Bitter wormwood: where grows, than it is useful also that treats how to use in the medical purposes

Bitter wormwood: where grows, than it is useful also that treats how to use in the medical purposes

Plants habitual to us are perceived as an integral part of a landscape (or at all as weeds). But many of them have excellent curative properties which the majority does not even guess. And here ancestors knew about it — their experience reached our days in a set of recipes. Let's consider, than the wormwood as it is collected is useful and for what use.

This long-term grass is allocated in the silvery color and characteristic aroma. The look received the name not for nothing — in bitterness the wormwood will give odds to many plants. The m can grow and like cardboard, and in the form of a semi-bush up to 1.5 high (sometimes and up to 2). From branchy roots there are direct stalks with poorly expressed edges. On a ground level it is possible to see short escapes without fruits (whereas the stalk on top becomes branchy). The lower sheets with a long scape are kind of cut 2-3 times, averages already korotkochereshkovy, and the topmost are almost put and can be strictly plumose.

Segments oblong and poorly pointed. In June-July there comes the blossoming season which in warm regions can last until the end of the first decade of August. From the small unilateral brushes forming an inflorescence whisk yellow tubular flowers beat off. Since August until the end of September the fructification is observed: brown semyanka of oblong shape with the microplatform on a vershok are visible tiny (1 mm).

Important! Near massifs of a bitter wormwood one more representative of this look — a wormwood medical often grows (it lemon). It is possible to distinguish it on a sprawling bush and brighter color. The name indicates specialization: it is used even for fight against meningitis.

The hardy plant can be seen at the edges of fields, near roads and dwellings, on forest edges and meadows and also not well-groomed kitchen gardens. Due to resistance to frosts and a drought the wormwood of a raspostranen by all European part of the Russian Federation (massifs reach Yenisei) and in the Caucasus, comes across it and in northern areas like Kandalaksha. Also was accepted in Southern Europe, the USA and North Africa.

If to take for a reference point a part of a svezhesorvanny plant weight in 100 g, then it will turn out that it contains only 25 kcal. The triad proteins-fats-carbohydrates is presented very modestly: the first there will be about 1.5 g, carbohydrates — no more than 5, and there are no fats at all. The grass contains the most valuable essential oil which share can make up to 2% of plant weight. It is a lot of in it vitamins and useful connections:

  • B6 vitamins (pyridoxine), With (an ascorbic component) and To;
  • flavonoids and phytoncides;
  • apple, amber and other organic acids;
  • carotene;
  • alkaloids and lactones;
  • tannins.

With minerals too full order. Potassium and calcium act as macrocells — in 100 g their average content reaches 35 and 10 mg. It is a little less than sulfur — 6 mg. The effect of their presence is complemented with a number of minerals:

  • zinc (0.6 mg);
  • copper (0.48 mg);
  • iron (0.2 mg);
  • magnesium (0.14 mg);
  • 10 times less molybdenum (2 mkg), nickel (0.34 mkg) and aluminum (0.07 mkg).

Whether you know? Attribute to this grass special magic abilities — covered with it windows and thresholds of houses earlier. Moreover, was considered that having even said its name, it is possible to expel evil spirits from the dwelling.

So saturated contents allocates this a grass unattractive in appearance with a wide range of curative properties.

At competent processing and the use the wormwood is capable:

  • to strengthen immunity (acids accelerate emergence of protective phagocytes);
  • to normalize work of a GIT;
  • to stimulate production of gastric juice;
  • to remove heartburn;
  • to normalize functions of a pancreas (in particular, to intensify production of enzymes);
  • to strengthen release of bile — broths possess strong diuretic action;
  • to calm the nervous system exhausted by stresses;
  • to overcome insomnia or a depression;
  • to save from parasites.

