Causes of mastopathy

Causes of mastopathy

female breast pain is the frequent phenomenon connected with a hormonal background of an organism of a fine half of mankind. It is the symptom speaking about an aberration. Usually it happens at menstrual bleedings, pregnancy, the period of maturing, a lactation and other changes. One of diseases – mastopathy at which there is a change of pieces of tissue of mammary gland in the form of consolidations. Usually it is treated by conservative methods, and there are no special concerns, but you should not forget that if not to pay attention, then it can give complications.

Mastopathy – very widespread disease which occurs in every fifth woman of middle age and if earlier only such representatives had it, then already at enough young girls. Mastopathy can lead to a breast cancer therefore it is worth being careful of this disease. The cause of mastopathy in modern time can be a little:

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  • Changes of hormonal fund of a female body which reasons is present addictions – improper feeding, stresses, diets for weight loss and early sex life.
  • Now is the reason of mastopathy abortions which are often performed at young girls as a result of what the hormonal fund sharply changes.
  • Now many given rise women refuse natural food, feed children in the artificial way. And it leads to change of protective forces of an organism and the correct development of an endocrine system.
  • In the modern world of a pit is on the first place, and it affects an otvlekaniye from private life therefore first labor can be late.
  • Mastopathy is very widespread among women who gave birth only once. It is the reason of recession of hormonal fund.
  • From all these points it should be taken into account that it is necessary to conform to certain rules and to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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