Cellulitis - ways of fight

Cellulitis - ways of fight

– a present problem. Though, in fact, it was always, but in a pursuit of a beautiful body and a figure, present girls and women try in all ways to remove this esthetically ugly fragment. And so what is it?

Cellulitis or lipodistrofiya (a linden – fatty tissue, and dystrophy - violation) are stagnant changes in hypodermically fat cellulose which are characterized by violation of blood circulation and a lymph. Generally, disease unpleasant. Yes, a disease as foreign and domestic doctors consider. There is even a special classification which I do not think that it will be interesting to you. The main issue – how to fight against this phenomenon?

  1. The first what it is worth paying attention to, so is transition to correct and food is healthier. Incorrectly not balancing food does huge harm and is on the first place on the cause of cellulitis.
  2. The second rule – drink more water and which is sold in big tanks now – 5, 10 and 25 liters. Than better? More economically. And water from the crane concedes the maintenance of minerals and minerals many times over. Any soft carbonated drinks and tea. Drink water on an extent of all day, for the night try not to use because of possible emergence of puffiness. Any coffee, alcoholic products, smoking of tobacco and other addictions. All of them slow down normal functioning of metabolism of the person. Eat healthy food, any semi-finished products, hot dogs, pizza and other objects of a fust-food.

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  1. Eat less or in general exclude smoked products and preservatives. Do not use a lot of salt which detains water in an organism. Try to count the approximate number of calories a day. In fact, if you eat healthy and low-calorie food, then it is optional to consider. But nevertheless do, especially it is recommended for beginners.
  2. Massage at cellulitis – an obligatory measure of fight against a disease. Massage by means of the hands or with automatic installation is generally used. The first option is convenient for performance of the house, it is not necessary to go anywhere. The main thing in such massage – everyday performance, without rest and intervals.
  3. Specialized cream against cellulitis it is almost possible to buy everywhere – shops, supermarkets and drugstores. Their use needs to be combined with application of other means, that is an integrated approach. By the way, in the modern market it is possible to find easily gel variations against cellulitis with a massage nozzle. Both simply, and more conveniently, and more usefully.
  4. Srubs which improve a condition of an integument are applied against cellulitis. At once after that are recommended to use ointments and gels against cellulitis with massage. It is also possible to use obvertyvaniye most of which often do in beauty shops. For the maximum effect the procedures are performed every 3-4 day.
  5. And so, the most important nuance for prevention and treatment of cellulitis – active physical activities by means of which it is possible to remove most effectively excess fat deposits and to give to the figure esthetically beautiful view.

What is recommended? First of all, it is cardiological trainings – run, swimming, sports walking, cycling, playing big and table tennis, fitness with small scales.

Work in gym also belongs to very effective exercises, the excess fat deposits which as soon as possible are removing. But do not forget that it is necessary to work with the experienced trainer, otherwise loadings and exercises will give the wrong effect.

  1. Visit of saunas and baths – a good additional tool for elimination and prevention of cellulitis. Also remember that everything needs to be done in a complex, to combine ways, and then the effect will be guaranteed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team