Being interested, than the wormwood can be useful to women, many pay attention to its efficiency at treatment of delicate diseases (beginning from the painful course of a genital tract, monthly to infectious diseases). But also it is yet not all list. Many have heard a lot that they of such raw materials receive also useful essential oil. This dense substance of blue or dark green color is famous for the anti-inflammatory action that does it irreplaceable at treatment:

  • burns and wounds;
  • headache and migraine;
  • inflammations of gums;
  • problems with joints;
  • frustration in the sexual sphere;
  • besides, oil is applied also to removal of slime from the upper airways.

Important! It is the best of all to buy oil in drugstore — there at least is a guarantee that the producer sustained technology (that in house conditions leaves not always).

But it is necessary to approach use of oil extremely accurately. The fact is that it contains toxic enzyme tuyon which at the wrong calculation of a dose can do more harm, than advantage (though the verified dosage does it imperceptible for an organism).

So impressive set of useful qualities made a wormwood quite popular plant. And the superiority in their use remains, of course, behind national recipes.

The grass is used as light sleeping, anti-inflammatory, soothing, bile-expelling and anthelminthic medicine. Many apply it to removal of frequent spasms. Infusions and broths of a different compounding use at treatment of diseases of gastrointestinal and urinogenital highways and also problems with a liver. The same structures return a normal dream and appetite. The plant steadily enters the collecting used for removal of symptoms of prostatitis or male infertility. Some grass compositions with participation of a wormwood, on the contrary, are designed to appease the increased inclination. As external means it undertakes for rinsings of a mouth, at ulcers and bruises and also for faster healing of wounds (often put the cotton wool moistened in fresh juice or just pounded grass). Universal remedy strong tincture on alcohol (70%) is considered. In view of powerful structure use of such medicine (and all others) needs to be coordinated with the doctor.

Having learned in general from what people drink the bitter wormwood collected by the hands, we will not forget also about its cosmetic properties. And there is a lot of advantage also in this sphere.

Whether you know? In old times was considered that main purposes of such grass are witches and mermaids.

The grass has double impact on skin, at the same time working with the top layer terms and getting in it. It is shown in such action:

  • thanks to flavonoids, wrinkles disappear;
  • phytoncides softly influence problem sites, removing inflammation and deleting pimples;
  • antiscorbutic vitamin accelerates healing of wounds and abscesses, does skin softer and elastic;
  • dermatitis and other diseases of skin is prevented.

Dermatologists recommend to use oil in the preventive purposes that who suffers from the increased perspiration. It helps and to people with skin, fat or sensitive to damages.

The bitter smell and specific taste of a plant led to the fact that the wormwood is used as seasoning. Such additive perfectly supplements fried meat and just fat dishes. Many take it as replacement to mustard. In the form of extract is present also among absinthe ingredients (and by production of tart Vermouths it is irreplaceable at all). It is widely applied also to preparation of home-made tinctures.

Having found out of what diseases the wormwood helps to get rid, many light up the idea to start immediately collecting. But everything is good in its season. It is the best of all to collect a grass during blossoming, at the end of July — the beginning of August. This period lasts only a few weeks so you should not tighten. Besides, having been late, you will see that during drying the preparation darkened, and baskets simply got enough sleep.

It is important! If collecting is carried out at a reservoir, pay attention to purity of water in it: it gets to coastal soil, and the wormwood is very sensitive to its structure. Having seen that in the small river it is full of factory drains, it is better to collect a grass and leaves far away from this place.

Process of collecting looks simply:

  • the stalk together in a top is cut off a sharp knife 20-25 cm lower than the top point. Coarsened parts of a stalk at the same time do not need to be taken;
  • then there comes the turn of drying. It is the simplest to lay a grass a layer to 5 cm under a canopy or on the attic;
  • at a sunny weather the collecting completely will dry in a week (during this time it is necessary to overturn stalks time in 1-2 days);
  • it is possible to be convinced of readiness, having tried to bend a stalk — it has to break at once;
  • all — it is necessary to package preparation on sacks or paper packages and to put to the cool shaded place where the grass will be stored up to 2 years.

