Dyagil: where grows dyagil from what it is useful and how to use in the medical purposes

Dyagil: where grows dyagil from what it is useful and how to use in the medical purposes

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Despite enormous and continuous development of pharmaceutical industry and huge amount of medicines which can be used for treatment of various diseases many prefer to ignore chemical drugs and to ask for the help the mother nature. And in it there is certain common sense, among a chasm of plants it is possible to find such which will help both to prevent and to cure many diseases.

One of such is dyagil medicinal which is useful both to women, and to men.

This two-year plant initially grew in the north of Europe and Asia, and now it is grown up in very many countries, such as Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and also in the Caucasus and the Urals. The grass belongs to family of umbrella. In height dyagil about 2.5 m expand, it has a large root and a single stalk at which there is a mucous raid.

Most often the dvukhletnik grows near reservoirs, on forest glades and among bushes. From June to August the grassy bush takes cover small flavovirent florets which at first gather in umbrella inflorescences, and then form spherical.

Whether you know? There is a legend that the angel for this reason his scientific name in Latin sounds Angelica that is translated as angel, the God's bulletin curative properties of this plant indicated. In the people the grassy bush is called a dudnik as in ancient times made small simple pipes of his stalks.

Investigating force of plants, pay attention to a tansy, a dogrose, a cornflower, a thyme, chicory.

The grassy plant has pronounced pleasant aroma, it is caused by the fact that all its parts contain essential oil, in dry roots up to 1%, in seeds — 0.3-1.5%, and in a stalk and foliage — no more than 0.1%. Roots dyagilya contain coumarins, furocoumarins, pitches, wax, bitter and tannins.

Also in a rhizome there are a lot of natural antioxidants, such as apple, acetic, valerian and angelikovy acids. In addition, the dudnik contains sugar, pectins, carotene, calcium, phosphorus, borneol and starch.

Such rich structure allocates a herb with numerous useful properties. Nevertheless it is necessary to consider also that because of a large number of vegetable components in roots dyagilya there are also contraindications concerning reception of this means therefore before application it is necessary to study its description and to consult with the attending physician.

Has curative properties both a rhizome, and foliage dyagilya. The useful substances which are its part are capable to have beneficial effect on many systems of a human body. Bitterness and essential oils promote strengthening of appetite, normalize digestive process, eliminate pathogenic flora in intestines, acting in a role antiseptics.

Dudnik helps to struggle with mental disorders and neurosises and also is effective at treatment of insomnia. The acids which are a part work as the most powerful antioxidants, positively influence vessels and a blood system in general.

The grassy plant is applied to treatment of female infertility and also cystitis and at violations of a menstrual cycle. With the help dyagilya pneumonia and bronchitis treat. It is used for treatment of skin diseases of varying complexity also by etymologies. Besides all above-mentioned positive characteristics, the dudnik is a plant a melliferous herb. Dyagilevy honey has numerous useful properties.

Important! At the expense of the high content of B12 vitamin this grassy plant helps to lower cholesterol level in blood.

Dyagil it is possible to carry to the most useful and widely used vegetable means. The range of its application is very wide and many-sided.

This plant is widely used also in pharmaceutics, traditional and classical medicine. Dyagil is a part of many medicines, namely diuretic, sudorific, sedative, anti-inflammatory, anesthetizing and anti-spasmodic. Also a dudnik apply as the toning and all-strengthening means. This grass is very useful due to the expectorant action during treatment of bronchitis and cough.

Any plant can bring both advantage and harm, a secret in quantity and a method of application therefore it is important to know as it is correct to use pumpkin, ginger, corn, a barberry, blackberry, birch sap, pearl barley, a garden radish, strawberry, horse-radish.

This plant so versatile that with its help it is possible to make salads, the first and second courses or unsurpassed desserts. A root and leaves ways to impact to food interesting relish and improbable aroma.

Dyagil use in cookery as fresh, and in a dry form. Crude he is added to salads, due to sharpness and a pleasant smell any snack from vegetables becomes a culinary masterpiece.

From the cleaned root of a plant it is possible to make jam or jam, for this purpose it is necessary to crush it and to mix with sugar syrup and apples. Also from a root it is possible to prepare an excellent fruit candy, candied fruits and jam. Fresh stalks and leaves can be used for a stuffing of flour products, pies, pies and lavashes. As seasoning the dried-up roots and seeds of a dudnik can be added to soups and second courses — both meat, and vegetable.

Appreciated dyagil and in the perfumery industry. Take a fragrance which then is applied to production of spirits and colognes from it. Also with its help many cosmetics, products, soft and alcoholic beverages gain pleasant aroma.

