Correct dream

Correct dream

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sleep and good early awakening – pledge of all forthcoming day. And for this reason we try to have a rest more to gain strength before the new working day. However, many factors interfere with implementation of some rules which can strongly affect a condition of morning awakening and impose a negative deposit on all future period. Governed only a little, at once It is necessary to tell that some of them need to be developed over time. Do you, most likely, ask whether is available in view of the correct schedule for with the correct hours for falling asleep? Yes, of course, not without it, but we will try to consider only a necessary minimum.

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And so, the first that wants to be told, is that the human body needs only 5-6 hours for a dream that to restore physical balance. If it is slightly more, it is fine if it is less, there will be a drowsiness, fatigue a little, but nevertheless is normal for performance of all important physical and labor functions. And so, several hours will restore you. It is necessary to lay down in 22.00 – 23.00, it is possible for an hour earlier, but not later. If you have a brought-down dream mode, then it is necessary to restore it, the organism will get used for few weeks. It is the best of all to wake up hours in 6.00 – 7.00, at once to run to wash and make a useful breakfast.

The second, is good walk before going to bed. Only it is not necessary, to strain an organism evening run, a horizontal bar, bars and other physical exercises which do not recommend to carry out before going to bed in 3-4 hours. The optimal variant is a short walk down the street, to the park or just on the yard within 10 – 15 minutes then you will come home, take a cool or contrast shower and you will go to bed.

The third is the correctly chosen place for a lodging for the night. If you sleep at home more, then the prepared bed has to correspond to main rules. The bed should not be too soft, with a huge pillow and the small sizes. Personally I prefer to sleep on a floor and from which I am separated by a small mattress, and a pillow at me absolutely low. It is possible to get used pretty fast, just the dream on the rigid place favorably influences a backbone which often at morning awakening begins a little, and even more to ache. And the small pillow removes stress of cervical department that allows to eliminate quickly the physical tension gained for all day.

Observance at least of these three rules will allow you to bring a positive contribution in your sleepy rest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team