Ekhinatsey: from what helps also that treats how to accept

Ekhinatsey: from what helps also that treats how to accept

Officinal herbs are quite often used in fight against various diseases or just for increase in immunity. In our article we will tell what represents ekhinatseya and what it is applied to.

As looks and where purple grows ekhinatseya

Ekhinatsey purple is presented by a perennial grassy plant. Its height is from 80 to 130 cm. Florets are presented by big violet small baskets. Possesses direct stalks, radical foliage of an oval form.

Important! It is not necessary to use ekhinatsea tincture to men in couples planning pregnancy as it influences mobility of spermatozoa.

Treats photophilous, winter-hardy plants, grows on fertile soils better. Usually blossoming begins from second year of life and is about 75 days, since the end of May.

The homeland of an ekhinatsea is North America. In the 17th century the beautiful and useful flowers began to cultivate in Europe, and then and in the CIS countries. Initially ekhinatseya it was grown up only in the decorative purposes, and its medicinal properties were open only over time.

Chemical composition

Ekhinatsea tincture at cold — a great way to quickly restore health as in a plant there is a mass of useful components.

All parts of a grass can brag of the rich chemical composition. They contain essential oils, antioxidants, a large amount of very important organic acids, polysaccharides, tannins, vitamins A, With and E. Listva, florets and a rhizome are rich with iron, calcium, selenium and silicon.

The root system contains inulin, glucose, a betaine, fenolkarbonovy acids. Thanks to existence of these components, medicinal drinks allow to strengthen immunity and as soon as possible to get rid of some diseases.

Useful and medicinal properties

Foliage, rhizome and flowers — all components of a plant make medical impact on a human body. The main feature of grass medicine is stimulation of the immune system that promotes better fight against viral, catarrhal diseases. It is possible that at structure there is an increased maintenance of ekhinazid which represent an analog of penicillin and differ in pronounced action, actively fight against bacteria, viruses and other parasites and the simplest microorganisms.

About how to make ekhinatseyu for increase in immunity, we will tell a little later, and now we will consider with what illnesses the plant can cope.

The drugs containing ekhinatseyu allow to struggle with such illnesses as:

  • sciatica, arthritis;
  • failures in functioning of an urinogenital system;
  • otitis, meningitis, scarlet fever, tonsillitis and so forth;
  • diseases of a blood system;
  • osteomyelitis;
  • poisonings and intoxications of an organism;
  • typhoid;
  • dermatological diseases;
  • parametritis;
  • toothache;
  • diphtheria;
  • herpes;
  • inflammatory processes in gums.

Today techniques which allow to use effectively ekhinatseyu in the preventive purposes and for therapy of malignant tumors are already developed. Similar medicines will also help to reduce nervous stress and a physical overstrain.

We recommend to you to esteem also about curative properties of a thistle, a lyubistka, clovers, cowberry leaves, dyagilya, lindens, calendulas, a hyssop medicinal, a sage, a dogrose, cornflowers and a thyme.

Regular consumption of tea from an ekhinatsea allows to get rid of problems with a dream. Infusions and broths will be useful to non-manual workers as they promote improvement of memory and perception of material, help to concentrate.

Important! It is impossible to exceed the recommended dosage of medical medicines at all on the basis of an ekhinatsea as at its surplus, she is capable to make the return impact and to reduce immunity.

Besides, drugs with ekhinatsey perfectly invigorate and tone up, have light anesthetic effect and reduce photosensitivity of integuments to ultraviolet. Also they make anti-inflammatory, antiallergic impact.

Recipes of traditional medicine

There is a set of national recipes from ekhinatsey. Ekhinatsea tincture, broths and teas is quite often used. How to make them and to accept for increase in immunity, it will be told below.


It is worth applying broth at such diseases as flu, catarrhal illnesses, stomach ulcer, headaches, joint pains, puffiness. Besides, broth stabilizes arterial blood pressure, promotes improvement of sight, lightens the mood.

Whether you know? The flower helped to recover ancient Indians health after stings of poisonous insects and snakes therefore they called this plant a snake root.

That to prepare it, 1 teaspoon of the fresh or shredded dried-up leaflets is filled in by 250 ml of hot water and place on a water bath. Warm up within 15-20 minutes, insist and filter.

Drink by the third part of a cup three times a day before consumption of food for 10 days. After that make a pause for 5 days and again drink 10 more days. All this is one course of treatment which is recommended to repeat 2-3 times at an interval of 5-10 days.

Water infusion

It is very useful to accept water infusion in winter time. It promotes increase in resilience to viral illnesses, takes off fatigue, perfectly tones up.

For preparation of water infusion, 30 g of fresh or dry-through florets are put in a pan (better to use enameled), fill in 500 ml of hot water, covered with a lid and boiled for 10 minutes. After that it is necessary to infuse liquid in the warm place about 5 hours.