Whether you know? About the state of health of the person it is possible to judge by his language: the one who is ill nothing will have light pink language, with an equal fold on the center and with the expressed nipples. The raid, a curvature of the central fold and change of color signal about violations in work of bodies and systems, and, above all — say that it is necessary to undergo inspection.

On the basis of this grass it is possible to prepare versatile medicines which effect is directed to fight and prevention of different diseases.

As tonic from dry roots of a plant it is possible to make tea. For this purpose it is necessary to take 1 part dyagilya and 1 part of black or green tea, to fill in the received mix with boiled water and to allow to infuse 5-10 minutes. It is better to take such drink till a lunch as it perfectly invigorates and promotes improvement of brain activity.

Decoction from this grass, root and seeds is used in different situations, namely:

Whether you know? Quite recently scientists from the USA approached a longevity secret solution a little, having studied habits and a way of life of group of people whose age is higher than 100 years, and problems with health at them are absent. And what is surprising, the mystery of long life without diseases — at all not in healthy food or lack of addictions, and in daily physical activities. It can be both work on economy, and dances or jogs, an indispensable condition — it is good to propotet.

For treatment of gout, rheumatism and waist pains it is possible to prepare infusion which then to add to bathtubs, and at oral application such means contributes to normalization of work of a GIT, is effective at fight against insomnia, cough, inflammations and nervous breakdowns. Preparation of infusion requires 0.5 tablespoons of a dry grass dyagilya and 1.5 glasses of boiled water. Raw materials are filled in with water and 1.5-2 hours allow to infuse, and then drink 50 ml 3 times a day or add 100 ml of infusion to a bathtub.

At infertility, helminthosis, problems with digestive tract, neuralgia, nervous exhaustion and an adynamy cook such tincture: 4 tablespoons of a root of the dried-up dudnik place in a glass vessel, fill in 1 l of vodka and leave in the dark cool place for 21 days. After this time tincture is drunk on 1 tablespoon by 3 times a day before food within 1-1.5 months.

Important! Women should stop intake of tincture in the period of periods and to renew only upon termination of critical days.

The root of a plant contains a large amount of essential oils which, in turn, are applied as the toning and krovoochishchayushchy means and also promote clarification of an organism and normalization of work of a GIT.

The oil extracted from roots dyagilya — irreplaceable means for fight against female diseases, including at a climax and violations of a menstrual cycle. Has antiseptic properties and also it is used at treatment of rheumatism.

Angelika's oil and in cosmetology as it promotes smoothing of wrinkles, to removal of inflammations is widely applied and it is rather effective at an acne disease.

From this plant it is possible to prepare antiparasitic ointment. For this purpose it is necessary to mix 1 tsp of seeds dyagilya with 1 tablespoon of a dry root of a cheremitsa and with lard at the rate of 1:4. That is 4 parts of fat and one part of vegetable components. Smear with ointment the parts of the body affected with louses or other parasites.

One more of merits, than this plant is famous, is a dyagilevy honey which is very useful and helps with permission of such problems with health as insomnia, nervous breakdowns, purifies blood, increases immunity and reduces pressure and also is used in complex therapy at treatment of an epileptic syndrome.

The root dyagilya is collected in 2 years after landing in order that in a plant useful substances managed to collect. Collect raw materials at the beginning of spring.

Important! It is impossible to confuse dyagil medicinal and dyagil forest at all, these are two absolutely different in structure and properties of a plant.

The root system has to be free of defects. After extraction from soil the tubers need to be cleaned from the earth and to wash out under flowing water, and then to cut across. Then they need to be dried well in the open air, in the room or the furnace. Here everything depends on weather conditions and opportunities. Foliage and stalks are collected after blossoming at the end of summer — an early autumn and also carefully dried. The dried-up preparations need to be packed and stored hermetically in the dry dark place no more than 3 years.

To application it is possible to distinguish the following from contraindications and restrictions:

  1. Pregnancy and lactation.
  2. Individual intolerance of components of medicine.
  3. After abortions.
  4. It is impossible to accept during periods and uterine bleedings.

It is necessary to refrain from intake of medicine:

During a usage time of a curative plant there can be such collateral reactions:

  1. Vomiting and nausea.
  2. High temperature.
  3. General malaise.

Important! At long reception of a herb it is necessary to avoid long stay in the open sun as dyagil has the photosensitizing effect.

Dyagil is very useful and universal plant which also is very simple for growing up on the seasonal dacha: it is enough to seed seeds of this grass and to provide good watering, and in 2 years you will be able independently to prepare raw materials. You should not forget that the dudnik in itself is not medicine, and before beginning to accept it, it is necessary to consult with the herbalist and the attending physician.

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