Essential oil of orange: how to use a wonderful product in house conditions"

Essential oil of orange: how to use a wonderful product in house conditions"

In cloudy autumn weather we subconsciously reach for bright fruit which contain a lot of useful substances and vitamins. The first occur, of course, a citrus — they give to cheerfulness and load with energy. But to receive a charge of freshness and not to be dissolved in gloomy fall, it is not obligatory to eat them, essential oils of a citrus have not smaller advantage.

Today we will talk about with what useful properties essential oil of orange as well as where it can be used and also about what impact it has on an organism and what application was found by this product in cosmetology can sate your organism.

As receive essential oils

For us, ordinary consumers, everything looks simply: we come to shop or drugstore where we get a small bottle with essential oil, without thinking what processing before it there underwent plants. Meanwhile, receiving fragrant air — process quite labor-consuming. In total ways of extraction of oils exists more than five, we will consider the most widespread.

  • Distillation.

This way of receiving fragrant liquid is the most widespread. At least because it demands least of all expenses financial, however time occupies often more, than other methods. In addition among experts there is an opinion that only by means of a distiller — the device thanks to which extraction of air is made — it is possible to receive the real essential oil. And the product received by other methods gravitates to the absolute or essence.

Process happens as follows: over the container with the boiling water have a special cube in which there are raw materials, whether it be flowers, stalks, roots, a peel of fruits or branches. Influences initial material of couples as well as on our skin — a time reveals that leads subsequently to the fact that after a while together with steam through a special tube also substances will disappear. They will not be able to be dissolved in air as the tube is equipped with the special mechanism or the device which will help steam to cool down. Then the same steam which already cooled down in the form of liquid will flow down in a flask. But as oils have lighter structure, they will gather on a water surface which after processing together with couples of plant is called as distillate. Thus it will be rather simple to separate air from water (it is difficult to make it in house conditions without special device in view of what it is undesirable).

  • Anfleurage.

If distillation is suitable for processing practically of any raw materials which contain essential oil, then by method of an anfleurage get the absolute which is contained in flowers. For this purpose petals display on glass sheets which are already moistened with animal fat. The purified fats of a pig or cow are the most suitable. As soon as petals wither — it is necessary to stack new. It is necessary to repeat the procedure until fat does not absorb in itself the maximum quantity of flower air. This stage of an anfleurage proceeds, as a rule, several days. The fat purified from surplus in the form of flowers and their stalks which absorbed in itself(himself) fragrant oils is called "lipstick". But also it is not the end result. Lipstick needs to be placed in the container with alcohol where it will be dissolved. Capacity has to be stirred up for day — thanks to it the absolute will separate from animal fat. Unlike essential oil, the absolute is a concentrate and can stiffen at the cool or room temperature of air. To return it liquid state, it is enough to pick up a bottle only.

Whether you know? Used air of plants more than five thousand years ago. Point numerous archeological excavations during which found bottles to it. Even in those ancient times air at east people enjoyed the greatest popularity: Egyptians, Chinese, Persians. And here residents of Rome and Greece learned about such product only after conquest of Egypt. References to air can be found not only in the history, but also religions: nearly 200 times are mentioned in the Bible of oil.

  • Extraction.

By means of this method from raw materials release concrete. This substance which is even more concentrated than the absolute, and 2.5 of its grams are equal to 100 grams of the best absolute got by way of an anfleurage. Process of extraction happens as follows: racks on which flowers are spread out are located in big sealed containers. On the one hand from a rack there is a liquid solvent, and with another — a vacuum distiller. In the capacity there is also a process of extraction of oils.

Solvent passes kind of through flowers, releasing air then the liquid received as a result is divided, receiving that concrete. Can use solvent for processing of the following party of flowers. As concrete is even more concentrated, it subsequently as well as the absolute, is subjected to intensive stirring. It is necessary in order that vegetable wax did not get to the final product of use. Thus by method of extraction receive the quality absolute.

  • Cold extraction.

This way one of the most ancient therefore it differs from others in the simplicity. From the name it is possible to understand that receiving fragrant liquid happens to the help of an extraction. Raw materials are exposed to press pressure therefore air turns out. But this way not is suitable for any material. As a rule, the dried peel of a citrus becomes initial material. Pulp and a firm thin skin in the course of extraction of essential oil do not participate. By means of a cold extraction it is possible to receive air of a lemon or orange even in own kitchen. For this purpose the dried peel can be passed via the device for crushing of garlic, desirable new, otherwise there is a risk to receive oil with a garlic note. The quality of liquid will depend in this case also on the fruit as sometimes sellers of shops process a citrus solution which will longer allow them to look fresh and beautiful. Strangely enough, but carrying out a cold extraction manually is considered in the best way to receive qualitative air of a citrus.

