Correct belly diafragmalny breath

Correct belly diafragmalny breath

Who could think that it is possible to breathe not only a breast, but also a diaphragm. The last look is ignored by all women, wishing to have a flat stomach. Though such breath the most correct and useful to a human body. In what its advantage?


  1. Diafragmalnoye or breath by a stomach (belly) is made with participation of a diaphragm. During a breath it is compressed and lowered down, and at an exhalation — is lifted to top to push out air from lungs. At the same time the stomach on a breath is weakened and stuck out. During this look all volume of lungs participates.
  2. Chest is divided into clavicular and costal. Clavicular — the type which is carried out by means of clavicles: on a breath of a clavicle rise, on an exhalation fall. Most often so elderly people breathe, involving only 1/5 from the total amount of lungs. Costal — it is made with the participation of intercostal muscles. The last are responsible for expansion of a thorax during a breath and compression on an exhalation. It is the most widespread, but not the most optimum type which uses the bigger number of people.

Whether you know? Newborn babies breathe by means of a diaphragm. Over time they begin to breathe by means of a breast.

Advantage of such breath

Diafragmalny breath its advantage does not represent for the person any harm, and here, in particular, and for development of a voice, it is proved for a long time. During a usage time of this look blood of the person is saturated with oxygen more, than under any other circumstances. It promotes improvement of activity of a cardiovascular system.

The volume of lungs is involved completely. The body is filled with air, and ventilation improves. Diafragmalny breath does not create obstacles for work of organs of articulation therefore the voice of the person is also transformed: becomes more beautiful.

Whether you know? The inhaled air contains 21% of oxygen while the human body needs only 5%.

Diaphragm, carrying out the movement on a breath and an exhalation, massages internals that improves their functioning. Also this version positively influences intestines, saves the person from a lock, swelling and other. With its help it is possible even to improve a condition of skin that will reduce quantity of pimples and will save from appearance of wrinkles.

Rules of the technology of performance

Technology of diafragmalny breath is applied correctly only if during the conversation or singing there is a feeling that air presses on a diaphragm. It as if is displaced to a bottom, and lungs stretch, being filled completely with air. You have an air reserve for the beautiful speech.

The regularity of performance of exercises for a training of a diaphragm and increase in volume of lungs will make your breath almost imperceptible. The main thing — persistence and the sequence. To have down to a science such equipment at all it is difficult therefore stock up with patience.

Interesting breathing exercises exist in yoga - an uddiyana of a bandh, a mule of a bandh, Jalandhar of a bandh.

There are 4 main exercises for development of diafragmalny breath:

  • Simple concentration. A starting position — sitting. Be weakened and breathe a diaphragm. Close eyes and concentrate on diafragmalny movements. Feel them.
  • Movement of the book. A starting position — lying on a back. Arrange the heavy book on a stomach. Begin to breathe. Watch how the book moves (down-up).
  • Breath of a dog. A starting position — on all fours. The mouth is open, the stomach is relaxed. Begin is speeded up to breathe. Feel the movement of a diaphragm.

Important! Be careful: too frequent breaths can cause hallucinations. As soon as felt a headache, stop exercise.

  • Reduction of volume of a breath exhalation. Eyes are closed. Try to consume at a breath the smallest amount of air, as well as at an exhalation. Soon the feeling of air flow will pass in a nose, and you will begin to feel diafragmalny movements. Occupation has to repeat regularly. Be not fanatical, consider possibilities of own body.

Important! Too deep and frequent breath can cause a hyperventilation of lungs, a headache and loss of consciousness.


Diafragmalny breath is contraindicated to those who have predisposition to a hypertension. Before starting performance of exercises, consult with the doctor.

Breath by means of a diaphragm is prevention from a set of diseases. It increases ability to work, improves the general health, oxygenates a cage. To all other, such look promotes production of the correct speech. If you have no contraindications to exercises, begin to breathe correctly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team