If there is a purpose to prepare leaves, then terms are displaced for June — the first half of July (that is, it is necessary to be in time before blossoming). Leaflets can be knifed or just to break hands, separating from a scape. The scheme of drying remains the same. As for a semyanok for oil preparation, they are prepared in the fall (ideally if collecting is received to the first frosts).

Having the prepared collecting, logical will be to learn from what the broth and other self-made means received from a wormwood helps. Let's stop on the most popular recipes.

The simplest way to restore a normal dream — intake of usual infusion. Everything is elementary: 1-2 tablespoons of a grass maintain 2 hours in 2 cups of boiled water. It is necessary to drink before going to bed (for the first time there will be enough ½ glasses and if did not help — it is possible to increase a dose to full capacity, but no more).

Whether you know? In the Bible the wormwood symbolizes itself punishment for recreancy from precepts and disobedience.

Effectively and oil from a semyanok. But here other technology:

  • the dried-up seeds crush in the coffee grinder and place in a container with vegetable oil (having sustained a proportion 1:4);
  • mix has to stand in a dark corner week. Its everyone shake up day all this time;
  • after this term oil is decanted — it is already ready;
  • it is used on 3-5 drops on a refined sugar cube, by 2-4 times a day. If oil is used as soothing, there will be enough also couple of droplets at the same frequency.

Knowledge of how just to make a dry wormwood, will help to cure also the chilled lip. A teaspoon on a glass of boiled water — here and all cunning. However, the grass has to be crushed and stand 15-20 minutes under a dense cover (if near at hand there is a teapot with a press, in general it is excellent: small parts will so be filtered).

Learn more about useful properties of a cornflower, a sage and a St. John's wort.

Reception of such means is carried out inside three times a day, for half an hour to food. Pay attention that the total day dose should not exceed 1 teaspoon. The same liquid can be used and as external means: it is enough to moisten in it a tampon and to take on the problem site. For the night, cotton wool can be fixed by a plaster. Weak burning will be felt at the same time — so inflamed skin reacts to structure.

National methods of fight against cold are based on use of strong structures with addition of vodka, and the wormwood in this plan an exception did not become.

Important! The wormwood is given to children only in exceptional cases: the small organism is simply not ready to reception of so strong product.

Many prepare such means in good time — liquid has to infuse properly:

  • 1 tablespoon of a grass is filled in with a glass of vodka then capacity is densely closed and put for three weeks to the cool dark place;
  • then mix is decanted through a dense layer of a gauze and it can be accepted;
  • hardly appeared symptoms of cold can be extinguished, drinking on once a day 20 g (there will be enough 2-3 days).

There is one nuance: a bitter grass in combination with alcohol are quite heavy for a stomach therefore it is desirable to dilute tincture with water. It is better for her children not to give at all. In cold season all family can use softer all-strengthening structure: the same tablespoon and a glass of boiled water are maintained 15 minutes on a water bath. Cooling, decantation — is also ready: it is necessary to add a glass with boiled water and to drink broth 3-4 days.

As the fastening means the following broth undertakes: 1 tsp and a glass of warm water are boiled within 10 minutes. Having decanted and having slightly cooled liquid, it is accepted strictly in a warm look (on 20 drops with a break at 3 o'clock). It is possible to drag out the use a little on time if noticeable simplification is felt.

Whether you know? It is proved that the wormwood keeps the aroma longer than all herbs.

Often this recipe is corrected, forcing down sharp aroma sugar. Just it to do and it is impossible — the glucose which is contained in it neutralizes useful acids. Other extreme — addition of alcohol or vodka that too is undesirable at diarrhea.

It is possible to appease regular pains by means of a bathtub from a wormwood. For this purpose the pan and a bunch of a grass which needs to be filled in with water is required capacious (at least 5 l) and to bring to boiling. Having seen it, at once remove capacity from a plate, cover and for a while set aside aside. After that broth is poured out in a basin directly with stalks and heated in this liquid of a leg (10-15 minutes). Of course, water has to be moderately hot.

