Drinks against insomnia

Drinks against insomnia

mad world is full of a stress and alarms. As a result the usual dream turns into luxury goods.

Today it will be a question of how by means of natural means to fall asleep quicker. These are not pharmaceutical medicines, but natural drinks which can be slapped together before going to bed. They will help you to calm down, relax and steep to the world of pleasant dreams.

  1. Cherry and vanilla drink.

Cherry contains hormone of a daily cycle – melatonin. He is responsible for coordination of biorhythms. Consumption of cherry and will help to normalize in the morning your schedule in the evening and will facilitate withdrawal for sleeping. Vanilla has the calming properties, it is recommended for stress relief and tension. You can use any sources of vanilla: vanilla stick, vanilla extract, vanilla sugar or vanillin.

For preparation of cherry and vanilla drink it will be required to you:

  • cherry juice, 150-200 ml.,
  • vanilla extract, 1-2 droplets.

Drink 200 ml. vyshnevy juice in the mornings and in the evenings (for an hour and a half to a dream). Add vanilla only to evening drink.

  1. Camomile and lavender tea.

The camomile has the calming properties. Contains in it apigenin which contacts cellular receptors of a brain and makes sedative impact on an organism. The efficiency of a camomile is confirmed with scientific research. The lavender was applied in an aromatherapy throughout centuries. She removes emotional concern and reduces activity of a brain. For preparation of camomile and lavender tea it will be required to you:

  • flowers of a lavender, 1 tsp,
  • flowers of a camomile, 1 tsp,
  • hot water, 200 ml.,
  • milk and honey, to taste.

Put flowers of a camomile and a lavender in a mug, fill in with boiled water, let's infuse 15 minutes and filter through a strainer. Add honey and milk to taste.

  1. Hot milk drink.

Milk contains tryptophane – the amino acid having the calming properties. Calcium helps to acquire tryptophane. Having drunk milk, temperature of your body will increase, having weakened and lulling you. Also milk is associated with maternal. There is an effect of placebo. After consumption of milk there are pleasant feelings of drowsiness and tranquility. You will fall asleep as the baby.

Honey stimulates production of insulin, helping tryptophane to turn into melatonin – sleep hormone. It is necessary to use nutmeg carefully – no more than a quarter of a teaspoon. He will present you sound, long-awaited sleep. Nutmeg contains the substances similar to tranquilizers which cause a dream, weaken and calm. For preparation of hot milk drink it will be required to you:

  • milk, 1 glass,
  • honey, to taste,
  • nutmeg, is no more than a quarter of a teaspoon.

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Warm up milk, add honey and nutmeg. It is necessary to take drink in 30 minutes prior to withdrawal for sleeping. Drink slowly, enjoying taste. Soon you will feel how the dream overcomes you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team