  • Filtration method.

This way appeared not so long ago therefore has no wide circulation. Nevertheless, by means of filtration it is the best of all to receive oil of tree species or seeds of plants, like fennel, an anise and others. The principle has similarity to distillation. The difference is in what at filtration of couples influences raw materials from above, and thus steam which contains essence of plants, gets to a tube together with usual steam where it is gradually cooled. From a tube liquid gets at first to one capacity, then — to another. At each subsequent capacity temperature is lower, than at previous.

In addition, the method of filtration demands less time. In comparison with 12 hours which will be required on distillation the filtration will take away about 4 hours. Respectively, material will be exposed to steam treatment less. Experienced experts know that the less time raw materials lie fallow, the essential oil at the exit will be better.

Whether you know? Orange air is received, as a rule, by method of a cold extraction. However, besides fruits, more precisely, than a dried peel, for receiving curative liquid also orange flowers are used. From them receive not role air, and leaves of a tree serve as material for receiving oil under the name petitgreyn.

Advantage and medicinal properties

Few what doctor can write to you the prescription of mixture, a mask or other means which part essential oil of orange would be. But it in any time does not mean that air has no medicinal properties. Orange is suitable for oral cavity care, for this purpose one drop (by no means no more) add to water for rinsing, or prepare special means which purpose is to remove or at least to reduce inflammations of gums. It is useful to apply orange air if you — the owner of weak immunity. Completely it will not manage to be restored by means of only one oil, but its addition in a bathtub go to an inhaler will have beneficial influence on an organism. In addition orange is an excellent anti-septic tank which will not take a lot of place if you gather in a trip or even a campaign. Besides, liquid in a bottle will last not for one month of use.

Cold, flu, respiratory diseases will also not become a contraindication for application of a product, even opposite — inhalations with addition of couple of drops of orange air will be able to promote fast recovery.

Use of essential oil of orange for people who have problems with face skin is especially useful, or that who has a skin disease, like psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. Not to do much harm to the organism, surely ask for the help the doctor: he will tell whether you can use this product, and in case of affirmative answer will write recipes, having considered all features of your state of health and also will specify a dosage. Sometimes patients add bigger quantity of a product, in hope that it will give still the best effect. In practice the surplus of air will not yield positive result.

Important! In the presence you have allergies to a citrus, also consult with the doctor. Perhaps, he will pick up the recipe suitable for you or will find worthy replacement to orange.

Also air of orange it is useful influences a cardiovascular system, it normalizes blood circulation (if you have often cold hands — blood circulation is broken), normalizes too low or high pressure, interferes with formation of blood clots and at regular application normalizes cholesterol.

Digestive tract will tell you "thanks" for the use of the curative liquid received from an orange dried peel, too it will help an organism to remove the collected slags and toxins, will help to support work of a stomach normal and to normalize appetite. Besides, orange can be applied for prevention of work of a gall bladder. It will interfere with emergence of stones in this body.

Competent use of essential oil will help to cope with obesity, puffiness and also locks. Its use as means for weight loss is widespread. Orange cleans an organism, regulates work of digestive tract as we already noted what in turn influences a metabolism. Thanks to a set of useful properties, air will become the good assistant at weight reduction, however it is impossible to consider it a panacea or miracle medicine. With special care it is necessary to use it inside as the product does not reduce appetite.

Now use of natural essential oils becomes more and more popular. There is no wonder – essential oils a huge moneybox of useful components and substances. Resorting to the help of the nature in the presence of various problems, it is useful to know about properties: cedar, corn, fir, tea tree oils and also grape seeds and pomegranate oils.

One more direction of medicine where use of orange liquid is widespread, is an aromatherapy, or the therapy by smells directly connected with mentality of the person. It is considered that the aroma of orange well influences mood, helps to cope with a depression and stressful states which, in turn, strike a blow to physical health. Periodic visit of such sessions will promote your good, positive mood and will save from apathy.

Application in different fields of activity

In spite of the fact that essential oils have the mass of medicinal properties, their purchase does not require the recipe from the doctor. It is quite often possible to see not only in drugstores, but also on counters of the shops specializing in cosmetics or in departments where there are goods on skin care. And with an ulterior motive, the product from orange has broad application in cosmetology. Often orange air is a part of creams and srubs which help women to get rid of cellulitis. It perfectly is suitable for disposal of "orange-peel" therefore there is a set of the recipes directed to fight against this problem besides, they without effort can be prepared even in house conditions.