Unpleasant feelings will pass after 5-7 repetitions. Let's note that for strengthening of effect some put the steamed branches on knees, having pressed them hands, thereby supplementing effect of liquid. In parallel it is possible to practice also internal reception: 1 tsp of dry collecting — can also be taken in mixes with a glass of boiled water, 1 hour of a sediment with further decantation on 1 tablespoon after meal. The course at the same time is not limited. In this recipe the dry grass can be replaced fresh, but in bigger quantity: one spoon, but already table.

The wormwood also suits for treatment of a stomach. In such cases the compounding depends on a concrete disease. So, at gastritis against the background of the increased acidity only leaves of this plant undertake. They in equal shares are stirred with the crushed parts of leaves of a camomile, mint, a yarrow and a sage. Having received 2 tsps of mix, they are filled in with a habitual glass of boiled water and 3 hours insist in densely closed capacity. Accept means once, in 30-40 minutes prior to food, surely hot (at a warming up track that mix did not begin to boil, namely got warm).

Important! Combining reception of such means with other medicines, surely read the instruction to factory drugs — perhaps, the wormwood cannot be combined with them.

In a case with heavy feeling it is still simpler — 2 tablespoons of dry material are made in boiled water and maintained 15 minutes in a water bath. The cooled-down and decanted broth is drunk on 1 tablespoon, for half an hour before each meal (within 3 days). It is possible to improve taste, having added a little honey.

For rinsings infusion from leaves is used:

  • leaflets are put in the enameled container more densely;
  • then they are filled in with boiled water (but not boiled water). Not to lose with a temperature, it is enough to set aside the begun to boil teapot for a couple of minutes;
  • let's preparation infuse until it cools down up to the comfortable temperature;
  • having scooped liquid in a cup, accurately rinse an affected area, trying that the structure got on healthy gums less.

You will notice that pain considerably abated, and after several approaches disappeared at all.

It is easy to remove warts by means of infusion. The scheme habitual already (1 tsp of dry collecting and a glass of boiled water) assumes reception of an incomplete tablespoon of mix approximately for an hour to food. With papillomas business is more complex — they are driven, generally oil:

  • first of all crush seeds in number of 25 g;
  • then they are sent to the glass jar scalded by boiled water, without having forgotten to spread out as it is possible more evenly. Right there also olive oil (0.5 glasses) is filled in;
  • all this is carefully mixed and covered;
  • after 3 days of a sediment in the cool place the preparation is decanted and drink 5 drops four times a day (the maximum duration of a course — two weeks then the break is necessary).

Whether you know? Archeologists found out that in the ancient time branches of a wormwood were used as means of embalming.

Some use strong ointment: add to 100 g of melted pork fat as much a wormwood, disturb and put cold. 2-3 procedures for the night are enough for much. But too frequent such manipulations cannot be done: dermatologists advise to maintain a 2-month break between courses.

Separate subject — a wormwood in all its manifestations from parasites which is effective only at exact knowledge as to accept it. The effect can give the most plain infusion which is taken on 1 tablespoon for half an hour to food (once a day). The recipe is familiar to much: 1 tablespoons of a grass, a glass of boiled water and 2 hours of the closed sediment with further decantation. Many increase number of receptions to the 3rd in day, diluting infusion with milk in hope quicker than lime of parasites. But doctors note that milk, on the contrary, creates those all conditions for stay in an organism. If there are no problems with arterial blood pressure, one more recipe will approach:

  • several garlic gloves split up in gruel and disturb with a wormwood teaspoon half;
  • after that fill in 0.75 l of hot wine;
  • sediment term — 5 days;
  • norm of reception: at most two glasses a day (but it is better after all one).

At a sharp phase of an askaridoz everything can reach an enema. There is also such liquid. Prepare it from 1 tablespoon of collecting and the onions peel which is filled in with boiled water liter. 15 minutes of a water bath with cooling — and after decantation can be entered.

Important! Keep in mind that in a case with helminths, similar broths cannot be taken as prophylactic — at too plentiful reception they are capable to break motility of a stomach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team