B6 vitamin (pyridoxine)

B6 vitamin (pyridoxine)

vitamin or pyridoxine is one more valuable substance for our organism which is perfectly dissolved in water and even alcohol, does not perish under the influence of big temperatures, but quickly perishes on light. This vitamin is vital to our organism as our cages and fabrics need it. It is possible to fill a pyridoxine stock with food, and it is possible to use it in the form of active additives. It as to you is more convenient.

What food needs to be eaten that the organism was happy with amount of B6 vitamin? It is the best of all to lean on meat, eggs, oysters, milk, kidneys, potatoes, green sheet vegetables, grain, cabbage. A large number of a pyridoxine contains in bananas. Besides, our intestines are capable to synthesize this vitamin, of course, on condition of the normal state of microflora too. But you not against it to help?

As for standard daily rate, the adult needs about 2-3 mg, pregnant women and the feeding mothers need 0.3 - 0.5 mg more norm, and it is required to children from 1-up to 1.8 mg.

B6 vitamin interaction (pyridoxine) with other vitamins:

B6 vitamin actively is on friendly terms with other vitamins and minerals. So, interacting with calcium, the pyridoxine helps work of a cardiovascular system and muscles; also it improves digestion of glucose; hydroksin + iron, copper, zinc participate in synthesis of a complex of gem which is a part of hemoglobin and gives to blood red color. Interacting with folic acid, B6 vitamin controls cholesterol level in blood.

Advantage of B6 vitamin (pyridoxine):

  • Rage gram

The pyridoxine cares for our health. This substance controls supply of glucose to our organism, protecting from its surplus or a shortcoming. At first is not enough, and then is enough - such here jumps do not do well to us. As it forces adrenal glands to throw out adrenaline in blood that involves increase in level of sugar. B6 vitamin in this case plays a role of the tamer. It calms the person, does it less spiteful and irritable.

  • The brain activity is included for all 100%

The pyridoxine increases operability of a brain and improves memory. If you want to increase to yourself mood and to appease aggression which and is torn outside, then idle times eat a product which is rich with B6 vitamin. For example, banana. Than not happiness?

  • New blood cells are ready for operation!

The pyridoxine is useful to blood formation as it is a part of other substances at gem synthesis. What is gem? - you ask. And gem is one of the most important elements of hemoglobin which is an opponent of anemia.

  • What metabolism without pyridoxine?

At a metabolism the pyridoxine interacts with folic acid. This tandem adjusts exchange of cholesterol and fatty acids. Let's carry out one test. If you before going to bed drank a lot of liquid or overate salty, you have hypostases under eyes? Polozhitelshny answer? In this case you lack a pyridoxine as it helps to bring liquid out of an organism.

  • The cardiovascular system runs smoothly

If you do not want to be influenced by all delights of atherosclerosis, to get acquainted with an ischemic disease or to experience force of heart attack, then do not forget about standard daily rate of B6 vitamin.

  • That the immunity did not knock

In order that microbes and viruses did not reign in an organism, it needs antibodies. The pyridoxine is the true expert in delivery of productive antibodies. Therefore if your immunity glitches, then try to increase amount of food which is rich with a pyridoxine. It will help your immunity to get stronger.

Lack of B6 vitamin (pyridoxine)?

Do you want to learn when the organism lacks a piridokisn? There are signs which will be prompted to you that there is not enough vitamin, and it is necessary to fill its stock in an organism.

  • The person becomes irritable, nervous, easily becomes despondent.
  • There can be spasms, insomnia.
  • Dermatitis in a face, and sometimes and on the head is also possible.
  • The person begins to eat badly as there is no appetite.
  • One more frequent symptom: nausea and vomiting.
  • There can be conjunctivitis.
  • Also the lack of a pyridoxine can lead to reduction of quantity T-liifotsitov which are to important components of our immune system.

Excess of B6 vitamin (pyridoxine)?

Such phenomenon as B6 vitamin surplus, practically does not meet. Because by means of an urinary system our organism gets rid of excess quantity of a pyridoxine. If you accepted too high dose of B6 vitamin in the form of biological additive, then there can be small tortoiseshell, numbness of extremities and small loss of sensitivity. But these illnesses will evaporate as soon as vitamin is removed in the natural way from an organism.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team