3 vitamin will help.

Lack of B3 vitamin (RR vitamin, niatsin)?

Niatsin can not be enough in an organism because of bad food, the use of an isoniazid (appoint at treatment of tuberculosis), also at diabetes, cirrhosis and pregnancy.

The shortage of B3 vitamin can lead to such disease as a pellagra at which the patient has such symptoms as diarrhea, skin inflammation, turbidity of mind. This disease is rather widespread among the poor population.

Also at the shortage of B3 vitamin are found:

  • lack of appetite;
  • brightly red language;
  • skin inflammations;
  • problems with a stomach;
  • nonsense;
  • nervousness and irritability
  • weakness
  • headaches

Excess of B3 vitamin (RR vitamin, niatsin)?

B3 vitamin surplus practically does not cause any unpleasant feelings. Of course, there can be some problems, for example, face reddening, dizziness, small pricking, but all this quickly takes place. If B3 vitamin is entered intravenously, then pressure can sharply decrease.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team