Diet at pimples

Diet at pimples

rashes at awkward age – unpleasant nuance which disturbs many teenagers from year to year. All this is physiology at which there is a change of a metabolism and the hormonal fund is replaced. At the same time there are skin rashes on a face which are unpleasant both feelings, and appearance.

Whether there is special food or a diet at such reorganization of an organism? Of course yes. I will not tell that there will be a phenomenon of absolute effect, but the healthy nutrition will make the contribution to this phenomenon.

Each adult passed through it and therefore these unpleasant experiences are clear to him, the physiology dictates the rules. However, if all symptoms to keep for a long time, then it is worth becoming thoughtful – from where all this proceeds?

The first that needs to be made, so it to address the expert who will direct you to testing to exclude various diseases which can be shown in the form of skin rashes and an itch. The main diseases are disorders of digestive tract, allergic reactions, nervous breakdowns, hormonal violations and others. Personally I advise to check a condition of a digestive tract at which various diseases – gastritises, colitis and other violations of a mucous membrane of a stomach and a 12-perstny gut can come to light. In general, even changes in the mechanism of absorption and a delay of leftovers in a digestive tract can cause skin reactions as hazardous substances begin to be soaked up because of long advance of masses in intestines. The treatment choice – cleaning actions. These are methods of traditional medicine, medicines for cleaning of intestines and also mechanical variations are enemas.

The following level of treatment – transition to the healthy and healthy nutrition.

  1. Is the liquid food consisting of the vitaminized elements more.
  2. Try to drink more often kefir – it the product brings unnecessary slags out of an organism.
  3. In general, the diet is based on the use of products in which to contain those vitamins which as much as possible influence a condition of an integument and functioning of all glands in skin. A source of vitamin A are greens (spinach, a sorrel, fennel and parsley), fish and cod-liver oil, berries – a dogrose, a mountain ash and currant. Vitamin E contains in grain crops, greens and walnuts. Group B vitamins in big of quantity are acquired with bean cultures and bakery products, but the torments which are not prepared from the premiums!
  4. Eat more fresh fruit, vegetables and greens. During an autumn and winter time it is difficult to find all summer diet, but substitutes enough. Eat products which are peculiar to a season, there are in the fall those fruit which e was earlier – for example, persimmon or pomegranate. Use in the winter preservatives which were closed in the summer – jam, marrow and eggplant caviar and other. Generally, everything that is useful.

In fact, such healthy diet has to be always, just it is worth neglecting dishes which are your addiction as are very tasty and a little useful.

Each person has preferences and digestion which differently reacts to the use and digestion of products. Therefore everyone has the individual plan for fight against skin rashes. To each their own. And if there are products which cause allergic reactions, then at once it is necessary to exclude any their use.

And now it is concrete that it is better not to use during such skin rashes:

  • • Any bitter dishes! Exclude for a while all bitter seasonings – pounded red pepper, black pepper, mustard, horse-radish. Eat garlic and onions less.
  • • Any peresol! Exclude marinades – barrel salty tomatoes and cucumbers, the put too much salt sauerkraut (fresh-salted cabbage will go to you for the future), marinated dishes and other.
  • • Eat the bakery products which are especially prepared from the flour premiums less. Use bread from the second grades, bran, rice, corn.
  • • It is less than sweet! Replace sacchariferous products with fresh fruit and berries.
  • • It is less than farinaceous food!
  • • You treat with care products in which to contain many carbohydrates – we will allow eggs. By the way, this product often causes rashes at the expense of the especially structure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team