Doctor Butrimov's gymnastics for cervical department

Doctor Butrimov's gymnastics for cervical department

Alexander Butrimov is the author of the curative program aimed at treatment and prevention of diseases of cervical department of a backbone. The principle of remedial gymnastics is in full relaxation and a muscle strain. Regular performance of a complex will help to normalize blood circulation in a cervical collar, to increase flexibility and elasticity of muscles and also will save from cervical osteochondrosis.

Essence of gymnastics of Butrimov

The medical complex of Butrimov is under construction on active use of east directions, such as Daoyin yanshen Gong. Exercises, simple for performance, are directed to concentration of power in certain parts of a body that, in turn, promotes the speedy recovery.

Whether you know? Literal translation of Daoyin yanshen Gong means regulation of a body, breath and mind by means of exercises daoin.

Complex technique, for achievement of desirable result it is necessary to carry out daily the program and to lead only a healthy lifestyle, trying to avoid stressful situations.

Indications and contraindications

The special complex is recognized as highly effective and safe, however there is a number of indications and contraindications to which it is necessary to pay attention before the program.


  • cervical osteochondrosis;
  • chronic headaches;
  • frequent dizziness;
  • spasms of muscles in cervical department;
  • inactive way of life;
  • breakdown;
  • diseases of a bone and muscular system;
  • rehabilitation after injuries of a neck.

Learn how to get rid of a cervical backbone pains.


  • violation of normal functioning of heart (defeat of an external soyedinitelnotkanny cover of heart, muscular center of heart, inside layer of a cover of a wall of heart, valve device of heart, heart vessels);
  • clinic of defeat of backs of a brain;
  • sharp inflammatory diseases;
  • damage of a spinal cord;
  • internal hemorrhage;
  • spasm of a vertebral artery.

Medical complex for cervical department

Important point of a medical complex is a high-quality warm-up. Delicately warm a vorotnikovy zone the massing movements, at will it is possible to use the warming ointment. Further carry out such exercises:

  1. Get up directly, legs at shoulder length, you hold the head exactly. Slowly extend a neck forward, thereby extending it. Return to SP (starting position) and take away a neck back so that your chin appeared over a thorax.
  2. Occupy SP. Accurately incline the head to a limit aside, trying to put the head on a shoulder. You should not be overzealous if physical data do not allow to hang the head so low, choose situation, optimum for you.
  3. Make a breath and at the exit slowly incline the head down. Return to SP and make the same in the opposite direction. If this exercise was given you with ease, try the complicated version — after a ducking stretch a chin to a breast as far as you will be able and return to normal situation.

Important! Listen to the body and an organism if performance of exercises brings only discomfort — stop a course and consult with the attending physician.

  1. Hang the head by 45 degrees and slowly turn it in each of the parties serially. At turn of the head you seek to take a position in which ears are directed to a ceiling and to a floor. The main thing — do not do sharp gusty movements.
  2. Incline the head in any of the parties and stretch the top in the same direction — so you will provide additional stretching.
  3. Become exactly and try to draw with a chin a circle. Gradually extending and returning to SP, do circular movements. Do not forget to change the direction of circular motions.

Preventive course

Preventive charging — a great way to get healthier and prevent appearance of undesirable illnesses:

  1. Sit down and put one palm on a forehead. Execute a ducking down, showing at the same time small resistance a hand. Time for one inclination — 15 seconds. The number of repetitions — 15/20 times.
  2. Occupy SP and this time arrange a palm around a temple. Execute a ducking aside, in passing showing it resistance a hand. Duration of one inclination — 12 seconds. The number of repetitions — 10 times.
  3. Get up directly, legs at shoulder length. Slowly turn the head in any of the parties to a limit, and later repeat in opposite I will shift. The number of repetitions — 10 times.
  4. Sit down on a chair, lower hands along a body. On a breath as much as possible raise shoulders and record them in this situation for 15 seconds. On an exhalation return to SP and as much as possible relax. Repeat exercise of 12 times.
  5. Important part in a preventive complex — massage. It is the best of all to resort to assistance, but if there is no such opportunity — exactly sit down and begin to mass cervical department accurately.

Whether you know? The longest neck in the world — 40 cm. Her owner lives in Burma and was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

Rules of performance

For obtaining desirable result and prevention of traumatizing accurately conform to the rules of performance of exercises:

  1. Carry out a complex daily, for the best effect — several times a day. At the admission of a training you lose the achieved success. It is recommended to carry out a complex in the morning after awakening and in the evening before going to bed.
  2. If you have a sedentary work, carry out 5-minute warm-ups each several hours.
  3. Gradually increase a head tilt angle. Do not try to develop a cervical belt by 180 degrees. Find a position, comfortable for you, and every day increase a corner of a turn or an inclination a little, so you as much as possible will stretch sheaves and prevent developing of new injuries.
  4. Eat properly. Food which you eat has to contain vitamins, proteins, minerals and amino acids, necessary for intervertebral disks.
  5. Drink enough water. Norm for the adult — 2 liters a day.

Butrimov's gymnastics — a set of exercises which correct performance will allow to get rid to you of cervical osteochondrosis, headaches and dizzinesses.

Important! Carry out movements smoothly, avoiding sharp breakthroughs. So you will be able to stretch as much as possible muscles, thereby having strengthened them.

When performing a course it is recommended to support a healthy lifestyle (healthy nutrition, an accurate daily routine), so you receive desirable result quicker.

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