Dogrose oil: for what and how to accept"

Dogrose oil: for what and how to accept"

It is known that the wild-growing and cultivated dogrose is not a just nice prickly bush with the fragrant pink colors passing into bright red fruits, it also really the herb having the wide range of application in the form of specific bitterish oil which people use not only in the medical purposes, but also for appearance faces (from wrinkles) and vitamin food of hair.

Chemical composition

Shipovnikovy oil represents golden yellow-red liquid, with characteristic specific aroma, something reminding prunes and also with ill-defined bitterish smack. Apply to direct receiving this vegetable means, as a rule, two ways: hot extraction or cold pressing.

The first way is characterized by use of special chemical solvents and strong thermal influence that rather negatively affects quality of the developed product — more sparing the second, allows to keep the useful and enriched chemical composition which "the liquid sun" is so appreciated in oil.

Whether you know? The people of Greece connect a dogrose with an ancient legend of the great goddess Aphrodite. According to legends, the goddess painfully experienced favourite Adonis's death, murdered a wild wild boar on hunting therefore she, blinded by pain, rushed to dense bushes of a dogrose where she was wounded with thorns and sprinkled with the blood the earth from which, finally, the fine red rose grew.

Chemical composition of oil:

  • polyunsaturated fatty acids: linoleic, olein and linolenic;
  • saturated / to: miristinovy, palmitic;
  • vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, E;
  • macrocells: magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus;
  • minerals: copper, strontium, manganese, molybdenum.

Useful and medicinal properties

The range of useful and medicinal properties of a product rather great, main advantage of the oil consists in broad coverage as aggravated, and chronic human problems:

  • helps at bilious zastoyakh and cholecystitis;
  • has the healing effect at ulcer damages of digestive tract and duodenum;
  • strengthens regeneration of soft fabrics at cuts, grazes, wounds, decubituses, zayed;
  • strengthens walls of blood vessels and interferes with education on them atherosclerotic plaques;
  • quickly helps to heal cracks on nipples at the feeding mothers;
  • improves exchange processes in an organism;
  • maintains humoral and cellular immunity;
  • normalizes a dream;
  • has the expressed anti-inflammatory effect.

Application inside and outwardly

Medicinal substances which are possessed by dogrose oil are capable to have positive impact on the general therapy in gynecology, otolaryngology, dermatology and cosmetology.

Important! It is possible to apply means outwardly and inside, however, in the latter case, it is necessary to get preliminary permission of the attending physician.

In cosmetology and dermatology

For the cosmetology purposes shipovnikovy oil is used for removal of a syndrome of the angry skin, for protection against harmful effects of ultraviolet rays and also as the softening and vitamin massage means. The product perfectly helps women to keep beauty and freshness of the withering and dry face skin, to get rid of dark stains under eyes and to considerably slow down process of aging of epidermis in general.

Besides, thanks to curative properties of oil from a dogrose, it is possible to get rid of extensions which can arise at girls because of an unstable hormonal background, sharp enrollment or weight reduction and the recent period of pregnancy quickly.

In traditional medicine

In traditional medicine medicine from a dogrose is successfully used by several millennia in such cases:

  • for treatment of the complicated sinusitis (in the form of nasal drops);
  • at inflammations of a throat and trachea;
  • at cracks on nipples at the feeding women;
  • for reduction of symptoms of skin dermatitis and stomach ulcer of a GIT.

In cookery

In the extensive field of cookery the oil product also found the application, but use it in rather small quantities because of characteristic sourish smack. As a rule, it well supplements dessert dishes, some types of salads and porridges.

Read also about useful properties and application of vegetable oils: castor, coconut, avocado and also essential oils: cedar, fir and tea tree.

Recipes of application

Recipes of beauty with addition of oil of a dogrose differ in the simplicity and advantage for a body and as it was already told above, its wide range of opportunities allows to use means not only for head skin and a face (including around eyes), but also allows to drip it in a nose and to grease a sore throat.

For a face and lips

For preservation of youth and beauty of the person with little effort, it is possible to use such easy ways daily:

  • the cleaning wiping. For this manipulation it is necessary to moisten a blank cotton pad in hot water, further to drip on it 2 drops of oil and to accurately wipe with it a face on lines of smaller stretching of an integument;
  • use of oil as nutritious night cream. For this purpose it is necessary to apply a small amount of a dogrose to face skin and to distribute the easy "driving-in" movements. Then to leave for 10 minutes, after — to get wet with paper cosmetic wipes;
  • the product can be used successfully as protection for lips in windy weather and for treatment zayed in mouth corners. For this purpose it is necessary to apply 1-2 drops on the chosen front site and to slightly rub it accurately on a contour.

