Effective exercises for a backbone at osteochondrosis of chest department

Effective exercises for a backbone at osteochondrosis of chest department

If you had a heartache against which nitroglycerine is powerless, and the cardiogram does not show deviations, it is quite possible that you faced such rare and artful disease as osteochondrosis of chest department of a backbone. It is possible to mix it not only with a heart attack and stenocardia. Pains can be felt also in a back and a stomach. How to struggle with this disease by means of physical exercises, we will talk in our material.

What is osteochondrosis of chest department

In chest department of a backbone there are 12 vertebras between which fibrous and cartilaginous formations — disks are located. Chest osteochondrosis is a violation of work of intervertebral disks because of big loadings and insufficient providing cartilaginous tissue with nutrients.

Whether you know? Doctor Sergey Bubnovsky for all the practice in health center did not write any prescription on receiving medicines.

Two types of pain with similar names are characteristic of chest osteochondrosis: dorsago and dorsalgiya. Let's consider features of each look.

Types of pain at chest osteochondrosis


Dorsago (chest lumbago)

The acute pain arising unexpectedly, usually when changing situation. Pain is so intensive and sharp that breath is at a loss.


Develops gradually, within 2–3 weeks. The intensity small and average, but most often is required use of anesthetics. Amplifies at night.

The main reasons for chest osteochondrosis — big physical activity, spine injuries. But on an equal basis with them the contribution to development of a disease is made also by a hypodynamia.

Long, almost motionless sitting at the computer or driving the car causes violation of work of the nervous terminations, leading to inflammation and pain. Carry to other causes of osteochondrosis still the wrong bearing and scoliosis.

Important! At emergence of the first symptoms of a disease it is necessary to address experts immediately. Chest osteochondrosis is dangerous not only the complicated diagnostics, but also sad consequences.

During a disease such complications are possible:

  • against the background of continuous inflammatory process, coronary vessels are narrowed that can lead to a heart attack;
  • because of attacks dorsago work of lungs and bronchial tubes becomes complicated, chronic diseases develop;
  • extremely painful intercostal neuralgia can strongly worsen quality of life;
  • the compression (squeezing) of a spinal cord is characterized by decrease in sensitivity, up to paralysis (partial or full).

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LFK as treatment method

Except for very neglected cases demanding only operation for treatment of chest osteochondrosis use various conservative methods which purpose — disposal of a pain syndrome, removal of inflammation and tension of the nervous terminations, blood circulation improvement.

Treat such methods: manual therapy, massage, kinezioterapiya, special diet, treatment by ultrasound and laser, psychotherapy, medicamentous medicines and MPE (medical physical education).

Important! Only the doctor as self-treatment can lead to deterioration in a state has to appoint LFK. The order of performance of exercises needs to be observed strictly.

Only the special gymnastics in a complex with other methods will help to make active a blood-groove, to kill pain and a muscular spasm, to restore fabrics.


The medical physical education has beneficial effect on a human body:

  • develops area of a thorax, increases mobility in this department;
  • strengthens a humeral belt and muscles of a back at the expense of what the correct and beautiful posture is formed;
  • improves ventilation of lungs that is especially important against the background of the complicated breath because of a pain syndrome;
  • creates a muscular corset which serves as prevention of a recurrence;
  • improves outflow of a lymph and current of blood in an organism;
  • promotes restoration of cartilaginous tissue;
  • helps to avoid complications (for example, hernias and protrusions).

We recommend to get acquainted with a complex of effective exercises for relaxation of muscles of a back.


It is contraindicated to carry out a complex of medical exercises at exacerbation of osteochondrosis and also in the following cases:

  • the restoration period after operation;
  • hypertensia and violations of a warm rhythm;
  • tumors, hematomas, inflammatory processes in backbone tissues;
  • the increased intraocular pressure, shortsightedness of high degree;
  • compression of a spinal cord.

Rules of trainings and preparation for them

Before starting occupations for treatment of osteochondrosis, it is necessary to study rules of their performance:

  • the program of trainings should be selected proceeding from age, sex, a constitution, ability to adapt to loadings;
  • the patient should not feel discomfort when performing exercises;
  • trainings have to be regular;
  • the complexity of exercises has to increase gradually.

For the greatest efficiency it is recommended to perform the following operations (step by step):

  1. To take a shower.
  2. To make soft massage, paying special attention to chest department of a backbone.
  3. To check pulse and pressure.
  4. To put on comfortable and free clothes from the natural, breathing materials.
  5. To do warm-up. Usual walking and couple of easy exercises can play its role.
  6. During the training to control breath which has to be quiet and not faltering.
  7. All movements have to be smooth, without excess sharpness.
  8. At the end of occupation to make an extension.