It is necessary for formation of the maximum concentration of useful components. Then it is filtered, if desired it is possible to mix with sugar, honey, berry juice. Drink in the morning, during the lunchtime and in the evening on 0.5 cups for 1 time.

Spirit tincture

Will help to strengthen memory and to improve concentration of attention, to remove stress and to save from a stress, to improve working capacity. Besides, the indication to application are such diseases as gastritis and stomach ulcer, an urolithic disease. Also tincture will help to improve a metabolism, to eliminate spasms in vessels, to save from locks and inflammations of the female reproductive sphere, renal diseases, bladder illnesses. Let's consider how to make ekhinatsea tincture in house conditions.

To make tincture, 200 g of fresh leaves, florets, stalks fill in 2 l of vodka. Further liquid is infused by 2-3 weeks in the darkened place, sometimes it is necessary to stir up capacity. After that tincture is filtered. Drink it till 20-30 drops three times a day in 30 minutes prior to meal for 10 days.

Further take a break in 3 weeks and two times repeat a therapeutic course. At such diseases as bronchial asthma, pneumonia and cough, recommend to rub with tincture a back for 1 week.

Tincture together with honey will help to eliminate the severe headache, will take off chronic fatigue, will save from avitaminosis and elevated pressure. Besides, it contributes to normalization of a dream, calm of nervous system, improves sight.


Tea is useful at such illnesses as abscesses, catarrhal diseases, flu, ulcers, eczemas and promotes rapid recovery of immunity and health after a therapy course with use of antibiotics or surgical intervention. To make tea, you will need 3 fresh florets or 2 tsps of a shredded rhizome or leaves of a plant. They need to be filled in with 500 ml of water and to insist 40 minutes. Then tea is filtered.

Whether you know? During intake of liquid medical medicines from ekhinatsey, it is possible to feel how pinches from time to time language and lips is a sign of content in medicine of a large number of useful elements.

Use tea on 200 ml a day to strengthen immunity. If there is any disease, at the beginning of its development it is worth accepting 3 cups a day.

Collecting, preparation and storage of medical raw materials

To make medicine of an ekhinatsea, it is necessary to know some nuances of its collecting and preparation. The top part of a bush can annually be prepared. If preparation of roots is planned, then plants should be planted every year anew. Let's consider features of collecting and preparation of separate parts of a medicative herb.

Foliage. Collecting foliage on young plants needs to be carried out to autumn time. Collecting is carried out to the next seasons in the spring right after ekhinatseya grows. It is not recommended to cut off bushes entirely as the plant will not be able to blossom. For drying of leaves it is necessary to choose the dry, aired place darkened. It is impossible to place greens under the sun as beams will destroy all useful properties. Foliage needs to be spread out to a pallet and to dry for a week, sometimes overturning.

Inflorescences. Collecting is made right after blossoming begins. It is ideal if buds did not reveal completely yet — so in them more useful substances remain. For drying it is necessary to spread out florets on a lattice in one layer and to leave in the dark dry place.

Periodically they need to be overturned. All process will take 2-3 weeks. If you want to accelerate it, you will be helped by the dryer for vegetables. At a temperature of 50 degrees the florets will dry in 10 hours.

Rhizomes. It is recommended to collect roots in November or after blossoming ends. Also the early spring approaches for this purpose. Roots need to be dug round a shovel and to take from the earth. After that carry out their clarification from the soil, cut on small pieces and wash out. For drying use an oven or the electric dryer.

Important! In the presence of diabetes, before drug intake from an ekhinatsea, it is worth consulting surely with the doctor for the reason that they promote production of insulin.

Foliage and florets are stored separately and alternately. The glass jars which are densely closed by covers will be suitable for storage. It is necessary to place them in the darkened place. For storage of roots it is possible to take cardboard boxes, tin jars. Raw materials can be stored no more than 2 years, and the prepared infusions — no more than 5 days.

Contraindications and side effects

It is possible to use medicines not in all cases. Ekhinatsey at pregnancy and during feeding by a breast it is strictly forbidden for the use.

As medicines from ekhinatsey have strong immunomodulatory ability, it is not allowed to accept them in the presence:

  • insomnias;
  • tuberculosis;
  • leukosis;
  • the increased arterial blood pressure;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • HIV infection, AIDS;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • sklerodermiya;
  • volchanka.

It is impossible to give medicines to kids up to 6 years, and spirit tincture — to teenagers up to 12 years.

Whether you know? Ekhinatsey is one of the main components in more, than 10% of the dietary supplements sold in Europe and North America.

Having studied our article, you learned, than is useful ekhinatseya and how to adopt it at different diseases. Following all recommendations and observing dosages, you will manage to increase the immunity and to get rid of many diseases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team