Essence and technology of carrying out Spanish hiromassazh of the person"

Essence and technology of carrying out Spanish hiromassazh of the person"

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The Greek word "cheir" ("hand") is known to most of people by the term "chiromancy" meaning guessing (predicting of destiny and determination of character) on lines and hillocks of a human palm. In cosmetology the Spanish hiromassazh persons, E.K. Garcia obliged by nationality of the name to the Spanish doctor, literally means massage manipulations by means of hands.

What is it?

Having learned about origin of a hiromassazh of the person, we will try to understand in more detail, what is it — in particular what its differences from others, it is more to us the known, massage systems.

The appearance of Koreans bewitches, the secret of their beauty in the special system of care for skin can.

In total, contents and features of this procedure are as follows:

  1. Unlike a usual small number of standard receptions (stroking, a pokolachivaniye, etc.), in a hiromassazha their quantity approaches one hundred. The difficult manipulations focused on extension of skin and hypodermic muscles, inclusion of signals to an organism from its active biological points are applied.
  2. The specified difficult movements made with use of active points of a front surface allow to involve, along with the solution of the main objectives on correction of the person, in the general process of improvement other body organs.
  3. Width of the problems solved thanks to the Spanish invention is incomparable to locality of ordinary massage procedures — among them the sure place was taken by correction of negative neurologic states: insomnias, overexcitation, the headache caused by a stress.
  4. Adjusting a muscular tone of front area, the hiromassazhist assimilates to the sculptor doing the thinnest movements during creation of the work of art (also masters of sculptural massage differ in the same feature).
  5. In a sense the Spanish massage can replace surgical plasticity (clear that not completely).

Important! You do not hurry to address the plastic surgeon, without having tested a possibility of manual massage — it is possible that risks of surgery in an organism will manage to be avoided.


Hiromassazh it can be carried out differently (fingertips, elbows, the palm basis, etc.) — it completely depends on age of the patient and a condition of his skin.

Generally there are such types massage the technician:

  1. Classical. Such massage means ambulances (sometimes shaking) results, such as fast regeneration of skin, active work of sebaceous glands, removal of hypostases, beautiful and healthy view of the person.
  2. Miorelaksiruyushchy. This look removes a problem of small wrinkles on skin and also removes stress from a face and removes muscle memory.
  3. Lifting. Means active saturation of skin oxygen owing to what aging considerably slows down.
  4. The type of a hiromassazh which is specially developed by Elena Zemskova. Having used the help of this equipment, it is possible to forget about deep wrinkles on the face quickly.

Efficiency and influence on skin

Thanks to the Spanish hiromassazh to face skin there are really wonderful changes:

Whether you know? The first and main methods of massage were described in the ancient book of a kung fu dated in the 3rd millennium BC by representatives of China and India. In those days any kinds of this procedure were allowed to be carried out only to priests.


As well as other types of massage, the Spanish look has the distinctive features which consist in certain simple rules.

How many does the session last?

Procedure duration in salon varies generally of 30 minutes till 2 o'clock, time will depend completely on age of the client or on her problems with skin. And here hiromassazh faces in house conditions will be occupied by only 20 minutes of personal time a day, but for achievement of desirable effect it is necessary to carry out it during the whole decade.

Course duration

Duration of a course of a hiromassazh usually individually is selected a professional hiropraktik. But, proceeding from information provided by beauty shops, it is necessary to carry out the Spanish massaging not less than 10-15 times with frequency in 2 or 3 procedures a week.

As far as the effect is enough?

The effect of the well-known massage procedure remains for quite long term (not less than 8 months), however skilled chiropractic recommend to repeat systematically sessions, alternating at the same time different types of a hiromassazh.

Technology of carrying out in salon

Experienced saloon massage therapists break technology of carrying out a hiromassazh into several stages, the first them which studying a condition of skin of the client and accounting of all its wishes is. Then the expert starts the following standard and smoothly running actions.

Clarification of the person

Initially leather of the client is carefully purified from any cosmetics, then the easy peeling of a face is carried out, and in certain cases even the special hot grass compress is put.

This stage not only prevents any pollution of a time on a face, but also promotes warming up of facial muscles that considerably will increase efficiency of future massaging.

Application of paraffin masks can rejuvenate skin also.

Massage movements

Just before the beginning of the hiromassazh, massage oil or the moisturizing cream with light texture is put on a face.

Further the expert defines intensity of the movements, being guided by some basic requirements from which main thing — implementation of manipulations only on massage lines of the person (lines of the smallest stretching of skin). The most popular and demanded actions on such sessions are such actions:

Whether you know? Massage is capable to render not only weakening, but also some medical effect. For example, to improve breath, to remove nervous tension, to lower a stress and to reduce a headache.

Completion of a session

After end of the main part of a hiromassazh hiropraktik carries out the easy stroking movements completely to relax the client. Then, after massage, for fixing of good effect the special mask is applied to skin.

Hiromassazh in house conditions

It is possible to achieve amazing and fast results from the Spanish hiromassazh only by means of the experienced expert. However people who have no such expensive opportunity quite will suit a house type of massaging. It is divided into such stages:

  1. Face cleaning from decorative cosmetics, washing is also desirable scrubbing (it will help to peel skin dead cages).
  2. Cleaning and processing of hands with antiseptic.
  3. Drawing on the person of special massage oil (such means can quite be replaced with usual natural vegetable oils).
  4. Holding procedure of the Spanish hiromassazh. The necessary and suitable equipment can be found in specialized literature or in on any Internet resource, to the devoted massage.

Skin care after the procedure

After completion of the main manipulations of the Spanish equipment from a face the remains of massage means are removed, then the usual moisturizing cream is applied to skin.

It is important! To see really impressive effect of massage in house conditions, it is necessary to carry out not less than ten procedures.


That hiromassazh faces really helped to solve all problems with skin, but did not do much harm to the person at all — initially it is necessary to pay attention to some restrictions which are not allowing to carry out this procedure:

If desired it is possible to organize some SPA procedures in house conditions, the result will not be worse than in salon.

It is important to remember that skin will surely thank you for such pleasant cosmetic manipulations with shine, youth and beauty, irrespective of a way of carrying out the Spanish hiromassazh.

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