Exercises at osteochondrosis of chest department in house conditions

It is possible to start home trainings only with the permission of the attending physician. At the initial stage it will be ideal to master technology of performance under the leadership of the trainer.

House exercises need to be done in well aired room. At exacerbation of a disease, besides drugs, for reduction of pain breathing exercises are shown.

In several days after pain will a little cease, it is possible to execute the following:

  1. Lying on a back, to extend hands up, stretching all over.
  2. To bend-unbend legs around an ankle and knees.
  3. In a sitting position on a chair to raise shoulders and to cave in in chest department.

General exercises

These simple exercises will strengthen muscles, will help to reduce pain, will improve mobility of joints.

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Costing cultivation and the data of shoulders

Legs at shoulder length, back equal. Smoothly we lift hands to the level of shoulders, slightly bending in elbows. Palms are directed to a floor. We move hands forward to touch by thumbs of each other.

At this moment we round a back and we try to cramp shoulders, at the same time parting shovels. We come back to a starting position, we cramp shovels and we straighten shoulders. We do exercise at the slow rate of 10 times. Then we repeat the same, having developed hands palms up.

Data of shovels sitting

In a sitting position on a breath we cramp shovels, we hold them so 5 seconds and we come back to a starting position on an exhalation.

Deflection of a breast being on all fours

Being on all fours, on a breath as much as possible we round a back and we hang the head. In 5 seconds we come back to a starting position, raising the head up, and we do not move 5 more seconds.

Twisting on elbows

Being kneeling and leaning on elbows, we raise the right hand, we put on the right shoulder and we take an elbow aside, being as much as possible developed. We come back to a starting position. We repeat exercise for the left hand.

Twisting on straight arms

It is practically an analog of the previous exercise, with only that difference that the support goes on straight arms, and it is necessary to clasp not a shoulder, and a waist.

Extension of a razgibatel of a back

Sitting with the extended legs, to connect one hand to an opposite hip, and to put another on a nape. To make twisting of the case, having bent towards that hip on which the hand lies.

By Bubnovsky's technique

Doctor Bubnovsky, being an opponent of drug treatment of osteochondrosis, developed the whole complex which, besides physical exercises, the special diet and water procedures enter.

Get acquainted with a set of exercises for a backbone at osteochondrosis of cervical department of Bubnovsky's method.

There are several exercises developed by the doctor which can be added to the house gymnastics:

  1. Being on all fours, to exhale air and to be curved by an arch up. To stand, inhale, hold the breath for 10 seconds, to exhale.
  2. Sitting on a floor, to lean on a pillow. In hands — an expander which is attached at the level of eyes by means of a wall fixer with a carbine. It is necessary to pull an expander on himself thus as though you saw firewood.
  3. Legs at shoulder length, in hands a stick. To do turns in different directions.

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Yoga asanas

It will be interesting to admirers of yoga to learn what asanas can be done at problems with chest department of a backbone.

Learn more about treatment of osteochondrosis yoga.


The asana is carried out standing, exactly and not movably. A foot together, hips are strained, the stomach is pulled in, the backbone is straightened.


Helps to open a thorax, removes spasms and clips in a back and shoulders. Represents attack from a pose standing with a simultaneous raising of hands.


Widely known pose of a cobra. It is carried out lying on a stomach. The lower body strains, top rises and lasts up.

Measures of prevention of osteochondrosis

Any disease it is always easier to warn, than to treat. It concerns chest osteochondrosis fully.

For prevention it is recommended:

  • to move and play more sports;
  • to lower load of a backbone in operating time at the computer, to pick up a comfortable position of a body, to do periodic warm-ups of times an hour;
  • to avoid spine injuries, not to raise weight;
  • not to allow emergence of excess weight;
  • to pick up qualitative, moderately firm mattress for a dream.

Whether you know? Vadzhra of the yogi — the direction of yoga which directly is engaged in health of a backbone. Its essence consists in three principles: pulling, strengthening and relaxation. Any movements which can aggravate a condition of vertebral disks are excluded from this yoga.

Osteochondrosis of chest department of a backbone in the modern world meets more often. It is promoted a global computerization, frequent sitting driving the car that involves a hypodynamia and a lack of the movement. Pains at chest osteochondrosis both sharp, and chronic, strongly worsen quality of life therefore a disease it is necessary to treat in due time, without expecting when it passes in itself. With it you will be helped by the complex of physical exercises given in our article.

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