Important! It is necessary to remember that it is undesirable to apply this means on oily or problem skin of the person, it can aggravate a problem considerably.

Popular nutritious face packs with addition of shipovnikovy oil for dry face skin:

  • Recipe 1. Feeding and cleaning.

2 tablespoons of the crushed Herculean flakes are made milk and allowed them to inflate. Add a teaspoon of oil to the received weight and carefully stir. Musk needs to hold on a face not less than 15 minutes.

  • Recipe 2. Anti-aging and rejuvenating.

The tablespoon of wheat germ oil and dogrose connect to two drops of essential oils patchouli and geraniums. The received mix should be infused minutes 10, then to put and hold accurately on a face till the morning.

For hair

Any professional tools with dogrose oil addition will be suitable for the overdried and limp hair, however independently prepared masks are capable to yield not less good result.

  • Recipe 1. From a hair loss.

1 h the spoon of a dogrose mixes up with 1 tablespoon of liquid honey and 1 tablespoon of onion puree. Ready mix is applied with massage movements on roots, and then keeps on the head during a quarter of hour. It is necessary to wash away a mask with shampoo.

  • Recipe 2. For the intensive growth of hair.

Our main ingredient from a dogrose needs to be mixed with 1 h a honey spoon, slightly to warm up the received mix, and then to add to it 1 tablespoon of onions juice. Musk should apply on roots, and then to warmly wrap up the head with a towel. It is necessary to wash away means through an hour and a half.

  • Recipe 3. For strengthening and moistening of hair on all length.

100 gr. beer, 1 egg yolk and 1.5 spoons of a dogrose mix carefully up and applied on all length of hair. Then the head it is necessary to wrap up and sustain a two-hour period. The mask is washed away in the habitual way.

From extensions

From prevention and treatment of extensions on body skin shipovnikovy oil is applied in pure form and also in a complex with other essential emollient oils: from grape seed, almond, jojoba and wheat germs. The prepared mix should be applied on parts of the body the most subject to damages: on a stomach, a waist, hips and a breast.

How to choose upon purchase

Unfortunately, dogrose oil quite often is exposed to falsification for increase in efficiency of production, neutral vegetable components are added to valuable raw materials, tint it and flavor artificial substances and extracts. Therefore, for implementation of a right choice, it is necessary to get acquainted gradually with products of numerous producers and to consider information on methods of receiving a product and on its additional additives.

It is also important to remember some simple rules:

  • the means received by way of cold pressing will be the best option, in this case all nutritious and vitamin components remain in the original form;
  • upon purchase of oil in drugstore or specialized shop the consultant will be able (it is obliged!) to provide you the certificate of quality on these goods;
  • the real oil has to be transparent, with a characteristic reddish shade and light slightly bitter taste. In the offered capacity there should be no muddy deposit;
  • the aroma of a product has to remind a wood basis slightly.

How to store in house conditions

As a rule, oil of a prickly bush keeps the useful properties, at the room temperature, within half a year, but if to place a bubble in the fridge, it is possible to prolong means life up to one and a half years. The lid should be closed from capacity as it is possible more densely to avoid possible early oxidation of a product.

Contraindications and precautionary measures

As well as any other means, for this oil has some contraindications to which before application surely it is necessary to pay attention:

  • means is not recommended to people with heart failure, thrombophlebitis and an endocarditis;
  • doctors do not recommend chronic ingestion because of a possibility of suppression of functions of the insulyarny device of a pancreas;
  • oil can cause allergic reactions in the form of rash and red spots, but such manifestations happen because of overdose by means more often.

Not to cause side effects even in the healthy person, it is necessary to observe the recommended precautionary measures:

  • people cannot accept oil with fat type of the skin especially inclined to such manifestations as pimples or an acne — it can significantly aggravate a problem;
  • when using means for reduction of scars, it is necessary to consider extent of healing of the site. Oil cannot be applied on open damages.

Whether you know? Ancient Romans read a dogrose as a symbol of purity and morality, the Slavic people — as a symbol of a men's stata. Fragrant flowers were used in dresses of brides, and a beautiful beads and bracelets were made of red fruits.

The nature generously presented mankind with curative plants, one of which is the dogrose, and the oil received from it will always be highly appreciated in traditional medicine and cosmetology as a well of useful substances and vitamins.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team