Whether you know? In ancient times air was applied not only by queens or the nobility to keep the health and beauty, but also... builders. It appears, the fragrant liquid extracted from plants was used also at construction of temples. Air not only allocated the sacred place with special aroma, but also disinfected the room.

In addition, essential oil of orange helps to get rid of dandruff and well influences head skin, especially it is relevant for owners of dry hair. Body skin will also be grateful to you if to add air to itself care products, or to do masks, wrappings for a body, to add it to a bathtub. The type of skin does not matter: air perfectly will be suitable both for dry, and for the normal or fat and also withering skin. It is only important to find the recipe which is the most suitable to you, and we will consider ways of preparation of masks for various types further.

But not only one cosmetology actively uses oil. Beauty beauty, but it should be noted the fresh, loading with cheerfulness aroma of air. And in life this its feature had very opportunely. To all of us it is important that at home the cosiness reigned, and an important role in it is played by a smell. To refresh the room, to give it a light and pleasant aroma, it is possible to use the aromalamp. If you do not have that, it does not matter: oil can also be applied on a fabric kerchief. That the smell extended on the room, put a scarf or a sachet on the battery or other heating device. Let's note as well the fact that orange not only saves from unpleasant smells, but also has properties of disinfectant that will favorably affect your state. And the smell will present good mood and will help to cope with insomnia.

For normal and productive work of all organism the person needs to get enough sleep. Some people have insomnia and cannot fall asleep, and others on the contrary want to sleep all the time. Read what the chronic sleep debt and why it is impossible to sleep in the afternoon is terrible.

The bathtub with oil of orange will become excellent prevention of melancholy and will help to take off fatigue. In particular, after the training as oil warms muscles and removes from them stress received after physical activity.

Air and in cookery is used. Of course, a dish basis it will not become, but as fragrant additive — very. Quite often hostesses add couple of drops of oil to pastries that the smell of pastries was shaded by citrus notes. Add it and at preparation of drinks, and both nonalcoholic, and alcoholic. One more industry where oil of orange managed to become irreplaceable, is, of course, perfumery. In combination with other oils, orange gives to perfume freshness, ease. Such aroma can be referred to solar, summer, warm, it will remain with you for all day, giving good mood and inspiring on new fulfillments.

How to choose upon purchase

Guarantee of efficiency of favorable impact of essential oil on your organism, mood and beauty is, first of all, its quality. Agree that all of us seek to choose the best, when it comes to personal care and care of health.

Orange oil is not an exception. Today process of receiving oil is automated, and the producer is free to choose a way of receiving a product. For example, in South America the production of essential oil of orange quite often comes along with receiving juice from a citrus. In that case the quality of air falls, respectively, also the cost of such oil goes down.

Whether you know? The grade of orange affects not only aroma of the final product, but also its structure and also on that how many air from it it will be possible to get. For example, from sweet grades of air it turns out more, and a smell of bitter oranges in oil thinner, than sweet. Influences structure and the place where the plant which subsequently became raw materials was grown up.

To buy quality oil, it is necessary to pay attention to the producer, first of all. If on the label you saw Mexico, Spain, Italy, the USA or Brazil, then can safely put oil in a basket — these countries producers are recognized as the first in production of essential oil of orange.

One more important factor is the container in which there is air. First, it has to be closed hermetically, and secondly, the bottle cannot be light or even transparent at all. It is impossible to subject essential oils to sunlight, otherwise they will quickly lose the properties and will become unsuitable for use. The small bottle which contains oil surely has to be dark.

Certainly, it is worth paying attention and to goods cost. Choosing the cheapest oil from presented, do not expect that its quality will be at the same level, as well as at more expensive. In this case the price matters, and than it will be higher, especially qualitative will be an oil.

Storage conditions of essential oil

If you independently extracted oil, then by all means pour it in a bottle from dark glass which it is dense, it is hermetically closed. Thanks to it substances from oil will not disappear that will prolong the term of its validity and will keep useful properties.

It is the best of all to store the container with oil in dark places where sunshine do not get. It is connected not only with impact of ultraviolet on air, but also with influence of heat on oil. Constantly being under the warming beams, liquid will heat up that will lead to the fact that the product will simply deteriorate. The perfect place for storage it is possible to call the fridge in which temperature drops are impossible.

Precautionary measures


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