Color contact lenses"

Color contact lenses"

of beauty of the woman, certainly, are her eyes. For various reasons, color of their eyes did not arrange many ages of women. They tried in different ways, sometimes unsafe for health, to change it that sometimes led to deplorable consequences.

This dilemma remains relevant and presently. But, today the modern medicine managed to resolve this eternal problem, having provided color contact lenses. Today, contact lenses, except esthetic, own also cosmetic effect, hiding various defects, such as pigmentary spots on an iris of the eye or a cataract.

The main questions arising at persons interested to change color of eyes, by means of contact lenses are connected with a question: Whether "They will do much harm?" Such fair question arises because, color contact lenses contain dye which, theoretically, can do harm to an eye, by means of hit of paint in an eye or blackouts of a field of vision at expansion of a pupil.

But, you should not worry. The painted contact lenses, contain dye which is located not on the plane adjacent, directly, to an eye, and in thickness of a lens that allows to prevent its hit on a belochny cover of an eye. Besides, it is absolutely harmless that was proved by the long-term researches conducted in different independent laboratories.

In a projection of a pupil of a lens have no pigment so difficulties with sight will never arise as also perception of flowers will not be distorted. A uniform exception of this rule, carrying lenses at bad lighting when the pupil is exposed to strong expansion is. In this case the owner of color lenses can see the painted edges that will lead to insignificant deterioration in the review. Therefore those who carries lenses are not recommended to perform any high-precision operations or operations which demand good reaction in twilight. Otherwise, if to be in the room with very bright light, when narrowing a pupil the edges of an iris of the eye painted in natural color, but it, even will be illuminated, will give to the carrier of color lenses of a certain uniqueness.

At eye injuries sometimes there is a peeling of a retina of an eye operation rather painless and is carried out to one or two visits of hospital

One more, but already well-founded fear when carrying color contact lenses, is connected with development of inflammatory processes in eyes as this, after all, alien body. To avoid this complication, at the decision to use lenses, it is necessary to consult to the ophthalmologist who will help to pick up contact lenses correctly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team